Sunday, 2009-02-15

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LennieHi Merio09:43
MerioHi Lennie :)09:46
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solydzajsMerio: ping ;-)10:05
Meriosolydzajs: pong :)10:16
solydzajsMerio: can we discuss the changes that are needed in bulk acceptance ?10:18
Meriosolydzajs: yes, certainly. I've just talked with Lennie about the fact that sometimes the progress bar is not refreshed (so the requests "hang" the browser)10:19
solydzajsMerio: yes that's one issue10:20
solydzajsMerio: make notes :-)10:20
solydzajsMerio: so next one is that there should no text but just "Bulk accept" button with class="button" so it looks the same as other our button10:21
Meriosolydzajs: ok, I'm writing down ;)10:22
solydzajsalso the button disappears during the progress10:22
solydzajsit should be showed again after the process is completed10:23
MerioOk, so just fading out the progress bar and fading in the button again?10:24
solydzajsyep button leaving Done! text10:30
solydzajsso that user knows the status10:30
solydzajsalso one more thing10:30
solydzajsthere is timeout set right ?10:30
solydzajsyou need to show Error message with red background10:30
solydzajswhen timeout is hit10:30
solydzajsand stop loop10:31
MerioWhat happens if timeout is hit? Should I stop the requests or just output the request(s) that is(are) not done?10:31
MerioAh ok10:31
MerioThat's not atomic, so probably I need to reload the applications that still are not accepted again10:31
solydzajsyou should stop the loop10:32
solydzajsand show the error10:33
solydzajswith Retry button10:33
solydzajsok ?10:33
MerioThat's ok, received :)10:33
solydzajsok thx :-)10:34
solydzajsand use class="button" for all of the buttons10:34
Merioeheheh ok will do, sorry about that :)10:34
solydzajsno problem :-)10:34
solydzajsyou think you can make it happen today ?10:35
MerioAt the moment I'm working, so if I can finish all the things I've to do soon... than I'll be back coding ASAP. The only thing I'm not sure of the time it will get is the browser hanging issue, which can be a little bit of pain to debug, but I'll do my best to accomplish it soon :)10:36
solydzajsok sure thx10:37
solydzajsI will ping you at the end of the day then ok ?10:37
solydzajsand you can ping me when you are ready too10:37
Meriook, keep you posted10:40
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solydzajsMerio: ping17:08
Meriosolydzajs: pong17:09
solydzajsMerio: and how is it going , any progress ?17:12
Meriosolydzajs: I've contacted you some time ago via pvt message, I'm still working here... can't put hand on the code yet17:13
MerioSunday evening... and still working... how exciting T__T17:14
solydzajsah ok :-)17:14
solydzajsno problem17:14
solydzajscan you give me estimate ?17:14
solydzajstomorrow ?17:14
solydzajstuesday ?17:14
solydzajsok just read your message17:15
MerioTomorrow I'll be free all day, so I can work on it for sure17:15
solydzajsprivate message17:15
solydzajsok :-)17:15
MerioOk perfect :)17:15
solydzajsI will talk with you tomorrow then thanks in advance17:15
MerioOk :)17:16
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