Wednesday, 2009-02-04

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tlarsenUgh.  I hate Windows.12:03
tlarsenMy daughter got her computer infected with Zafi.B.12:03
tlarsenThat is why, once we move into the main house, all of the "Internet browsing" computers will be running Ubuntu.12:04
dandersonon my Windows dual boot I actually uninstalled the ethernet drivers.12:20
dandersonI use it exclusively for offline gaming anyway, so it doesn't need to know that there's a world out there.12:21
tlarsenThe only use we will have for Windows will be gaming.12:21
tlarsenBut we play MMORPGs.12:21
dandersonyeah, then you will need a network, but it can be suitably locked down12:21
tlarsenI am going to buy 3 or 4 identical cheap Vostro machines from Dell.12:21
tlarsenI am going to put Ubuntu on them, and set up the "enterprise fleet management" stuff on the server so that I can regularly wipe them.12:22
tlarsenThe Windows boxes will then be stripped of all software except what is needed for gaming.12:22
tlarsenIf I had the time, I would make slipstream bootable DVDs for the Windows boxes to be able to quickly wipe them as well.12:23
dandersonI thought that the server editions carried something to help with that?12:23
dandersona kind of norton ghost, but nicely integrated with all the network management tools12:24
tlarsenServer additions of Windows?12:24
tlarsenI don't have any Windows Server licenses.12:24
danderson"Windows 2003 Server" and such12:24
tlarsenThose are expensive, and you can make the slipstream discs for free.12:24
dandersonAh, I seemed to remember you having a subscription that gets you windows licenses12:24
tlarsenI let it expire.12:24
dandersonI see. Too expensive for what use you had for it?12:25
tlarsenI just got tired of supporting Microsoft.12:25
dandersonThat is also a good reason12:25
tlarsenThat is why I am moving to Linux for everything in the house except for the gaming rigs (and one Windows box that I do video editing on).12:26
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tlarsenLennie: auto-complete is going to be for selecting Users, right?14:42
Lennieand documents14:43
Lennieand everythong14:43
Lenniethe select button is going away14:43
tlarsenLennie: What about Document selection (where I don't think auto-complete provides enough info...).14:43
Lennieit searches on title14:43
Lennieand link id14:43
Lennieatleast that's what I've heared14:43
Lenniethat should be enoug14:43
tlarsenLennie: But Document link_ids are not unique, they are scoped.14:43
tlarsenOr, does it only search in the current scope?14:43
Lennieso you get multiple answers if you happen to have access to more of them14:43
Lennieit should only search the current scope yes14:44
Lenniebut you should poke SRabbelier for that14:44
tlarsenLennie: Maybe only Documents in the current scope should be allowed?14:44
Lennietlarsen: maybe this, maybe that. There is only one way to find out :D14:44
tlarsenOrgs can only use one of their Org Documents as a home page, for example, not one from one of their Users.14:44
Lenniewe'll see what Sverre comes up with, the scoped idea is probably the easiest14:44
Lennieso that's what's probably gonna happen14:45
tlarsenOK, I'll add a comment on the bug.14:45
Lenniehe's here now :P14:46
Lennietalk about it :D14:46
* SRabbelier is hiding14:46
SRabbelieryou never saw me?14:46
Lennienm I lied14:47
Lenniehe is away14:47
tlarsenComment posted on
tpb<> (at
tlarsenWhat is the point of that tpb bot?14:55
tlarsenMy IRC client knows that URLs are URLs and makes them clickable.14:55
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Lennietlarsen|afk, the usually engineering answer would be. Because we can15:09
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