Monday, 2009-02-02

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MerioSRabbelier: ping05:59
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solydzajstlarsen: release script is almost ready11:00
solydzajstlarsen: I can do it by hand if you can't wait11:01
tlarsensolydzajs: Go ahead and try it with your script.11:01
tlarsensolydzajs: I can wait a bit.11:01
solydzajstlarsen: ok thx11:01
tlarsensolydzajs: How is it going?11:37
solydzajstlarsen: almost done, I have a problem with sed, I guess I will do it manually this time again and prepare the script for next week11:38
tlarsensolydzajs: ping?12:01
solydzajstlarsen: creating it now, branching takes forever on my pc12:02
tlarsensolydzajs: Why?  Slow net connection?12:02
solydzajsmaybe the svn GUI i'm using is broken12:02
solydzajstlarsen: done12:06
SRabbeliertlarsen: pign12:06
tlarsenSRabbelier: pogn12:06
SRabbeliertlarsen: I need to cherry-pick r1801 onto the release branch12:07
SRabbeliertlarsen: that is, it needs to be done12:07
tlarsenSRabbelier: go for it.12:07
SRabbeliertlarsen: not by me neccesarly :P12:07
tlarsenSRabbelier: let me know when you are done12:07
SRabbeliertlarsen: how do I do it? ;P12:07
SRabbeliertlarsen: something about p0 and p1 stuff?12:07
solydzajstlarsen: models have changed so you need to clear the datastore.12:08
solydzajstlarsen: but they won't change in future releases anymore.12:09
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* SRabbelier is waiting impatiently for git-svn12:09
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SRabbelierlh: we got you document access stuff12:09
SRabbelierlh: and lennie got you working clubs and nearly-done orgs12:09
SRabbelierlh: and mentor sign-up too12:10
SRabbelierlh: (by lennie)12:10
lhSRabbelier: all great news.12:10
Lenniejust need to couple orgs to the timeline12:10
SRabbelierlh: I broke a bunch of stuff and had to fix it last moment though, I know, I'm a bad boy :(12:10
lhSRabbelier: for document access stuff, does that mean i can publish a document on the site now or no?12:10
lhSRabbelier: don't break the build dude12:10
tlarsenSRabbelier: There is one file in the branch that you need to modify.12:10
SRabbelierlh: yup, you can12:10
SRabbeliertlarsen: ok, can you explain how it goes?12:10
tlarsenSRabbelier: You got it right.  The 'p0' part just needs to change to 'p1'.12:10
SRabbeliertlarsen: ok, so I do that together with the cherry-pick?12:11
lhSRabbelier: okay. we had a work around for this and i think we ought to do it the workaround way, will send mail in a moment12:11
SRabbelierlh: workaround for what exactly?12:11
Lenniewho is we :P12:11
tlarsenSRabbelier: Yes, please rev the patch number in the same commit as the patch itself.12:11
Lennieand what workaround idd :D12:11
lhSRabbelier: initially, i thought i wouldn't be able to publish documents on for quite a while.12:11
SRabbelierlh: you can now :)12:12
lhSRabbelier: so we decided on a different route for publishing our faqs in the interim.12:12
SRabbelierlh: you can make the document private as long as you want12:12
SRabbelierlh: and then, whenever you desire, make it public and/or featured12:12
tlarsenlh: "now" equals "when this release is actually running on socghop", not "right now"12:12
LennieSRabbelier: she needs to put it under program for featured right? :P12:12
SRabbeliertlarsen: right, thanks for clarifying that12:12
SRabbelierLennie: under Site I reckon?12:12
lhi will send mail on this idea, you folks can comment12:13
Lennieprogram if it's FAQ :P12:13
SRabbelierLennie: I'm thinking this is side-wide faq?12:13
Lenniethen site :D12:13
tlarsenSRabbelier, Lennie: are these GSoC FAQs?12:13
SRabbeliertlarsen: I has no clue12:13
solydzajsWe have quite a lot of changes since last week12:13
* SRabbelier kicks git-svn in the nuts12:13
lhtlarsen: that is correct.12:13
tlarsenSRabbelier, Lennie: If so, we should create a GSoC 2009 Program, and they should be entered as FAQs under that.12:13
SRabbeliersolydzajs: ashame we couldn't get the document picker integrated in time :-/12:13
Lennietlarsen no12:13
Lennietlarsen, program model is not under lockdown :P12:13
SRabbelierLennie: +112:14
solydzajsSRabbelier: well, no_mind disappeared again and he said he will send the patch :/12:14
SRabbeliersolydzajs: yes, but we got an awesome patch by Merio12:14
tlarsensolydzajs: Did you do this release with your script, or by hand?12:14
SRabbeliersolydzajs: he says it's fully functional12:14
tlarsenLennie: But it won't affect a Document she places under the Program.12:14
Lenniesolydzajs: merio also committed a patch for the same functionality P:?12:14
solydzajsSRabbelier: the autocomplete ?12:14
SRabbeliersolydzajs: yes! :)12:14
Lennietlarsen: yes, scope points to program12:14
solydzajsSRabbelier: I didn't test it yet12:14
tlarsenLennie: The Document should not get lost, right?  (as long as the link_id is the same for both Program entities)12:14
Lennietlarsen: atleast it should :12:14
MerioHi guys, yes the autocomplete is working, need to put all the things in the right places however :)12:15
tlarsenLennie: Well, if it doesn't, we should be able to Export the Document contents.12:15
tlarsenLennie: We just need the Import feature.  :)12:15
SRabbelierMerio: you are, indeed, made of awesome JS :P12:15
Lennietlarsen or do it manually for a change12:15
Lennietlarsen cant hurt to do it for a few documents12:15
SRabbeliertlarsen: or just put it under site12:15
Merio(I've sent the patch in the mailing list already)12:15
tlarsenLennie: You mean modifying the entities in the Datastore Viewer?12:15
tlarsenLennie: Yes, that is possible, too.12:16
MerioSRabbelier: I'm a functional guy :P12:16
SRabbelierMerio: I saw it, didn't have time to apply it though :(12:16
Lennietlarsen: yeah, because we have more pressing issues then import :D12:16
SRabbelierMerio: keep functioning! :D12:16
SRabbelierLennie: +112:16
* SRabbelier is about to murder git-svn and/or Eric Wong12:16
LennieMerio, you rule12:16
Lennieif it works :P12:16
LennieI'm not happy with the div for ToS though, might be because it's put in a table12:17
Lennieand totally wrecks the layout :P12:17
Lennietries removing the TD:P12:17
SRabbelierLennie: don't make it asplode :P12:18
Lennieit asplodes :D12:18
SRabbeliertlarsen or solydzajs: would you mind doing the cherry-pick of r1801?12:18
SRabbelierit's gonna take ages this way12:18
SRabbelierit's done :P12:19
MerioLennie: what do you mean? The width can be tweaked, don't know: try with width: 100%; position:relative, otherwise I can try myself something else12:21
MerioSRabbelier, Lennie: thanks for the good words :)12:21
tlarsenSRabbelier: is it committed?12:22
LennieMerio, yes try some stuff yourself untill you are happy with it12:23
LennieIt would be nice to have the TOS able to fill more of the screen and not wreck the table layout :12:23
Lennieit sucks that this is a custom template, but I guess we have to12:23
SRabbeliertlarsen: nope, trying to do so now12:23
SRabbeliertlarsen: can I keep the commit msg the same?12:24
MerioLennie: ok, I'm going to work on it in half an hour... doing Java coding for an exam with a fellow student ATM :)12:24
LennieJava is cool :D12:25
SRabbelierseems to be working...12:25
LennieI love Java :D12:25
* SRabbelier starts writing Eric Wong a hate-mail just in case12:26
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SRabbeliertlarsen: ok, I think I did it12:26
SRabbeliersolydzajs: can you cut a new release from p1?12:26
solydzajstlarsen: should I just merge tag with branch stuff without changing any name for the tag ?12:27
tlarsensolydzajs: Create a new tag.12:29
solydzajstlarsen: 0.2-20090202p1 ?12:30
tlarsenTags are supposed to be "read-only" (in practice if not enforced by svn permissions)12:30
tlarsenSo, SRabbelier patched the release candidate branch, and that gets tagged again when it is going to be recorded for posterity.12:31
tlarsenI am only going to grab tags from soc to soc-google.12:31
solydzajstlarsen: done12:33
solydzajstlarsen: new tag created with the patch included12:33
tlarsensolydzajs: OK, thanks.12:34
tlarsensolydzajs: That is the one I am going to "vendor-branch" in to soc-google and push up to socghop.appsport.com12:34
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tlarsensolydzajs: You should also push that tag (after running the script, of course) up to (and for today's call.12:34
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Lenniewb lh12:37
solydzajstlarsen: i'm doing that right now12:38
solydzajstlarsen: I need to clear datastore tho12:38
lhLennie: thanks12:39
SRabbeliersolydzajs: shame there's no -c option to :P12:39
Lenniethere isn't :D?12:40
Lennieinteresting :D12:41
*** Lennie is now known as Lennie|Food12:41
* SRabbelier food as well12:41
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tlarsensolydzajs: OK, I have successfully pulled in 0.2-20090202p1 at exactly r1805 into vendor/soc/0.2-20090202p1 in the /p/soc-google/ project.12:42
solydzajstlarsen: I have pushed the latest tag to melange-dev and melange-demo and cleared the datastore12:43
tlarsensolydzajs: Thanks.12:44
tlarsensolydzajs: I have un-hidden /p/soc-google/12:45
tlarsenI will work through Google's official release process today and document it in a wiki topic at /p/soc-google/12:45
solydzajstlarsen: ok sounds good12:46
solydzajstlarsen: I generated GMaps key for melange-demo.appspot.com13:01
SRabbelieris the meeting started/ting yet?13:02
SRabbeliertlarsen: who's this daniel guy?13:02
tlarsenSRabbelier: I have 1:00 PM CST in my calendar (a little less than an hour from now)13:03
tlarsenSRabbelier: daniel who?13:03
SRabbeliertlarsen: ah, you are right, sorry :)13:03
* SRabbelier brb to finish eating properly13:03
tlarsenSRabbelier: my tech lead at Google, why?13:03
tlarsenSRabbelier: why do you ask?13:06
tlarsenlh: was there an official GHOP blog like the GSoC one?13:10
lhtlarsen: no. we also retired the gsoc blog after 2007 when we got the open source blog13:11
tlarsenSo, March 5 is the last entry on this one?
tpbTitle: Google Summer of Code Blog (at
tpb<> (at
lhtlarsen: correct13:18
tlarsenlh: Is there a particular reason why we are publishing the GSoS 2009 FAQs using the static content server?13:19
lhwe should pull blog content from
tlarsenlh: That seems like an extra step, since you can now author hidden documents in Melange.13:20
tpb<> (at
tlarsenlh: Yeah, I already figured that out (the blog label) and changed what I was working on.13:20
lhtlarsen: last i heard, we could not do this. i realize that now we can, but given the site is still under active development, i would suggest that it is prudent to simply put in a redirect when things are farther along.13:20
lhin other words, pushing people to when things are still in flux just seems like a bad idea when we can simply put in a redirect later13:21
tlarsenlh: Ummm, we need to start using it (socghop) this week, if that is OK with you.13:21
tlarsenlh: will *not* be in flux.13:21
lhtlarsen: what do you mean by start using it.13:21
tlarsenlh: That is the official Google instance.13:21
tlarsenlh: As soon as I test and get the release that Pawel just cut today up on the site, it is *live*.13:21
tlarsenlh: It won't be allowed to break.13:21
lhtlarsen: i understand that its live. and nothing will change between now and the launch of the program?13:22
tlarsenlh: The code will change, but in the same way that the old GSoC web app did.13:22
tlarsenlh: Nothing considered working is allowed to break.13:22
tlarsenlh: There will be weekly pushes, just like the periodic pushes we have when ramping up GSoC each year.13:22
tlarsenlh: The committers and I have been working hard on this since late last week (and all weekend).13:23
lhtlarsen: and pushing folks to that site will encourage them to create dummy accounts, etc., etc. I assume we don't want that yet.13:23
tlarsenlh: Not dummy accounts, real ones.13:23
tlarsenlh: The site will be *live*, for *real*.13:23
lhso we could launch the program after this push if we wanted to?13:23
tlarsenlh: Admittedly, it will be a subset of the final site, of course, but what will be listed as working on the front page will stay working.13:24
tlarsenlh: We aren't going to flush the Datastore.  If they enter data, it stays.13:24
tlarsenlh: Yes.13:24
tlarsenlh: I thought all along that the plan was to email the GSoC mentors list to have them start creating clubs and the like after this week.13:24
lhtlarsen: that's up to all of you and how you want to do a wider call for testing13:25
tlarsenlh: We need to have people start using (and complaining, and filing bugs) the site *now*.13:25
lhi think we should talk about this on the call. last i heard from chris, he wanted in big red letters on the front page of saying this site is under active development and any data you enter may not be saved.13:25
tlarsenlh: Or there is no way it is going to be stable for GSoC.13:25
lhif we need to change that plan, then let's discuss it.13:25
tlarsenlh: Ugh.13:25
tlarsenlh: We discussed it last week, during the call.  I am surprised that Chris' current stance was the take-away from that.13:26
tlarsenlh: He has even been commenting on the dev threads where we prepared for this ("no schema-breaking changes" , etc.).13:26
*** MatthewWilkes has quit IRC13:26
solydzajstlarsen: thanks for the link13:26
lhtlarsen: again, let's discuss this on the call. no sense in us debating what chris' ideas are when we could just confirm with him, right?13:27
tlarsenlh: Sure. Fine.  I think we need a "meeting minutes" email from you, the project manager, about what was agreed to during the call, though.13:27
tlarsenlh: If we weren't going to lock-down with this (Monday) release, our priorities definitely would have been different.13:28
lhtlarsen: i'm happy to do call notes if the committers don't want to publish them.13:28
tlarsenlh: No, not call notes from the committers, something different.13:28
tlarsenlh: "Google's official stance" on the call.  Not the same thing.13:28
tlarsenlh: We come across as not being a united front.13:28
lhtlarsen: i think call notes are call notes, but there you go. :) i'll get something published.13:29
tlarsenlh: I hate pushing the committers towards goals that Google is not certain of.13:29
tlarsenlh: The Melange committers have things they would like to accomplish for Melange.13:29
tlarsenlh: Google has goals to be able to use Melange to run GSoC this year.13:29
lhtlarsen: well, as we may have noted, things change depending on who is talking to whom about what is required. i am doing the best i can to cross communicate, as are we all. we'll get there.13:29
tlarsenlh: Those are not always the same things.  :)13:29
solydzajstlarsen: lh: last week work summary has just been sent to all of you.13:30
*** MatthewWilkes has joined #melange13:30
lhsolydzajs: thanks, will take a look13:30
SRabbeliersolydzajs: cool :)13:36
MerioLennie: sort of an ugly patch but it works :) <td style="width:450px" colspan="4"><div id="ToS" style="overflow:auto;height:200px">{{ tos_contents|safe|linebreaks }}</div></td>13:38
*** Lennie|Food is now known as Lennie13:39
Lenniedid I break it :D?13:41
Lennieback in 10 min13:42
*** Lennie is now known as Lennie|Gone13:42
solydzajstlarsen: ping13:45
solydzajstlarsen: Chris won't attend todays meeting13:45
SRabbeliersolydzajs: really? :-/13:45
SRabbeliersolydzajs: then what's the point?13:45
solydzajscheck the reply in gcalendar13:46
solydzajsI have No for Chris13:46
SRabbelierme too13:46
SRabbelierwhen was this done?13:46
solydzajsSRabbelier: no idea13:46
solydzajsSRabbelier: late13:46
solydzajslh: ping13:46
* SRabbelier sighs13:46
SRabbelierthat pisses me off13:46
lhsolydzajs: hi there13:46
solydzajslh: :-) hello13:47
lhlet me look at chris' calendar, one sec13:47
solydzajsok awesome thx13:47
lhsolydzajs: looks like chris is in washington dc today13:49
madrazrSRabbelier: before the meeting begins, I want to bug you again, only if you have time. I know for sure you won't run away this time :P13:49
solydzajslh: traveler :-)13:49
lhsolydzajs: true.13:49
SRabbelierwouldof been nice to know that earlier -_-"13:49
lhso what do we want to do in his absence?13:49
SRabbeliermadrazr: hehe, I'm here :)13:49
madrazros.environ['HTTP_HOST'] thing did not seem to work13:49
SRabbelierlh: well, I guess we can just chat on IRC about what we were supposed to talk about during the meeting?13:50
SRabbeliermadrazr: do explain?13:50
solydzajslh: do you want to check the changes summary email and go with the call or just check the list and ask questions here on IRC ?13:50
SRabbeliermadrazr: I was pretty confident that it'd work :(13:50
madrazrSRabbelier: or may be I got it wrong, gimme 2 mins, I will paste the snippet of the code I put into isRefferrerSelf13:50
lhsolydzajs: i am happy enough asking question on irc, give me a few minutes to be ready for the meeting13:51
tlarsenlh: Make important decisions without him?  :)13:51
SRabbeliermadrazr: ok13:51
solydzajslh: ok great :-)13:51
lhtlarsen: i am not deciding anything. period.13:51
tlarsenlh: Heh.13:51
solydzajslh: let me know if there is something unclear in the email I sent ;-)13:52
tlarsenlh: How do you feel about starting to verify bugs marked as Fixed (that are visually verifiable, at least)?13:52
lhtlarsen: i don13:52
lhtlarsen: i dont have time to verify bugs.13:52
lhi am looking at the mail now, hang on folks.13:52
tlarsenOK, well someone's got to do it.  :)13:53
lhtlarsen: yes, i realize that.13:53
lhi can imagine that once the app is live, we will get more folks interested in helping with triage, etc.13:53
SRabbelierlh: that would be very useful13:53
SRabbelierlh: especially if there's no test suite to speak off13:54
lhSRabbelier: i'l ask for help for all of you when you are ready for it.13:54
* lh continues reading solydzajs' mail13:54
SRabbelier(subtle: if that internship'd get off the ground so I could work more on actually writing that test suite!)13:54
lhSRabbelier: that was very subtle indeed :p13:54
SRabbelierlh: ^___^13:54
SRabbelierlh: I figured, in case someone didn't notice, I'd point out the subtility; I see it worked well!13:55
lhquestion on the "is featured" for documents - can anyone make a document featured, or is that only program administrators? i can imagine we'd have a pretty scary looking left hand nav if all orgs made their ideas lists featured, for example.13:55
madrazrthis is what I did13:55
tpbTitle: general pastebin - Madhusudan.C.S - post number 1325565 (at
SRabbelierlh: oh, that's a good one!13:55
* lh logs into to kick the tires13:56
SRabbelierlh: atm anyone who can create a document can make it featured13:56
*** Lennie|Gone is now known as Lennie13:56
lhSRabbelier: i think we ought to lock that down to program administrators.13:56
SRabbelierlh: right, we should13:56
Lennieclub admins can make it featured13:56
Lenniein their own menu :S13:56
SRabbelierLennie: : atm, anyone can create a new document too :P13:57
lhthough in a particular mentoring organization's area (i guess this is scope path?) they ought to be able to make their documents featured and show up in the left hand nav.13:57
Lenniecheck broken?13:57
SRabbelierLennie: I didn't write the cleaning methods... :(13:57
tlarsenlh: Nothing is on socghop.13:57
SRabbelierlh: prefix13:57
SRabbelierlh: scope_path is gone13:57
tlarsenlh: socghop has not yet been updated, and won't until later today (or tomorrow).13:57
lhSRabbelier: ok.13:57
SRabbelierlh: it's only internal now13:57
SRabbelierlh: regular users will get to meet mr. prefix though13:57
SRabbeliertlarsen: since you need to test it first?13:57
lhwhat instance should i be looking at to test these newly added features? or should i wait until is updated?13:58
MatthewWilkesSRabbelier: I'm glad you clarified with "only internal" - I was about to have a heart attack13:58
SRabbelierMatthewWilkes: ^___^13:58
tlarsenlh: socghop is the official Google instance.  It will only get get official Google releases, and I'm still making the first one.13:58
tlarsenlh: Demos are at melange-dev and melange-demo.13:58
* lh goes to melange-dev13:58
tlarsenlh: There is already an issue open that most sidebar menus should start in the "collapsed" state.13:59
*** MatthewWilkes is now known as mwilkes|simpsons13:59
tlarsen lh: that will keep the sidebar from getting out of hand.13:59
solydzajslh: on melange-demo I setup Google Maps key13:59
lhsolydzajs: cool, will take a look13:59
solydzajslh: so I will make you a developer there13:59
Lennieshould I call :P?13:59
lhtlarsen: and when it's uncollapsed then what? then there's many many many featured pages? that doesn't really help that much.13:59
lhLennie: nope, no chris, no call.13:59
lhsolydzajs: thank you13:59
solydzajstlarsen: yes we are thinking about saving sidebar config for each user in cookie or something14:00
Lennielh, many featured pages?14:00
lhLennie: if anyone can currently set a document to be featured, then i can imagine that many orgs would make their ideas page, etc., featured. making for an ugly left sidebar. :)14:00
* Merio is going to take some food. bb in 5 mins :)14:00
tlarsensolydzajs, SRabbelier, Lennie: How are the orgs going to be listed in the sidebar, under an Orgs item themselves?14:00
Lennieyou only see those when you are a member of the org14:01
tlarsenI believe any Org documents are going to be two levels deep in the sidebar menu.14:01
solydzajslh: site documents show up under Site submenu, Club documents under Club submenu, etc and you can uncollapse each of the submenu's14:01
tlarsenlh: Otherwise, just the list of Orgs would make the sidebar get out of hand, let alone any of their Documents.14:01
lhsolydzajs: okay that's great. but even if you are not a member of that club, you should still beable to see their information. will that be possible.14:01
madrazrSRabbelier: did you see the pastebin link I pasted?14:01
SRabbeliermadrazr: no sorry :(, I missed it, thanks for pointing it out :)14:01
* lh loves the improvements to document creation.14:01
lhvery nice14:01
solydzajslh: yes if the document access rights are made public sure you can14:01
madrazrSRabbelier: NP14:02
tlarsenlh: Actually, it is Clubs that would be 2 levels deep.  Orgs are going to be *3* levels deep, because they are under a Program.14:02
tlarsenlh: So, I think the sidebar is safe from featured Documents from Orgs.  :)14:02
lhand i take it restricted means that the document remains unpublished until it is made public?14:02
SRabbeliermadrazr: add "else: raise 'huh this is weird exception'" and have a look at the traceback14:02
Lennielh: they can also see the club public page if we add a list of all clubs :)14:02
SRabbeliermadrazr: look at the 'local variables' section and check that http_host and http_from are as we expect14:02
lhtlarsen: great. how are people going to navigate to these pages then?14:02
SRabbelierlh: thank you14:03
madrazrSRabbelier: awesome idea, did not know how to see those values till now. Was struggling :D14:03
lhLennie: perfecto, thanks. that makes a lot of sense.14:03
lhso for the read and write access on the create document screen14:03
tlarsenlh: Something like:  "Hey, look! There is a GSoC 2009 program in the sidebar.  Let's open it!"14:03
tlarsenlh: "Oh, look, there is an Orgs menu!  Let's open that!"14:03
SRabbelierlh: what about it? :)14:03
lhi think i need an explanation of the different roles here - if it's documented, i can just take a look there.14:04
tlarsenlh: "Oh, Apache is participating this year.  I wonder if they have anything interesting..."  Etc.14:04
lhtlarsen: got it.14:04
SRabbelierlh: nope, not yet documented :)14:04
lhSRabbelier: ok.14:04
lhso let me tell you what i assume looking at this14:04
SRabbelierlh: ok, I hope I can confirm those assumptions :)14:04
SRabbelierthat'd mean intuitive interface :p14:04
lhread access: public (anyone can see it), admin (only program admins can see it), restricted (only the document creator can see it), member (only someone who has had their club membership accepted can read it), user (anyone with an account on this melange instance can see it)14:06
lhis that correct and if not, where is it not correct?14:06
Lennienot completly :D14:06
SRabbelierlh: but very close :)14:07
Lennieit's more general then that14:07
lhokay, where is that inaccurate?14:07
Lenniego SRabbelier ^_ ^14:07
* Merio back :)14:07
SRabbelierlh: the meaning of the groups depends on the prefix14:07
Lennielh: Or in other words, where you clicked the create new document link ^_ ^14:08
lhSRabbelier: okay, i am unfamiliar with prefix. explain on please.14:08
lhLennie: thank you, gotcha.14:08
SRabbelierlh: there's a bunch of prefixes, for example14:08
lhSRabbelier: keep going.14:08
SRabbelieruser: your own private document space, you are free to do whatever14:08
tlarsenSRabbelier, Lennie, solydzajs: Do you think we should make the "alternative" pages displayed when a check() fails use the notification style?14:08
SRabbelierprogram: document space for one specific program14:09
tlarsenSRabbelier, Lennie, solydzajs: Or, is there some other way we could make them a little more "error message-y" ?14:09
SRabbeliersponsor: document space for a sponsor (that's google)14:09
SRabbeliermhhh, 'etc'?14:09
SRabbelierlh: do you get the dritft of the 'prefix' thing?14:09
solydzajstlarsen: well we could make them user the notification bar I think14:10
Lennieisn't this explaining easier over Skype :P?14:10
lhSRabbelier: i believe so. right now i am signed in as a site developer, so it appears i would be creating documents as a user14:10
lhLennie: oh probably. :p14:11
tpb<> (at
Lenniethat's your own private place yes :P14:11
lhif i were trying to create documents as a sponsor, how would this be accomplished?14:11
SRabbelierlh: ah, yes, let's do a skype conference call then14:11
lhor as a club admin, etc?14:11
Lenniethere is a link in your club menu saying create new document14:11
lhkk, hang on calling in14:11
Lenniewe haven't put in a drop down yet14:11
lhdoes anyone need the dial-in information?14:11
Lennielh: do you have skype?14:11
Lenniethen we dont have to pay:D14:12
*** lyaunzbe has quit IRC14:12
lhLennie: i do have skype hang on let me get my macbook14:12
Lennienot that it's that much but still :D14:12
SRabbelierLennie: it's easier too14:12
LennieI'm dutch :D14:12
Lennieso I'm cheap :D14:12
SRabbelierLennie: quality is a lot better with skype14:12
Lenniethat's also true14:12
SRabbelierthan with the conference call thing thorugh Freecall14:12
lhi thought the dutch were happy, not cheap14:12
Lenniewe are happy too :D14:12
Lennieyou yourself said I was a cheap date :D14:12
lhLennie: true.14:13
* SRabbelier laughs14:13
SRabbelierLennie: you dated? ;)14:13
lhSRabbelier: it's an expression dude.14:13
SRabbelierlh: just teasing :)14:13
lhokay, now logged into skype as mebelh14:13
SRabbelierlh: seeing ya14:13
lhwho should i call for an explanation of this?14:13
SRabbelierlh: I'll do it14:13
lhSRabbelier: kk, will call you now14:13
SRabbeliersolydzajs: pign pong14:14
tlarsenHmmm, I guess I should sign up for Skype?  :)14:21
tlarsenDoes Skype do multi-way calls?14:22
Landon(I seem to remember somethingabout the # of participants on non-intel CPUs being limited though... not sure if that's still the case)14:34
*** lisppaste9 has quit IRC14:58
*** lisppaste9 has joined #melange15:04
* lh scrolls up, reads15:13
lhtlarsen: if you want to get a skype account, go for it15:13
lhnow i know how document creation works, so ++15:13
* lh goes to prep for 1 PM meeting15:14
SRabbelierlh: funny happy meeting, or ftupid bowring meeting?15:14
lhSRabbelier: the first. :) shhh.15:14
Lennietlarsen, yeah skype has multi-way calls15:23
Lennietlarsen better quality then conference call line :P15:24
SRabbelierLennie: a lot better15:24
MerioLennie, SRabbelier: can we talk a moment about the autocompletion patch? Or are you still busy?15:26
SRabbelierMerio: yup, now is good15:26
Lennieping pong15:26
Lennieget in here :P15:26
Lennieyeah talk Merio :D15:27
SRabbelierbrb though, toilet ^__^15:27
Lenniehug Merio for the map feature :D15:27
* lh hugs merio15:27
lhthank you, that was beautiful work15:27
* Merio hugs everyone :)15:27
Lennieyou did do the map feature right?15:27
Lennieor is my brain playig tricks :D15:27
MerioYou're welcome, all Melange is beautiful work, my contrib are only some small patches :)15:28
Lenniesmall patches15:28
Lennienice features :P15:28
MerioLennie: yes :)15:28
Lenniestuff we despereatly need to make people not go15:28
Lenniethis sucks :D15:28
solydzajsMerio: did you see the changes I made to your patch ?15:28
MerioYes solydzajs, I've found that you changed also the initial lat/lon... little easter egg ;)15:30
SRabbelierok back :)15:30
solydzajsMerio: yep I did change, since we cannot favor any country15:30
solydzajsMerio: I understand you are from Italy but well :-)15:31
Meriosolydzajs: yes, I knew that ;)15:31
Lennieautocompletion lets go:D15:31
Lennietalk talk talk :P15:31
solydzajsI didn't review the patch yet so I don't what to talk about15:31
MerioOk, so actually to test it I'm fetching only the title, but I think it should fetch the right things in the right places in that way15:31
Lennieyeah users dont have a title :D15:32
MerioI can return the actual link_id even if viewing the title that comes from the JSON, for the moment I used only the title to show the potential15:32
MerioYes that's true :D So we can adapt the autocompletion thing case by case or just show the id for the moment (even if it's not exactly an usability dream :))15:33
SRabbelierMerio: ok, we can also change what the JSON returns15:33
*** madrazr1 has joined #melange15:33
*** madrazr has quit IRC15:34
*** madrazr1 is now known as madrazr15:34
MerioSRabbelier: I don't think we should, only if some feature is needed some place (I've tested only in the edit site settings)15:35
SRabbelierMerio: ok :)15:35
SRabbeliermadrazr also needs a new task15:35
Lenniecomments done :P?15:35
Lennieoh nm15:35
Lenniebrain trickery15:36
Lennieit's getting to me15:36
Lenniego on Merio:D15:36
MerioAnother thing I've left on for the moment is the multiple:true... you can select more than one item on the list and the autocompletion still works item by item, dividing items by a comma15:36
Lenniebut we dont use that now15:36
Lenniemight be cool when I change notifications into messages :D15:36
MerioSo it's not needed for the site editing, but can be of some use in some other place15:36
SRabbelierMerio: yup that would be nice15:37
*** madrazr has left #melange15:38
MerioAh... I've left on also an option that can match inside the string15:38
*** madrazr has joined #melange15:38
MerioSo an "o" will match "ToS" as well as "Orange"15:38
SRabbelierMerio: nice :d15:39
SRabbelierMerio: that's useful if someone searches for "rabbelier" and my linkid is 'srabbelier'15:40
Merioyes very useful indeed!15:40
MerioAnother thing is that the plugin can do lazy loading, so if we have some big datasets we can handle it with some change on the URL parameters15:42
SRabbelierMerio: sweet :)15:43
MerioAnd that can be definitely the best to avoid the browser to handle, say ... 2500 users (students+mentors...)15:43
LennieSRabbelier, are you gonna work with Merio on this? :)15:44
MerioSo, just sent the patch to see it functional, if you want I can help on all the other tweaking15:44
Lenniesince picker is your baby :p15:44
SRabbelierLennie: hehe, why not15:44
SRabbelierMerio: I'll apply it and see what happens :D15:44
LennieYou need to add thickbox?15:45
MerioNow it's not so useful because for example in the link id will return the title with a ", " appended, but it's more a demo than a real patch because of all the options I wanted to discuss about :)15:45
MerioYes, I don't know really why, but seems dependent on it... however we already use it on ToS link (if we are...! :)) so nm15:46
Lennieno we don't :P15:46
LennieI didn't actually commit that ^_ ^15:46
Lenniesince we wanted it to show on the form itself15:46
MerioSo the ToS link in the lower part of the page will be deleted as well as the whole box?15:47
Lenniethe link maybe15:48
Lenniethe box no15:48
SRabbeliermadrazr: hey15:48
Lennieif we keep the link we should add thickbox to it15:48
Lennieyou should disuss that with solydzajs :S15:48
Lennietogether with the IE7 fix :P15:49
MerioYes, I saw there is also a link in the footer if I'm not wrong15:49
Lenniethat one is on the whole website15:49
MerioMight be useful there as well15:49
Lennieand it should stay a link15:49
LennieI think15:49
MerioAh ok :)15:49
Lenniemaybe hmm15:49
LennieI wont make those decisions :D15:49
Lennietalk them over with the boss :P15:49
MerioLennie: :D :D15:49
SRabbeliermadrazr: oh, I know one15:50
MerioSo, going to bother SRabbelier a little in the next days for the autocompletion tweaking? ;)15:51
SRabbelierMerio: yes :)15:51
MerioSRabbelier: be prepared... ;)15:52
SRabbelierMerio: :D15:52
tpb<> (at
*** madrazr has quit IRC16:01
*** mwilkes|simpsons is now known as MatthewWilkes16:03
*** madrazr has joined #melange16:03
madrazrSRabbelier: heya!16:05
madrazrsorry got disconnected16:05
SRabbeliermadrazr: hey man :)16:06
SRabbeliermadrazr: I thought of a featured you could implement :)16:06
madrazrSRabbelier: I would be happy16:06
madrazrplease tell me16:06
SRabbeliermadrazr: add an 'edit' link when there's a document picked as reference16:07
madrazrSRabbelier: where can I see this document being picked as a reference?16:08
madrazrjust to get an idea what is happening now16:08
SRabbeliermadrazr: for example in 'Edit Site Settings"16:08
madrazrSRabbelier: Ok got a fair idea of what needs to be done, after the user/admin or whoever selects a document, there should be link beside the field in the same "Edit Site Settings" page so he/she can edit the selected doc?16:10
SRabbeliermadrazr: yes16:10
madrazrhave I got it right?16:10
madrazrSRabbelier: Ok cool! Where should I start looking at the code?16:10
madrazrSRabbelier: document picker is broken btw, is it a known issue?16:12
SRabbeliermadrazr: it's not broken16:12
SRabbeliermadrazr: we just don't have the JS plugin running yet16:13
SRabbeliermadrazr: I'll do that otday16:13
madrazrSRabbelier: ah Ok16:13
madrazrSRabbelier: I will start working on the feature you suggested me16:13
SRabbeliermadrazr: you can look at Merio's patch as you will have to touch the same file16:13
madrazrSRabbelier: Autocomplete patch right?16:15
SRabbeliermadrazr: yup16:15
madrazrSRabbelier: Ok, will take a look at it16:15
SRabbeliermadrazr: ok16:16
Meriomadrazr: please note that ATM it returns the titles not the link_ids16:16
madrazrMerio: Ok16:16
madrazrMerio: will it be changed to return link_id ?16:16
Meriomadrazr: yes16:16
madrazrMerio: Ok16:17
Meriomadrazr: but I think for the link showing we need to talk better (now I've to go away unfortunately) because it needs to be tightly integrated with the autocomplete plugin16:17
MerioAt least AFAIK16:17
SRabbelierMerio: well, no16:18
SRabbelierMerio: it won't have to show the link until after a document has been selected16:18
SRabbelierMerio: (as in, after pressing 'save')16:18
MerioSRabbelier: ah ok I thought it would have been shown right when the document have been selected by the autocompletion => need to add the link with some DOM tricks on the right to edit it suddenly16:19
SRabbelierMerio: nah, that's overkill :)16:19
MerioSRabbelier: not too much, just an appendChild() :)16:20
SRabbelierhehe :)16:20
SRabbelierMerio: sides, it's confusing, as the user might get the impression their selection has been saved already16:20
MerioSRabbelier: it depends on how you show it, however it's fine :)16:21
SRabbelierMerio: :)16:22
SRabbelierMerio: going to try your patch now16:22
MerioSRabbelier: Ok please remember is a fast patch to try it, don't think you can save yourself from me next days... eheheh ;)16:23
SRabbelierMerio: :D16:23
MerioNeed to go away to catch my girlfriend at the train station, see you all tomorrow!16:24
MerioBig hugs to everyone :)16:24
madrazrMerio: see you!16:24
SRabbelierMerio: ok man, see you later :)16:24
Meriosee you too :)16:24
Meriobye all!16:25
*** Merio has quit IRC16:25
madrazrSRabbelier: looking at what Merio has done, will continue it tomorrow morning16:43
madrazrwill get some sleep now :)16:43
madrazrsee you16:43
SRabbeliermadrazr: ok cool :)16:43
SRabbeliermadrazr: later :)16:43
*** madrazr has left #melange16:44
*** Lennie has quit IRC16:56
*** penyaskito has joined #melange17:43
*** SRabbelier has quit IRC18:02
tlarsensolydzajs: Do you know how I can create a new Document that is "scoped" to "site", so that I can set it as the site-wide ToS?18:02
tlarsensolydzajs: Nevermind, I think I found it.18:03
solydzajsAfter you save the site settings you have Create a New Document18:04
solydzajsoh ok18:04
*** solydzajs has quit IRC18:13
penyaskitotlarsen, just left my task, sorry :(18:49
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