Saturday, 2009-01-24

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SRabbelierdanderson: heya04:28
SRabbelierdanderson: where'd you come from all of a sudden? ;)04:28
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dandersonSRabbelier: been lurking a long time08:15
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Lennieunder an alias danderson?09:27
Lennieor just in the background :D09:28
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no_mindso we ready to start in t -4 hrs10:14
Lennie19.00 GMT+110:18
Lennieno_mind, you staying with us although it's like 01.00 :)?10:18
Lenniewould be cool10:18
no_mindits roughly 2100hrs here10:19
LennieI got visitors10:19
Lenniegotta go10:19
no_mindbut it will be past midnight by the time we start10:19
Lenniethat's coding ^_^10:19
LennieI worked on Melnage till like 01.30 yesterday :p10:19
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SRabbelierLennie|Gone: dude11:00
SRabbelierLennie|Gone: what upcomming request patch?11:00
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LennieSRabbelier: Upcoming patch :P11:10
Lennieclub_member will use it, but I needed it to test it on club_admin :P11:10
Lenniesince I was lazy11:10
Lennierights['process_request'] = [access.checkIsClubAdminForClub,11:11
SRabbelierLennie: I see :)11:14
Lenniefirst use for a double access check :D?11:14
Lennieatleast afaik11:14
SRabbelierLennie: jup11:15
Lennieclub_admin will use it as well11:15
SRabbelierI'm contemplating making it OR instead of AND11:15
Lennieso that invites can be cancelled11:15
SRabbelieror just reducing it to a single check11:15
SRabbelieras as you say, that is so far the only use case we have for multiple checks11:16
Lennieyou should allow OR and AND11:16
Lennieyeah but it is really needed11:16
Lennieelse I would have to write a lot of new methods :S11:16
SRabbelierLennie: a lot?11:16
SRabbelierin that case we do have a valid use case11:17
SRabbelier that's nice11:17
Lenniethe first check is to see if you can do it11:17
Lenniesecond checks if it is a valid request :P11:17
SRabbelierfair enough11:18
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solydzajsSRabbelier: ping12:01
SRabbeliersolydzajs: pong12:02
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SRabbeliersolydzajs: what?12:13
SRabbeliersolydzajs: you're supposed to say something after pinging someone!12:13
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Lenniehe had trouble with his online instance12:17
Lenniehe needed to clear the datastore12:18
Lenniebut now it's fine12:18
MerioHi all :)12:18
SRabbelierMerio: heya12:18
MerioHi SRabbelier :)12:19
SRabbelierMerio: ready for demo?12:20
MerioSRabbelier: Here I am ;) Can't wait for it :)12:22
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MerioSRabbelier: Have you seen the GMap patch?12:24
solydzajsMerio: I'm looking at it right now12:31
solydzajsMerio: it's next in the queue12:31
solydzajsMerio: I should have it tested before demo12:32
Meriosolyzdajs: no hurry, I was just asking for opinions :)12:33
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LennieGMap :D12:44
*** dmitrig01|afk is now known as dmitrig0112:45
no_mindwaiting for the show to start....12:45
Lenniesolydzajs is in make up atm :P12:49
Lennieso hang on :D12:49
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dmitrig01Lennie: i never understood, can uou explain to me why we need people to create link id's?12:50
dmitrig01Lennie: can't we make them up automatically12:50
Lenniewhere do you find it strange?12:51
Lennieit's like your no space no capital nickname12:51
Lennieso we can identify you via url's12:52
dmitrig01Lennie: so just "name".replace(/[\s]//).toLowerCase*(12:52
dmitrig01whyc an't we do that automatically12:52
LennieBecause we want people with the same name able to join the site?12:52
Lenniewhy is it strange that you have to fill in an unique identifier so people can know who they are dealing with?12:53
dmitrig01while(generated_name is taken) {generated_name += "_0"}12:53
dmitrig01Lennie: the user is stupid12:53
dmitrig01sorry not really12:53
Lennielazy maybe :P12:53
dmitrig01but that's how I think when I design UIs12:53
dmitrig01stupid and lazy.12:54
dmitrig01This is not actually true12:54
dmitrig01but a good way to think when designing UIs in my opinion12:54
dmitrig01if there's a process you can automate, or something you can make easier, then by all means do it12:54
Lennieif you want a full explanation ask solydzajs or SRabbelier, I didn't really follow the discussion back then since I was new :)12:56
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SRabbelierback :)12:58
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LennieI'm opped in (8/14) channels on (2) networks. I have the power over (101/285) users.13:00
SRabbelierLennie: .... -_-"13:00
SRabbelierjoin #ubuntu13:00
solydzajsOk it's time, we will give 5 more minutes13:00
SRabbelieryour percentage will go down by a lot13:01
solydzajsfor new comers13:01
* SRabbelier nods13:01
SRabbeliersounds good13:01
dandersonokay, well there goes using the sane option for release management I guess :)13:03
no_mindso we starting in t -1 hour13:03
danderson(not that I disagree with any of the points made, just gah)13:04
SRabbelierdanderson: heheh, yeah13:04
SRabbelierdanderson: that's how it's always been though13:04
SRabbelierdanderson: we need to kick spearce to fix the git HTTP protocol,13:05
dandersonhe needs to invent one13:05
dandersonnot fix it13:05
dandersonthere is no git http protocol13:05
dandersonwhat passes for HTTP is just GETs of a static website13:05
solydzajsok guys13:05
dandersonslow, inefficient and read-only13:05
SRabbelierdanderson: ehhehe, yes, this is true :P13:05
solydzajsSRabbelier: Lennie: ready ?13:05
* danderson goes back into lurk mode, laterz13:06
* SRabbelier nods13:06
Lenniecya danderson:)13:06
solydzajsHello our new contributors :-)13:06
SRabbeliersolydzajs: is the latest version up on melange-demo?13:06
solydzajsLet's make some noise :-)13:07
tanokuHello solydzajs. ;d13:07
* Merio hands up in the air13:07
* no_mind shouts oolala-la-oleo oolala-la-ayeo13:07
no_mindsolydzajs, thats sufficient noise ? :-p13:08
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Meriotoo much noise perhaps :)13:09
LennieIt's just like software engineering, when you need it most it crashes :D13:09
Lennieit's like the eternal law :)13:09
veelckgreetings :)13:09
dandersonthe corrolary is that it breaks only when you broke it13:10
dandersonand that therefore, you break stuff only when you need it most13:10
SRabbelierdanderson: ah, I like that one13:10
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Lenniethat's one to remember, welcome back solydzajs13:11
solydzajsgot disconnected13:11
solydzajswhat did I miss ?13:11
veelcksolydzajs: i had BSoD - did you too ? ;-)13:11
solydzajsI saw hi from tanoku and Merio ;-)13:11
Lennienothing, we are waiting on you our showmaster13:11
Lennie(19:07:49) • no_mind shouts oolala-la-oleo oolala-la-ayeo13:11
Lennie(19:08:06) (no_mind) solydzajs, thats sufficient noise ? :-p13:11
solydzajsveelck: no I just got disconnected from IRC server somehow13:12
solydzajsno_mind: very sufficient :-)13:12
Merioso it's my guilt you got disconnected... put my hands too much in the air, reaching the channel ops :)13:12
veelcksolydzajs: irssi+screen ftw13:12
solydzajsok so we have tanoku, no_mind, Merio and veelck13:12
SRabbelierok, everybody please register at
solydzajsSRabbelier: not melange-demo13:13
solydzajsSRabbelier: melange-dev13:13
bhysolydzajs, hey, and me :)13:13
solydzajsHi bhy13:13
solydzajsok here is the plan for the meeting:13:13
tanokuSo, demo or dev?13:13
solydzajs0. Melange Team introduction13:13
solydzajs1. Deploy latest Melange revision to melange-dev13:13
solydzajs2. All new contributors login and create user accounts13:13
solydzajs3. Instance developer makes all users developers, so all the features13:13
solydzajsare visible13:13
solydzajs4. Discussion regarding workflow13:13
solydzajs5. Discussion regarding code base (how is the project structured, code13:13
solydzajsbase review, models, views, logic, templates)13:13
solydzajs6. How to get involved, tasks list for GSoC13:13
solydzajs7. Testing suite13:13
solydzajs8. Tasks assignment13:13
solydzajsso starting from 0. ;-)13:14
solydzajsI'm Pawel Solyga from Melange Team, you may also welcome SRabbelier and Lennie our core developers13:14
solydzajstlarsen is not on IRC but he's also our core developer and previous project lead13:15
solydzajsdurin42 is working on our test suite and buildbot13:15
no_mindi am Vivek Khurana, mentor from last year's GSoC and did not like the app at all13:16
SRabbelierHeya everybody, SRabbelier -> "Sverre Rabbelier" <[email protected]> if you need to email :)13:16
no_mindI mena last year's app13:16
LennieHi, I'm Lennard. I code and breath in The Netherlands and I'm currently in my last year for my Bachelor in Computer Science at the Delft University of Technology. My hobbies are gaming (FPS, WoW ^_ ^), movies, and stand up comedy.13:16
Lennie^_ ^13:17
no_mindI have experience of coding in python, and currently hunting bugs for a python based ORM called Dejavu and building a productivity suite in python13:17
LennieOh and I abuse smilies way too much :D.13:17
solydzajsno_mind: nobody really likes it I guess and that's why Melange was started :-)13:17
no_mindand I in daytime, I run a small IT consultancy company13:18
solydzajsno_mind: people with python experience are needed :-)13:18
Lenniedont forget java script and people who want to devote time to make melange look better13:18
no_mindah, using python since version 1.513:19
solydzajsLennie: true13:19
solydzajsok guys, next step, point 1., Latest revision of melange has been committed to, please go there and create your user profile13:20
solydzajsOnce all of you are done we will give you developer rights13:21
solydzajswhich will enable you to view all the features of the current version of Melange13:21
bhyI done.13:21
tanokuDone. Easy enough.13:21
bhyLink ID: bhy13:22
MerioDone too13:22
solydzajsok let's wait for veelck and no_mind13:22
SRabbelierdanderson: if you want, sign up13:23
solydzajswho is shiyee  ?13:24
shiyeeI'm lurking a bit :-)13:25
solydzajsok :-)13:25
solydzajsgreat :-)13:25
solydzajsall the accoutns are created13:25
solydzajsI will give you developer rights, one sec13:25
*** veelck_ has joined #melange13:26
solydzajsashishrai: lurking too ?;-)13:26
atulagrwlI am also interested13:26
atulagrwlI was not able to join .. got some last moment work..13:27
ashishraiinterested to work13:27
atulagrwlme too13:27
solydzajsatulagrwl: please create your account on melange-dev.appspot.com13:27
atulagrwlone min.13:28
*** veelck has left #melange13:28
solydzajsI gave all the current users developers rights13:28
solydzajsrefresh the page13:28
solydzajsand let me know if you see all the features13:28
solydzajsin sidebar13:28
Meriofor me it's ok13:28
veelck_ok for me213:29
bhyok I got developer right13:29
Lennieyou also should have received an email stating welcome to melange :D13:29
tanokuYah works over here too.13:29
ashishraiyes :)13:29
veelck_Lennie: got email too ;)13:29
Meriome 213:29
bhygot it too13:29
atulagrwlsolydzajs: i also created account on melange-dev13:29
SRabbelierok, good :)13:30
solydzajsatulagrwl: I gave you developer access too, refresh page13:30
no_mindworks here13:30
* SRabbelier tests the pagination13:30
solydzajsSRabbelier: it works :-)13:30
solydzajsNow what you see there is our current version of Melange. My first question is: Who is unfamiliar with Google Summer of Code Workflow ?13:32
solydzajsWho doesn't know how it works13:32
* no_mind knows13:32
tanokuI think all of us have participated in GSoC before. Either as mentors or students.13:32
tanokuWe wouldn't be here otherwise. ;d13:33
veelck_tanoku: I didn't ;-)13:33
LennieI'm the only outsider then ^_^13:33
tanokuOuch then! :)13:33
veelck_but I think I know the basics ;-)13:33
Lenniehurray veelck_ :D13:33
solydzajsveelck_: yep you are familiar with basics :-)13:33
veelck_Lennie: high five ;-)13:34
solydzajsLennie: veelck_ is my friend from uni and high-school fyi ;-)13:34
Lenniethe one writing irc on G1?13:34
Lennieor Android for that matter :P13:34
* dmitrig01 is here13:34
solydzajsLennie: no13:34
SRabbelierdmitrig01: sup13:34
solydzajsLennie: the one writing IRC on G1 is in US13:34
solydzajsdmitrig01: nice to see you ;-)13:34
solydzajsdmitrig01: long time no see ;-) hehe13:34
dmitrig01solydzajs: hehe13:35
solydzajsok let's go thru sidebar menu13:35
solydzajsunder Site-> Edit Site Settings we can set some things like Site Home page feed, Google Analytics and Google Maps keys13:36
dmitrig01solydzajs: i don't have developer access13:36
solydzajsdmitrig01: one sec13:36
solydzajsdmitrig01: I don't see you on melange-dev.appspot.com13:37
dmitrig01solydzajs: [email protected], dmitrig0113:37
atulagrwlsolydzajs: just one question, how to check if I had developer access? sorry if this question seems absurd13:38
SRabbelierdmitrig01: melange-dev, you are on melange-demo maybe?13:38
Lennieif your sidebar is filled with a lot of options atulagrwl13:38
SRabbelieratulagrwl: hmmm, good point13:38
Lennielike club admin etc13:38
dmitrig01SRabbelier: oh yes whoops13:38
SRabbelierwe might want some message somewhere13:38
solydzajsdmitrig01: are you sure you are using melange-dev ?13:38
SRabbelierwe could put that at the top, near where it says your email etc.13:38
dmitrig01solydzajs: try now13:38
LennieSRabbelier: Write it down :D13:39
atulagrwlSRabbelier: then I had admin right :)13:39
tanokuSRabbelier: Probably in the top right, next to your email and username.13:39
solydzajsdmitrig01: done.13:39
solydzajsSRabbelier: you want to put your Role next to email address ?13:40
SRabbeliersolydzajs: no, just for Developers13:40
solydzajsSRabbelier: or just whether you are Developer or not ?13:40
SRabbeliersolydzajs: since there's multiple roles13:40
solydzajsSRabbelier: ah ok13:40
dmitrig01solydzajs: so you guys fixed tooltips or no?13:40
* dmitrig01 has been out of the loop for a while13:40
dandersonSRabbelier: thx for offer, but on the move13:40
SRabbelierdmitrig01: yes, Merio did13:40
dmitrig01SRabbelier: awesome13:40
solydzajsdmitrig01: yes fixed, we received patch for that13:40
SRabbelierdanderson: ok :)13:40
dandersonircing from my mobile phone13:41
* dmitrig01 wonders who merio is13:41
* SRabbelier points at Merio13:41
* dmitrig01 waves to Merio 13:41
* Merio waves his hand :)13:41
solydzajsok guys lets talk about sidebar menu13:41
solydzajsin Document section you can create or list all the site documents, those documents can be later used as home pages, terms of service, ideas lists or any other things that is needed.13:43
solydzajsfor example if you create some document and then go to Edit Site Settings you can then select this document as your site home page13:44
bhyScope path: is required?13:44
Lenniecan I take that one :D?13:44
SRabbelierbhy: yes, Lennie will work on a scope selector13:45
no_mindwhat is scope path in a document ?13:45
Lennienm ^_^13:45
bhyI think scope path just like namespace in C++13:45
solydzajsLennie: describe scope path please ;-)13:46
LennieI feel like I'm being tested :D13:46
atulagrwlsolydzajs: changing public name and link id changed my access to application..13:46
tanokugg ;D13:46
Lennieatulagrwl: You just discovered something we are in need of fixing :P13:46
Lennieyou wont be able to change your link id13:46
Lenniepublicc name yes13:46
Lennielink id is used to uniquely identify you13:47
solydzajsatulagrwl: thx, I will restore your profile, we need to make link id immutable13:47
SRabbeliersolydzajs: Lennie just mentioned this :)13:47
SRabbeliersolydzajs: in a PM I mean, about making it immutable that is13:48
atulagrwlSRabbelier: sorry i didn't see that13:48
solydzajsatulagrwl: done, restored13:48
atulagrwlsolydzajs: thnx13:48
solydzajsWe have to fix it ASAP13:49
solydzajsLennie: do you want to answer scope path question ?13:49
LennieScope path is used to kind of create the context of entities, for instance a document for Apache in GSoC 2009 would probably have the following scope path: google/gsoc/gsoc2009/asf/13:49
Lennieonly admins from asf will be able to put documents there13:50
Lenniesolydzajs, if you could elaborate ^_ ^13:50
dandersonso... It's a directory?13:50
dandersonwith permissions, it seems13:50
bhyjust like namespace right?13:50
solydzajson our case, scope path is like chain :-) Sponsor Link id -> Program link id -> Organization link id13:51
solydzajsthis is just an example, there can be different scope_paths13:53
solydzajsfor example if you create a document13:53
solydzajsand assign it a scope_path 'site'13:53
solydzajsit will automatically show up in sidebar under Site submenu13:54
Meriosolydzajs: documents and scope path can be defined only by developer or, for example, an organization can put up own documents as well (without scope path, I guess)13:54
solydzajsright now scope path can be only set in Documents, in other view the scope_path is set automatically13:54
solydzajsbasically we want it to be automatic for Documents too13:55
veelck_makes sense13:56
solydzajsso you will have under Club -> New Club Document, under Program -> Create Program Document etc13:56
solydzajsso you don't have to worry about scope_path at all13:56
solydzajsThat's what Lennie will work on, scope selector13:56
solydzajsok any questions regarding Documents ?13:57
solydzajsNext is Program Owner (Sponsor) like Google13:57
solydzajsyou need to create a Sponsor before you create any program13:58
solydzajsafter you create a Program Owner13:58
solydzajsyou need to create Program Admins like Leslie13:58
no_mindhow to create a program owner ?13:58
solydzajsNew Program Owner13:59
solydzajsunder Program Owner section13:59
solydzajson melange-dev we have already Google as program owner for testing purposes14:00
solydzajsso after you create program14:00
solydzajsyou need to add some program admins14:00
Lennieinvite an admin :D14:00
veelck_hahah, Program Administrator/solydzajs from Angola ;-)14:01
*** solydzajs has quit IRC14:02
*** ahassany has joined #melange14:02
veelck_I hope it was not because of me...14:02
* Merio didn't put up his hands this time14:02
*** solydzajs has joined #melange14:03
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o solydzajs14:03
bhyseems I got two notification when I invite myself14:03
Lennienice :)14:04
solydzajswhat was the last message you got ?14:04
Lenniethat would be my fault :P14:04
Lennie(20:00:28) (@solydzajs) you need to add some program admins14:04
bhytwo same notification I mean14:04
solydzajssolydzajs: you do that by inviting some existing Melange users to become an admin14:04
solydzajs[8:01pm] solydzajs: in New Program Administrator14:04
solydzajs[8:01pm] solydzajs: Lennie: please invite some users to become Program Admins14:04
LennieI only got one bhy :D14:05
Lenniewho wants an invite, tell me your link_id :D14:05
*** lh has joined #melange14:05
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o lh14:05
Lenniehi Leslie14:05
Lenniewelcome to our new contributors meeting :D14:06
lhLennie: greetings14:06
no_mindall hail lh14:06
MerioHi lh14:06
lhhello all14:06
no_mindhi lh14:06
tanokuHell Leslie.14:06
* lh is impressed to see 28 people in here14:06
* lh is happy to see 28 people here14:06
solydzajsHi lh :-)14:06
bhyhi lh :)14:06
SRabbeliertanoku: typing fail14:06
lhok i am so lagged14:06
veelck_hi lh14:07
lhsolydzajs: greetings14:07
lhso when does the demo start14:07
solydzajswe are already demoing ;-)14:07
tanokuSRabbelier: Freudian slip anyone? ;)14:07
Lenniewe already started14:07
Lennielog on to http://melange-dev.appspot.com14:07
tpbTitle: Home Page (at
lhsolydzajs: ah clarity.14:07
* lh logs on14:07
Lenniecreate a profile lh and I'll hook you up14:08
lhLennie: done [email protected]14:08
Lennieyou hav dev access14:08
lhwow there are a lot of new features14:08
lhwoo woo!14:09
Lennieyeah, I've been working my arse off14:09
LennieI expect a GOSPO t-shirt ^_^14:09
lhLennie: done.14:09
veelck_Lennie: got only one invite14:09
SRabbelierlh: he has!14:09
solydzajsyep I got one too14:09
lhSRabbelier: i can see that14:09
solydzajsok so we have Google as Program Administrator14:09
Lennieveelck_, k14:09
solydzajsas Program Owner I mean14:10
solydzajsand we have invited some User to become Program Owners14:10
Lennieveelck_, you should only get one :D14:10
solydzajsto become Program Admins I mean ;-)14:10
solydzajseh naming ;-)14:10
solydzajsLennie: invite LH to become Program Admin14:11
Lenniealready done :)14:11
ashishraiwhat other roles can i put , besides host14:11
veelck_Lennie: i know :)14:11
ashishraigot one notification14:11
solydzajsif you received invitation you will see it in Notifications14:11
solydzajsyou can read it and accept or reject14:11
solydzajsif you accept it you will be asked to create more detailed Program Admin profile14:12
solydzajsYou will be asked for the same data when you create Student Profile, Mentor, Org admin, or any other Role profile14:13
tanokuIsn't there some kind of global alert when you get a new notification?14:13
Lennieashishrai, we only have club_admin and host at the moment, more on the way14:13
tanokuOr do ou have to go directly to the notifications section?14:13
Lennietanoku, yes there is14:13
Lennieyou will automatically receive an email if you have an unread notification. You will only receive this once. Also it is highlighted by the bold menu item :)14:14
LennieWe might add some sort of display like gmail later on :D14:14
Lenniethat will immedeatly tell you that you have a new notifications when you are browsing the website14:14
veelck_solydzajs: what is proper format for birthdate ?14:14
solydzajsUS style :-)14:15
veelck_as I can't fill in details without date, and whatever I put it wrong..14:15
veelck_ah ok :)14:15
LennieWe will replace that with a JS date picker soonish, it has just been completed14:15
Lennieright solydzajs?14:15
solydzajsok good point we will hook up our date picker widget there14:15
Lenniewe might not want that if its not easy to browse years :P14:16
solydzajswe will figure it out14:16
solydzajsor just add example_text14:16
tanokuA calendar picker for birthdate doesn't sound too smart.14:16
solydzajslet's just add example_text14:16
solydzajsand it will solve the problem14:16
tanokuHow about dropbox boxes? That sounds quite common. ;p14:16
Lennieyeah it's weird that django doesnt do that automatically :S14:17
solydzajsok I noted that14:17
veelck_it would be enough to have it on the poput thing on the right imho (as the standard you should use)14:17
veelck_as the cloud or whatever14:17
bhyLennie, djanog's admin interface has a datepicker14:18
Lenniewhat's next solydzajs?14:19
solydzajsok after we create a Program Admin role14:19
LennieI see lh completed the admin process :014:19
lhLennie: got a 500 error the first time14:19
SRabbelierLennie: she is our admin after all :P14:19
solydzajsWhat we are missing is a list which shows you your current Roles14:19
Lennielh, we will go through the appspot logs after this then :)14:20
lhsolydzajs: right, that link current just redisplays notifications read/unread14:20
lhLennie: awesome thank you14:20
Lennielh: it displays your invites and requests14:20
Lennieit will show your roles and past roles some day :D14:20
lhLennie: i will take another look14:20
lhah yes14:21
solydzajsok once you are a Program Admin you can create a Program (notice: right now you can create it also if you have just Developer rights, but we will fix it )14:21
solydzajsgo to New Program14:22
solydzajsand create some Programs ;-)14:23
solydzajsI can see GSoc 2009 already ;-)14:25
solydzajsI want more ;-)14:25
solydzajscome on14:25
veelck_what is select button for ?14:25
lhsolydzajs: in progress14:25
solydzajsveelck_: you can select document for home page or Terms of Service14:26
veelck_ahh, ok :)14:26
veelck_now I see ;)14:26
Meriosolydzajs: I haven't too much fantasy ;)14:26
solydzajsMerio: name it Merio Super Cool Program :-)14:26
Meriosolydzajs: Going to :)14:27
solydzajsCool Kidz Only Program ;-)14:27
Lenniethats mine :D14:27
no_minddone created a program called "new pinch"14:27
lhusing select to choose a document for ToS causes create program form to clear.14:28
solydzajslh: yes we know, that's why there is a warning right now14:28
solydzajslh: for now we need to save the program and the select document14:28
* lh enjoys ignoring warnings14:28
veelck_when creating new program I could choose workflow type with combo, and after save changes there is only plain text - is it ok ?14:28
solydzajsveelck_: yes once you select workflow type you cannot change it14:29
solydzajsveelck_: we don't want somebody to change GSoC into GHOP :-)14:29
* lh needed to wider window to see help text14:29
Lennieit determines if you are running 'gsoc' or 'ghop' :D14:29
solydzajsveelck_: or vice versa :-)14:29
no_mindI think the text for workflow should be same as one shown in drop down at the time of creating the program14:29
no_mindshowing ghop for task based flow is confusing14:29
solydzajsno_mind: noted thx14:29
Lenniewe should do these runs more often, usefull feedback D:14:30
Lennieand minor patches for new contributors :D14:30
solydzajsI have already 10 notes :-)14:30
solydzajswe summarize at the end14:30
SRabbeliersolydzajs: you don't want to make issues on the tracker? :P14:30
veelck_anyway it's a bit awkward with this select buttons14:31
Lenniewould links be better?14:31
veelck_it doesn't save, so maybe they can be unusable before creation, only after14:31
Lenniethat just say select14:31
solydzajsveelck_: it's better then writing scope_path and link id of the document yourself :-)14:31
veelck_I didn't mean that14:31
solydzajsveelck_: but we will fix it :-)14:31
veelck_for creation those can be hidden (maybe, i'm not an interface engineer ;-) )14:32
veelck_solydzajs: cool14:32
Lenniefunny thing is normally they were hidden before creation, but we patched it not to be :D14:33
Lenniea cool challenge for a new committer would be to make it so that the form wouldn't clear :)14:33
Lenniesolydzajs, proceed :D14:33
veelck_this text (discards unsaved changes) is not red enough ;-)14:34
solydzajsok so we went thru User, Document, Site, Program Owner, Program Admin, Program sections14:34
lhi accidentally signed out and have lost developer privledges. miff.14:34
solydzajslh: oh hmm I will have a look14:34
Lennieyou still have dev here14:34
Lennieon my screen14:34
solydzajsyep on mine too14:34
tanoku...I signed off and back in and my privileges aren't gone.14:35
lhLennie: logged in and all i see available in left hand nav are User and Club application14:35
lhoh wait nm14:35
lhall good14:35
no_mindit shows lh as a dev in user profile14:35
solydzajsok so in Users you can create a new user by yourself if you need to or Edit some User profile, we don't want to touch that functionality right now, since it may disable some developer right for Users or delete their profiles etc14:36
tanokuWhy would you want to create users yourself, anyway?14:37
Lenniebecause you feel lonely :D14:37
lhtanoku: it happens, believe me14:37
solydzajstanoku: testing mostly, or if somebody calls me that he wants to have Melange account on this gmail account but has no internet access right now I should be able to create it14:37
tanokuFair enough. :)14:38
solydzajstanoku: or I want to create an account for 3 more Program Administrators and I know all the data, that way they don't have to login to create account, I will create that for them and invite them to become Program Admin14:38
Lennieapplication process?14:38
atulagrwlI seems fair enough14:39
veelck_solydzajs: that would be a bit weird to ask for melange account without internet access ;-)14:39
solydzajsRequest section allows you to List all the Request in the system14:39
bhyI found the yellow help pop-up only follows mouse, but not Tab?14:39
veelck_but for testing is fair enough14:39
bhyI mean the pop up when filling form14:39
Lenniebhy, nice one14:39
no_mindbhy, good one14:39
solydzajsLennie: SRabbelier would guys like to say something about Clubs functionality ?14:40
Meriosolydzajs: the link popup, AFAIK, is not binded with tab at all in the library14:40
solydzajsClub Application Club Admin, Club14:40
SRabbelierI think lennard should, he has been doing most of the work14:41
SRabbeliersolydzajs: its his masterpiece14:41
solydzajsLennie: please :-)14:41
LennieClubs are there to function as groups of users outside any program like GSOC14:41
Lennieclubs will be able to create documents and other 'group web2.0' functionality later down the road14:42
Lenniealso clubs are the starting point for applying to GSOC14:42
solydzajsJust one note, a lot of code made for Clubs, Club Admins, Club Application will be similar to what we need for Orgs Applications, Orgs, Org Admins14:42
Lennieat the moment there are only clubs and club admins, club members are on there way14:42
LennieIf you go to new club application14:42
Lennieyou can apply to become a club14:42
Lennieso lets do that :D14:43
solydzajsAnother note, Clubs can be a starting point for applying to Program, but they don't have to be.14:43
solydzajsok guys let's go to Club Application and apply to become a Club :-)14:43
veelck_terms of service picker doesn't say much to me14:44
solydzajsveelck_: in what view ?14:44
veelck_<soc.models.document.Document object at 0x500a905bdc840e28>14:44
veelck_create club14:44
solydzajsSRabbelier: you cannot have select User for backup admin there14:45
Lenniebhy, group or club :D?14:45
solydzajsSRabbelier: this gives normal user power to view all the emails etc14:45
SRabbeliersolydzajs: oh14:45
SRabbeliersolydzajs: we can fix that14:45
bhyLennie,  well :)14:45
SRabbeliersolydzajs: by not listing email in pick view14:46
solydzajsSRabbelier: you don't want to list all the user anyway it will be too much to go thru14:46
bhythere's "Group Name:" in "Create Club App "14:46
SRabbeliersolydzajs: list filtering ofcourse14:46
SRabbeliersolydzajs: we talked about this :P14:46
lhif the backup admin is selected from all system users, that's going to get tough for people to select from. this system is going to have several thousand users.....14:47
no_mindwho should i select as a backup group admin for my club application ?14:47
bhysorry, s/Create Club App /New Club Application/14:47
solydzajslh: exactly, that's what I'm trying to say14:47
Lennieno_mind, type in lennie :D14:47
lhsolydzajs: right.14:47
no_mindwe need filtering for users in the select14:47
solydzajsok noted14:48
solydzajsI don't see any club applications yet14:49
lhsolydzajs: Cream Puffs Anonymous14:49
solydzajsgot it14:49
SRabbeliersolydzajs: lol :P14:49
SRabbeliersolydzajs: nice14:49
bhyem, why the backup administrator is required?14:49
solydzajslh: should the backup admin be required ?14:49
dandersonso that there is one if the main administrator fails14:49
no_mindok, two things. 1) why propogate to a new page to select backup admin ? I should come up with some kind of popup IMHO. 2) On user selection page, when I click next I get "Access denied"14:50
lhbhy: because if your group doesn't have a backup admin during the application stage, chances are that something will go wrong later. sign of being organized and having critical mass in your project of folks who want to participate14:50
SRabbelierno_mind: please, go for it!14:50
SRabbelierno_mind: if you can code that for me, I'll pay you!! :P14:50
SRabbelierno_mind: (in brownies, or other food of your choice :P)14:50
no_mindsure, I am just ranting here so that this goes into the task list14:50
lhalso, we should remove self from list of users - i selected myself only to be told later i couldn't be the admin. should not have been able to do this in the first place.14:50
SRabbelierLennie: always opts for hamburgers14:50
* lh will feed y'all14:51
no_mindI can pick up laters14:51
SRabbelierlh: mhhh.... ok... that's gonna be fun14:51
no_mindlh, we are in different corners f this earth...14:51
Lennieno_mind, I like ranting keep it going14:51
atulagrwlI am ready for code anything for food :D14:51
SRabbeliershould we remove the selection thing14:52
lhno_mind: sure we are now. wont always be that way.14:52
SRabbelierand just make people type?14:52
veelck_atulagrwl: haha :)14:52
no_mindlh, sure you can always fly down :p14:52
* Merio starts poll: is it better coding for cotton or coding for lh food?14:52
LennieI get both :P14:52
SRabbelierMerio: both!14:52
no_mindcoding for food, even UN has "food for work" program14:52
Lennieso dont care :D14:52
Lenniehaha n1 no_mind14:52
lhSRabbelier: that requires them to know backup admins name. maybe that is fine. these people should be talking to each other.14:53
solydzajslh: I accepted your Club Application14:53
lhMerio: SRabbelier and Lennie are right, both14:53
Lennieif you go to reviwe club applications14:53
no_mindmay be google should think of paying in hamburgers then $$$14:53
Lennieyou can go to the same review process that will be apllied to organistations14:53
SRabbelierwe can provide a pop-up window14:54
SRabbelierwith a list of users14:54
no_minddone creating club application14:54
SRabbelier(hopefully that they can filter)14:54
SRabbelierand then find the user from their real name or something14:54
SRabbelierand they can copy/paste the link_Id?14:54
Lennieif it's a popup it can callback via JS14:54
Lennieto auto fill in14:54
LennieI think :p14:54
no_mindan ajaxy pop up window, just a layer on top of existing page14:54
tanokuYeah, copy-paste is just ugly.14:54
Lennieno_mind having a layer14:55
Lenniegraying out the rest of the page14:55
tanokuOr a real popup, it should be able to callback the selection either way.14:55
Lenniejust like when uploading a profile picture for google14:55
Lenniewould be cool :D14:55
solydzajsyep exactly14:55
tanokuBrrrr... so many ideas. Who's going to implement all of this? :)14:55
solydzajswe :-)14:55
solydzajsall of us :-)14:55
no_mindtanoku, my experience is that users get annoyed when you pop up a new window but think its cool to have a popup layer on same page14:56
solydzajslayer is better I agree14:56
solydzajspopups are wrong14:56
SRabbelierno_mind: how much work is it to implement that though?14:56
solydzajswe will discuss that later14:56
solydzajslet's stay on topic14:56
Lennieor pm each other SRabbelier and no_mind :)14:56
no_minddont know in google app engine, but using jquery I can do this in less than one day14:56
tanokuI hope someone is taking notes of all this.14:57
lhtanoku: that and we have logs14:57
Merioif you don't mind to insert a bit of dojotoolkit it's easy enough... but it would be more load. Don't know with jquery14:57
no_mindok lets discuss this after demo14:57
SRabbelierno_mind: we are using jquery :)14:58
no_mindokies there is a jquery plugin for this14:58
*** veelck has joined #melange14:58
tanokuThere's a jquery plugin for everything. <3 jQuery14:58
solydzajsI'm taking notes :-)14:59
solydzajsLennie: I don't see Leslie as Club Admin14:59
solydzajsLennie: why is that ?14:59
Lenniebecause a created club means that you receive invite to become an admin15:00
SRabbeliersolydzajs: she needs to fill in the profile15:00
* lh heads to do this15:00
tpbTitle: Sign In Required (at
Lennielove that bot :d15:00
* SRabbelier chuckes15:00
solydzajsok but I see her Club Application is already a Club15:01
solydzajswhich means there is Club without Admin at this stage15:01
solydzajswhich is not good15:01
lheach time i attempt to click on my pending request for club admin status, i get a 500 error15:01
SRabbeliersolydzajs: we can't circumvent that :)15:01
lhsolydzajs is right. once you create a club ap, you should automatically be the admin once the club is accepted15:01
lhSRabbelier: why not?15:01
SRabbelierlh: that's impossible15:01
SRabbelierlh: you need to fill in the invitation15:02
SRabbelierlh: we can't make you an admin without you filling out the details15:02
SRabbeliersolydzajs: it's guaranteed that there is an invitation to become an admin though15:02
lhSRabbelier: hrm. then don't allow a club to be accepted until the invitation is opened and user completes profile?15:02
SRabbelierlh: we can create the club but make it 'invalid' or such15:02
lhcan application be left in pending limbo waiting on club admin15:02
lhSRabbelier: perfect, yes. "in progress" not invalid, but yes.15:03
SRabbelierlh: ok..15:03
Merioprobably there is something I'm doing wrong15:03
solydzajsMerio: what's not working for you ??15:05
Meriosolydzajs: I'm trying to create the new club application. If I ask to save changes it complains that the backup group administrator is required... if I try to take one backup administrator it discards all my changes...15:05
MerioPerhaps I've lost something in the discussion, I'm a bit ill this evening15:05
solydzajsMerio: yep this is bad design we will fix it :-) just put: solydzajs as backup admin15:05
tanokuYeah, all those selection buttons with "(discards all changes)" need to be changed.15:05
SRabbelierI'm working on those with no_mind15:06
solydzajsok meeting is 2h already so I would like to finish the live demo part and talk a little bit about our code base15:07
solydzajsis that ok with everybody ?15:07
tanokuFair enough.15:07
Meriookay for me15:07
lhsolydzajs: go for it but it's only been an hour....15:07
* lh suspects has led her astray15:07
veelck_lh: it was two :)15:07
lhveelck_: well crap. :(15:07
tanokuActually Leslie, meeting began at 19:0015:07
veelck_GTM+1 ;-)15:08
tanokuAka Spaintime.15:08
tpb<> (at
lhwell erg.15:08
lhsorry all15:08
* lh sits back, shuts up and pays attention15:08
solydzajslh: no problem15:08
solydzajsok we went thru almost all the current functionality of the web app15:09
veelck_yay :D15:09
tanoku...and we found many bugs and possible features!15:09
solydzajsif there anyone here who didn't look into source code yet ?15:09
solydzajsthe application is located in /trunk/app in the repository15:10
solydzajs99% of the modules are in trunk/app/soc15:10
solydzajsour code is divided into HTML templates15:11
solydzajsin app/soc/templates directory15:11
solydzajsin app/soc/logic15:11
solydzajsdatastore models in app/soc/models15:11
solydzajsand all the views15:11
solydzajsin app/soc/views15:11
bhywhat's the logic means?15:11
tanokuThe actual backed for the app.15:12
no_mindwhy gsoc and ghop have different directories ?15:12
solydzajsbhy: anything that is not part of view, so things like getting data from datastore15:12
bhyhow about soc/views/models?15:13
SRabbelierbhy: views that are made to show the models15:13
solydzajssoc/views/models is the directory where you keep views for particular models15:13
solydzajseach model has it's on view module15:13
solydzajsin soc/views/models15:13
bhyem, I see15:14
solydzajsno_mind: soc directory is common stuff for both GSoC and GHOP, and gsoc and ghop directories are for customization for each program15:14
tanokuThat comes straight from Django.15:14
SRabbeliertanoku: what does?15:14
tanokuThe whole views-models concept, doesn't it?15:15
solydzajsin soc/logic you can find module which includes Base logic class that all other logic classes inherit from15:15
*** ahassany has quit IRC15:15
solydzajssoc/logic/models/ I ment15:15
SRabbeliertanoku: it is way before Django15:15
SRabbeliertanoku: Model-View-Controller is the name of the concept15:15
solydzajsin soc/views/models/ module you can find Base view class which all other view classes inherit from15:15
solydzajsSRabbelier: can you tell a little bit about __init__ and params ?15:16
SRabbeliersolydzajs: sure15:17
SRabbelierin the __init__ the base.View method tries to construct a dictionary with configuration settings, aka params15:17
SRabbelieryou can see that construction in params.py15:17
SRabbeliersoc/views/helpers/ to be exact15:17
solydzajsSRabbelier: please mention list, edit,create, delete views and rights params etc15:19
solydzajsI will be right back15:19
SRabbeliersolydzajs: ok :)15:20
SRabbelierthere's multiple views in base.View15:20
SRabbelierthese are the most commenly used :D15:21
SRabbelierso you can very easily create a new entity15:21
SRabbelierand have it's view hooked up15:21
SRabbelierthe different views (list, edit, etc015:21
SRabbelieruse the params to create a view specific to the entity15:22
SRabbeliereverybody with me so far?15:22
bhyyes :)15:22
SRabbelierplease have a look at and :)15:22
veelck_aha ;)15:22
Merioyes :)15:22
SRabbelierdoes it make sense?15:24
solydzajsyou can setup right to particular views15:24
solydzajstemplates for particular views15:24
solydzajsif you don't want to use the generic ones15:24
SRabbelieryou can see how to use this all over melange :)15:25
SRabbelierthere's examples of almost everything in soc/views15:25
solydzajsaccess module has all the functions required to check rights15:25
solydzajslike checkIsHost etc15:25
SRabbelierthe 'rights' parameter is used for the access control Pawel mentioned15:27
SRabbelieruhm... mhhh15:27
solydzajsSRabbelier: couple words about getSideBar and getUrls methods ?15:28
SRabbelierlogic module15:28
SRabbelieroh, sure15:28
SRabbelierin each view there's a getSideBar and getDjangoUrl method15:28
SRabbelier(names are slighty different, but can't remember :P)15:28
solydzajsbasically how the urls for each model views are created15:28
SRabbelierfor those who don't know Django15:28
SRabbelierit uses a simple list for the sitemap15:29
SRabbelierthe list consists of a regexp15:29
SRabbeliera module+function to call when the regexp matches15:29
SRabbelierand the name of the url15:29
*** bono8106 has joined #melange15:29
SRabbeliereverybody still listening? :P15:31
* SRabbelier feels like talkign to a void15:31
Merioyes :)15:31
SRabbelierok :P15:32
solydzajsok quick break in code base review15:32
SRabbelieryou can ask question :P15:32
tanokuWe are trying to assimilate all the information. That's why we're so quiet. :p15:32
veelck_did you mean getDjangoURLPatterns and getSidebarMenus or I'm missing something ;-)15:32
solydzajsWe have a list of feature requirements for Melange to support Google Summer of Code on this webpage15:32
tpb<> (at
solydzajsBefore you start working on any of those please let us know what do you want to work on15:33
SRabbelierveelck_: yes, those are the ones15:33
solydzajsor what are your skill and what are you interested in working on15:33
solydzajsthat way we can assign you some tasks from the list or not15:33
veelck_SRabbelier: ok :)15:33
solydzajsand make sure that nobody else is working on the same thing at the same time15:33
tanokuOk, so are we assigning tasks now? ^^15:33
solydzajsplease ask questions on melange-soc or melange-soc-dev whenever you have some ;-) or ask us directly on IRC15:34
SRabbeliertanoku: it is point 8 on the list wasn't it? :P15:34
solydzajswe have a month to finish Melange for GSoC15:34
no_mindwill be good if someone can explain setting up local dev environment for melange15:35
solydzajsso help is really appreciated15:35
tanokuSRabbelier: Dunno, you pasted that list quite a while ago.15:35
tanokuno_mind: What issues do you have?15:35
SRabbeliertanoku: that was solydzajs actually :P15:35
solydzajsno_mind: it's on the wiki page if I remember correctly (GettingStarted)15:35
tanokuI found it pretty straightforward.15:35
no_mindok, i dont remember where i read them, so thought it will be beneficial for new ones15:36
solydzajswe can continue discussion regarding code base and do some Q&A if you guys want to. I just want to make sure that all of you know how to contribute to the project15:36
tpb<> (at
solydzajsAre there any questions, is something unclear ? Something we can explain ?15:37
Meriosolydzajs: where the error messages for interface are?15:37
solydzajsMerio: what error messages exactly you are talking about ?15:38
MerioI was asking myself during the development of the GMap patch: if an API key is not present then I need to show the user an error message15:38
SRabbelierMerio: we use ugettext_lazy().. is that what you mean?15:38
MerioBut I didn't have too much time to explore the code base to know if they're to be hardcoded in the HTML template: probably not also (I think) because of i18n15:39
solydzajswell those are mostly in the soc/views/models module, or in templates15:39
solydzajsthat depends15:39
* bono8106 just arrived and missed the live demo :*15:39
bono8106will a recording of the  demo be available ?15:39
solydzajsbono8106: login to , create an account I will give you developer rights15:39
solydzajsbono8106: the recording of the demo is an IRC backlog and instance :-)15:40
solydzajsbono8106: let me know when you create an account15:40
Meriosolydzajs: well, I'll see however what you'll do with my patch to see the correct way to do it ;)15:40
bono8106solydzajs: cool thanks15:41
solydzajsMerio: yep i'm working on it :-) I have one suggestion, if there is only Address given the zoom level can be high, if there is only Country given without Address and City the zoom level should be low, if there is only City given without Address or Country the zoom level should be somewhere in the middle15:42
tanokusolydzajs: There's quite a few features on the Melange wiki which are present on the code...15:42
tanokuAm I missing something? Is the requirements list outdated?15:42
bono8106solydzajs: I signed in with my google account bono8106 and setup public name and link id (nikolaybotev)15:43
solydzajstanoku: what features for example ?15:43
solydzajsbono8106: done refresh your page15:44
veelck_sorry guys, I have to run now, it was nice to meet you, will talk to you later15:44
solydzajsveelck_:  later man ;-)15:44
tanokuAbility to set slots amount per program. For instance.15:44
Merioveelck_: cu15:44
tanokuCya veelck_.15:45
lhveelck_: take care15:45
veelck_solydzajs: I'll talk to you regarding my upcomming tasks :)15:45
solydzajstanoku: yes that is done :-) correct I will mark it as done15:45
Meriosolydzajs: I like the idea, can work on that tomorrow (if I'm not going to have temperature...! :))15:45
solydzajsveelck_: ok sure :-)15:45
veelck_will leave my veelck shell to spy on you all ;-)15:45
*** veelck_ has left #melange15:45
tanokusolydzajs: Kk, cheers.15:45
Lenniepolish spies :D?15:45
solydzajsMerio: it shouldn't be too much work :-) just checking if the fields are empty or not and setting zoom level right ?15:46
solydzajsOk since the meeting is 2h 45minutes already15:46
Meriosolydzajs: yes you're right15:46
tanokuQuestion: Are we supposed to send new features/changes as patches?15:46
solydzajsI would suggest that we move to tasks assignment15:47
solydzajstanoku: yes, first patches go via maliing list and then you will get access to SVN and become project memeber on Google Code15:47
solydzajstanoku: does that answer your question ?15:47
solydzajsok great15:48
tanokuSounds fair enough. :)15:48
tanokuGo with the assignements then.15:48
Lenniebefore we can commit your patch be sure to sign the CLA on
tpb<> (at
solydzajsyes! correct good point Lennie15:48
tanokuLennie: I think I signed that virtually a couple months ago.15:49
tanokuHow would I know?15:49
Lenniewe can check15:49
Lenniewe will check when you send in your first patch :)15:49
tanokuOk, cool.15:49
SRabbelieryou need to sign with your real name obviously :)15:50
solydzajsok, tasks assignment15:50
solydzajswho is still up ?;-)15:50
* Merio is up15:50
solydzajsok 3 :-)15:50
tanokuThat's just the beggining, I bet there's more people interested...15:51
SRabbelierI will work with no_mind on the Ajaxy selctor thing15:51
solydzajsSRabbelier: ok15:51
lhi am up too, but that doesnt help right now :)15:51
solydzajshehe ;-)15:51
solydzajslh: you have enough work :-)15:51
solydzajstanoku: Merio atulagrwl : did you guys though about some tasks already ?15:52
solydzajswhat is your background15:52
lhsolydzajs: awww thanks15:52
solydzajswho is familiar with python, django, gae ?15:52
bhyI'm familiar with python15:52
bhyand a bit django15:52
atulagrwlsolydzajs: I donno much abt it.. but I had lots of time in coming week15:52
tanokuI'm plenty familiar with Python, not so much with Django.15:53
Meriosolydzajs: I had the program visibility, think I'm going to work on that if there aren't other urgent things to do in Javascript15:53
Merio(beside the date selector, which is picked already :))15:53
solydzajsSRabbelier: you didn't do program visibility yet right ?15:53
SRabbelierhaven't had the time15:53
* bono8106 picks at random - student application limit (default 20, used only in GSoC, new editable property for Program model) 15:53
solydzajsok Merio will do program visibility15:54
solydzajsbono8106: this is already done I will update that page today15:54
SRabbelierbono8106: that shouldn't be too hard :)15:54
bhyanyone did timeline?15:54
* SRabbelier chuckles15:54
Meriosolydzajs: ok :)15:54
SRabbelieroh, sorry :P15:54
tanokubhy: There's a model for the timeline on the SVN server, I guess someone is working on it.15:54
bono8106SRabbelier: seemed like the easiest to start with :)15:54
solydzajstimeline is almost done15:54
solydzajsyou can set dates time etc15:55
tanokusolydzajs: How about surveys?15:55
SRabbeliertanoku: hehehe15:55
solydzajstanoku: surveys are not priority15:55
tanokuRight on.15:55
solydzajsI would rather have somebody working on Student Application15:55
solydzajslet me have a look at the list one sec15:55
bhyyes, student application15:56
bhyit's the most important feature :)15:56
SRabbelierLennie: weren't you planning to work on Student APplication?15:56
bono8106solydzajs: how about invite additional program administrators (hosts)15:56
Lennielater maybe15:57
Lenniebhy can start15:57
atulagrwli also can work on it but need some assistance15:57
solydzajsbono8106: yes that is ok15:57
Lennieif thats whats needed15:57
LennieI cant do it all on my own anyway :D15:57
tanokuI think I'm gonna start with "make sure that mentor and org admins cannot apply as students and vice versa" which should be straightforward enough to get my feet wet.15:57
tanoku...Hoping it hasn't been done yet...15:57
*** lh has quit IRC15:57
Lennietanoku, pretty hard to do that without having students15:57
solydzajstanoku: but we don't have mentors and students yet15:57
solydzajstanoku: first we need Organization Applications15:58
tanokuWe don't even have placeholders?15:58
tanokuGuess there's more work to do than what I had expected. ^^15:58
solydzajsyep that's why we need help15:58
LennieYeah, there is a lot of stuff do be done :D15:58
SRabbeliertanoku: oh, we have a model for it :P15:58
SRabbeliertanoku: so you could write the cleaning method for it15:58
SRabbeliertanoku: or access check maybe, not sure where it should go15:59
Lenniewe want a ghop program to have a link with sign up as student that creates a student role right?15:59
solydzajsok I have a suggestion15:59
Lenniethat should be doable ^_ ^15:59
tanokuI thought I had seen some models for students already.15:59
solydzajsRight now if you click 'Cancel' button it goes to the site home page15:59
solydzajswe need that to be customizable16:00
SRabbeliertanoku: that's what I said, we do have the model16:00
solydzajsso it can go to previous page or any other page we will tell it to16:00
SRabbeliersolydzajs: how will we tell it where to go?16:00
SRabbeliersolydzajs: ... where _should_ it go? :P16:00
tanokuMaximum priority: Get a new favicon.16:00
Lenniedesign one16:01
Lenniewe have a raffle16:01
Lennieor a contest :p16:01
Lennieand maybe even a prize :D16:01
solydzajsSRabbelier: some parameter ?16:01
SRabbeliersolydzajs: like, params['edit_cancel_redirect'] ?16:01
Meriowe can make a melange program to select students for the new favicon... sounds pretty autoreferential :)16:01
solydzajsSRabbelier: yep16:01
SRabbeliersolydzajs: sounds sane16:02
tanokuMerio: We can't. Students code isn't ready yet. ;d16:02
bono8106solydzajs: I will look at the backlog, the task (invite ad. program admins) and ask questions starting monday - have to go now. i'm in SF -9 hrs from you i believe16:02
Meriotanoku: yep you're right :D16:02
solydzajsok guys my suggestion is you will have a look at the list of features and write an email to melange-soc-dev tomorrow with the suggestions what you want to work on16:03
solydzajsthat will be the best option I think16:03
solydzajswe can discuss details on the list16:03
solydzajsis that ok with all of you ?16:03
atulagrwlIt seems good enough16:03
Meriotanoku: but we need a new favicon to publish the program for students once we have the Students code... circular reference :)16:03
bono8106yes, i will look into things tonight16:04
solydzajsfavicon is the last thing we need to worry about :-)16:04
Lennieshould be nr1 priority :P16:04
tanokuI don't even know why do we have mailing lists without a proper favicon.16:04
bono8106my friend here wants to contribute the favicon since it's no1 priority ;)16:05
Meriosolydzajs: I was opening a ticket for the circular reference students/favicon right now... ok, I'll give up :)16:05
tanokuAnyways, yes, mailing melange-dev tomorrow sounds like a good idea.16:05
solydzajsok guys are there any other questions ?16:05
atulagrwlsolydzajs: anything to get more familiar with souce code of melange16:05
* bono8106 says 10x and bye for now16:06
*** bono8106 has left #melange16:06
* bhy still haven't got a task16:06
solydzajsbhy: read backlog and write an email to melange-soc-dev tomorrow16:06
Lennieatulagrwl, experiement16:07
Lenniejust change stuff :D16:07
Lennieand see what happens16:07
bhyisn't the -dev mailling list developers only?16:07
SRabbelierbhy: mhhhh, is it?16:07
solydzajsbhy: it's not anymore I think16:07
solydzajsbhy: if it is use melange-soc16:07
bhyoh, it was. okey16:08
solydzajsok I would like to close this meeting, since it's over 3h already.16:08
tanokuCan you confirm? ^^16:08
solydzajsif you have any questions and I'm not on IRC you can catch me on melange-soc-dev melange-soc, gtalk/email: [email protected]16:08
solydzajsLooking forward to your contributions guys :-) We need to make it happen in a month before GSoC 2009 ;-)16:09
solydzajsHave a goodnight you all !16:09
bhyDescription:  This list is specifically for requirements, design, and code reviews. Only project owners and members of can post.16:09
tpbTitle: soc - Google Code (at
MerioGoodnight to you solyzdajs :)16:10
SRabbelierpost to melange-soc then16:10
MerioAnd goodnight all, I'm going away too :)16:10
bhygoodnight! :)16:10
atulagrwlGoodnight to all16:10
Lenniecya all16:10
tanokuGoodnight all.16:10
SRabbelierg'night :)16:13
*** Merio has quit IRC16:14
*** solydzajs has quit IRC16:15
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*** solydzajs has quit IRC16:17
Lenniesometimes I'm excersing the GSoC "commit early, commit often" motto way too much :D16:38
*** ashishrai has quit IRC16:38
SRabbelierLennie: hehe16:40
Lenniethat's what you get for live bugfixing right :D16:41
SRabbelierhehe, yeah :)16:41
SRabbelierit's ok though16:42
SRabbelierohloh commit count ++ :P16:42
Lenniehush :p16:42
Lenniedont tell16:42
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