Thursday, 2009-01-22

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madrazrhello, all when I was just going through the code I found this,
tpb<> (at
madrazrin app/soc/logic/models/base.py00:40
madrazrthe Parameters and the Args in document don't match, is it the right explaination?00:41
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Lenniethe naming convention battle has now also started in emails tlarsen :P?11:46
tlarsenLennie: Heh, just clarifying that not all cultures put their "family" name last.11:46
tlarsenSaying "first name" and "last name" is only meaningful to Westerners.11:47
no_mindis there a mailing list for melange ?11:47
Lennieyes there are 4 :P11:47
no_mindwhich one should a budding contributer join ?11:47
tpb<> (at
tlarsenno_mind: It is not as bad as all of that.  2 of the mailing lists are used by bots.11:48
Lennieatleast the dev list and joining the general one is also recommended :)11:48
Lenniethe issues and commits list are used by bots to spam updates about the project11:48
tpbTitle: melange-soc-dev | Google Groups (at
tlarsenAnd you can even ignore those two bot lists if you use feeds:
tpbTitle: soc - Google Code (at
tlarsenThat was the browser-friendly HTML list, but Atom feeds are available using these instructions:
tpbTitle: Feeds - support - Information on Project hosting feeds. - Google Code (at
tlarsenThe feed version of that HTML list would be, for example:
tpb<> (at
no_mindgood that we are going to have a demo11:52
no_mindbtw who is  Pawel Solyga  on irc ?11:53
LennieThe one with ops are project owners on google code11:53
no_mindfinally i found someone from NUI group11:53
Lenniehe'll be pleased to hear that :P11:53
no_mindsolydzajs, hi11:53
solydzajsno_mind: hi :-)11:54
no_mindsolydzajs, do we have irc channel for nui ?11:54
solydzajsno_mind: #nuigroup11:54
Lenniedamn I'm too late :P11:55
no_mindjoined :)11:55
solydzajsno_mind: GSoC student ?11:55
no_mindlast year's mentor11:56
solydzajshow do you know NUI Group ?11:57
no_mindbut my student failed in mid term :(11:57
solydzajsfrom the last year organizations list ?11:57
no_mindsolydzajs, I had been following nui for some time11:57
solydzajsI had to fail one student too.11:57
no_mindI even receive the newsletter11:57
solydzajsnice :-)11:58
no_mindI was a mentor with TPF11:58
solydzajsgood to hear that NUI Group is useful :-)11:58
no_mindI like the concept11:58
no_mindI consult as usability consultants at times11:58
no_mindso nui comes naturally ;)11:59
solydzajsno_mind: are you interested in Melange contribution ?11:59
solydzajsas the name states :-)11:59
no_mindI had been looking at code for last one week11:59
solydzajsok great11:59
no_mindthink I should be able to start contributing in aother 4-5 days12:00
solydzajswill you join us for Saturday session ?12:00
no_mindbut your demo should be able to cut that time too12:00
no_mindits 7PM UTC ? correct12:01
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solydzajs7PM UTC+112:02
no_mindpossible to start early ?12:03
solydzajsmight be a problem12:05
solydzajsbut we have IRC logs12:05
Lenniethat's 10AM us time ^_^12:05
Lennieso we are starting somewhere in the middle12:05
solydzajsand you can ask questions anytime :-)12:05
SRabbelierno_mind: how much earlier do you have in mind though?12:05
Lenniealthough on the far eastern end of the world it might be very late :P12:05
no_mindby couple of hours12:06
no_mind7Pm UTC will be  12:30 AM sunday my time12:06
SRabbelierno_mind: mhhh, we'd have to move it back by like, 3 hours, to be done before midnight your time12:07
no_mindif possible12:07
no_mindand comfortable for others12:08
SRabbelierno_mind: that would move the meeting to very early US time though12:08
SRabbelierand I don't think I'll be there 3 hours earlier yet12:09
no_mindthen leave it12:10
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madrazrno_mind: you came to 2008?13:21
madrazrno_mind: Ok13:22
no_minddo we know each other ?13:22
madrazrno_mind: I don't know I am just Googling for your Picasa/flickr album if you have one :P13:23
madrazrno_mind: do you have one?13:23
no_mindI have flickr13:23
no_mindbut did not update it for over an year13:23
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MatthewWilkesevenin' all17:49
solydzajsHi MatthewWilkes17:49
solydzajshow is it going ?17:49
MatthewWilkesok, thanks, you?17:50
solydzajsgood :-)17:51
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MatthewWilkeshey Lennie!  How're you?17:59
Lennieneed some sleep ^_ ^17:59
LennieI'm typing without thinking :p17:59
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