Friday, 2009-01-16

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solydzajsHi kubota07:17
kubotayou were asking for help on GSoC list07:19
kubotaDo you need some contribution?07:22
solydzajskubota: yes we do07:23
solydzajskubota: you're interested ?07:23
kubotayes, I am07:24
kubotaBut I'd rather not develop. I'd like other tasks, if possible07:27
solydzajswhat kind of tasks you are interested in ?07:31
solydzajstesting ?07:31
solydzajsbug reports07:31
solydzajssomething else ?07:31
kubotaany task, what are you needing?07:32
solydzajsright now it's mostly development, but somebody for testing would be good. How about writing unit tests or is that development for you ?;-)07:34
solydzajskubota: you are a GSoC student ?07:37
kubotawell.. I don't have experience on this, I just did it once, but I can learn.07:37
kubotayes, I am07:37
solydzajskubota: what was your GSoC project ?07:37
kubotaI did a Version Control for Joomla!07:38
solydzajsso you are php guy ?07:39
solydzajskubota: ok do you use some IM like skype, AIM, gtalk ?07:40
kubotathat's why I'd rather other tasks instead developing ;-)07:40
solydzajskubota: for the start I would suggest to go to GettingStarted wiki page and try to run AppEngine SDK and run Melange and so some testing07:41
solydzajskubota: we can tell you what to test07:41
kubotayes, flaviokubota on gtalk and skype07:41
solydzajskubota: ok I added you on both07:42
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solydzajsHi Merio11:51
solydzajsMerio: you sent the jquery tooltip patch ?11:51
summatusmentissolydzajs: you're the new head honcho, huh?11:52
MerioHi solydzajs :) Yes, I've sent it yesterday on issue 132. Today Lennard wrote me to sign the CLA, I've just done it a few minutes ago11:53
solydzajssummatusmentis: nope I'm just a regular contributor :-)11:53
solydzajsMerio: awesome thx, Lennie will commit your patch today11:54
solydzajsMerio: would you like to work on some other stuff too ?11:54
Meriosolyzdajs: That's great, I'm glad to have been of any help :) Obviously I'd like to :)11:55
solydzajsMerio: ok I will send requirements/features list for GSoC today so we can assign something for you.11:56
summatusmentissolydzajs: well, either way, I wish I had more time to help11:56
solydzajssummatusmentis: I read your post on the group, no problem I totally understand how busy people are these days, but thx anyway11:57
summatusmentishopefully this upcoming semester will allow for more free time11:58
solydzajssummatusmentis: when does your upcoming semester start ?11:59
summatusmentisor if there's something small that someone with no experience with app engine/django/python can do let me know?11:59
solydzajssummatusmentis: oh nice :-)11:59
summatusmentishaha, yes12:00
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summatusmentisI can be a cheerleader :P12:01
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Lenniehello folks :)12:01
solydzajsyo Lennie ;-)12:01
LennieMatthewWilkes, wassup!12:01
Lenniehi solydzajs12:01
solydzajsLennie: I just told Merio that you will commit his patch today12:01
Lenniehe's fadinlight then12:02
LennieMerio, thanks for your patch12:02
MerioLennie, glad to help :)12:02
LennieMerio, you were asking about hints12:02
Lenniehave you subscribed to the mailinglists yet?12:02
MerioLennie: yes, melange-soc and melange-soc-dev, as SRabbelier|Uni suggested12:03
LennieThat's always a good place to post your patch if you have something that isn't in the issue tracker12:04
MatthewWilkesLennie: How goes?12:04
LennieMatthewWilkes: Exams :(, no time for Melange12:04
LennieMatthewWilkes: I'll be committing new stuff from the 21st and onward :)12:04
LennieMatthewWilkes: I heared you are going to write code for comments>12:05
MerioLennie: ok, thx :)12:05
MatthewWilkesLennie: I've only got 1 exam coming up, ab inito Japanese, but got lots of literature essays for monday12:05
LennieMerio: You are here for Javascript stuff right?12:05
MatthewWilkesLennie: That's right, looking forward to it! :)12:05
LennieMatthewWilkes: nice12:05
LennieMatthewWilkes: Japanese?12:05
LennieMatthewWilkes: sweet :D12:05
MatthewWilkesI'm enjoying it12:06
LennieMatthewWilkes: I have Principles of Programming Languages, just like SRabbelier|Uni :P12:06
LennieSRabbelier|Uni: are you puking up parentheses yet :P?12:06
solydzajsbrb have to make a call so my edge connection might drop12:06
Lenniesolydzajs: k12:06
Lenniesolydzajs: You should get op from tlarsen12:07
MerioLennie: mostly, as I'm not familiar with Python or Google App Engine (but I can study if needed :)). Played with Django during GSoC2008 (DTL extensions of Dojotoolkit)12:07
MatthewWilkesLennie: Principles of programming languages?  That OOP vs functional?12:07
LennieMatthewWilkes: Even more down to the basics12:08
summatusmentisMerio: me too, but I don't know django either12:08
LennieMatthewWilkes: It's more about creating your own languages from an concrete syntax12:08
LennieMatthewWilkes: In DrScheme which is list based12:09
MatthewWilkesLennie: Ah, what we called Language Engineering then12:09
LennieMatthewWilkes: So like LISP you are going to get a lot of parentheses :p12:09
MatthewWilkesYeah, we used a specialised Java preprocessor, much less parensy12:10
LennieMatthewWilkes: It's a precourse for compiler construction which is gonna be a mastercourse for Sverre I think12:10
MatthewWilkesOh, you don't have to write the compiler in this?12:10
LennieMerio: k, I'm not sure if there are more JS issues in the tracker at the moment and I haven't really given it a lot of thought what JS should do for Melange so feel free to be creative12:10
LennieMerio: Or maybe if you are lucky solydzajs thought about it :D12:11
LennieMatthewWilkes: Nope, only a parser and interperter12:12
LennieMatthewWilkes: It's about learning through writing an interperter for the language12:12
MerioLennie: ok, I'll talk with solydzajs later. I'm going to have a deeper look at the actual status of the webapp and the architecture :)12:12
LennieMerio: That's always good12:12
LennieStatus: Far from done :D12:12
LennieTime left: not long :P12:13
Meriosummatusmentis: I like JavaScript very much... so complex and so misunderstood :)12:13
Lenniecode style: Agile ^_ ^12:13
MatthewWilkesLennie: Ah, I see.  We did compilers in Language Engineering and OO-Compilers in Advanced Language Engineering12:13
LennieMatthewWilkes: Nice12:14
LennieMatthewWilkes: Was that a master course?12:14
MatthewWilkesLennie: I just about got mine to run the sample programmes.  My housemate ported gpg to his…12:14
LennieSRabbelier|Uni, you listening?12:14
MatthewWilkesLennie: Advanced was12:14
Lenniesome idea popped up12:17
LennieWe still need Google Maps integration into our forms, that might require some JS ^_^12:18
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Lenniewelcome back solydzajs_12:19
MerioLennie: great :) I've worked a lot with GMaps API12:20
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Lenniesolydzajs_, we wanted to be able to autofill adress fields right?12:21
solydzajs_Merio: GMaps API that's good we have work for you then ;-)12:21
Lenniesolydzajs_ or for starters we just wanted the coordinates so we can make a fancy map like they have from GSOC200812:22
solydzajs_Lennie: address autofill can wait, but map would be nice and it's not that much work12:22
solydzajs_a little JS and hidden fields12:22
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solydzajsI can describe how I would like it to work12:23
solydzajsMerio: interested ?12:23
Meriosolydzajs: absolutely12:23
Meriosolyzdajs: tell me your ideas about it12:24
solydzajsok so when you create profile for some Role, lets say Mentor, Org admin, Student whatever12:24
solydzajsyou are asked for Address12:24
solydzajsthere should be a map somewhere on this page12:24
solydzajswhen you type in the address it should use Google Maps geo functions to show this address on the map12:25
solydzajsand get coordinates for the hidden fields12:25
solydzajslatitude and longitude12:26
MerioYes... should be AJAXy (during address type) or when you click on "search" or something?12:26
solydzajsof the point on the map is not accurate enough12:26
solydzajsyou should be able to select more accurate point using map12:26
Lennie , can you also post your idea on their solydzajs?12:27
tpb<$A> (at
solydzajswhen you change the point location the latitude and longitude hidden fields should be updated with new values12:27
solydzajsMerio: I think it should be ajaxy once you loose focus of address fields12:27
solydzajsso it just asks Google Maps API when you typed full address12:28
solydzajsor part of it, but at least you finished typing in one field12:29
solydzajswhat do you think ?12:29
solydzajsLennie: ok will do in a minute12:29
*** Merio has quit IRC12:29
solydzajsups :-)12:29
solydzajswe lost Merio ;-)12:29
Lenniesolydzajs: We should really try to do more with the issue tracker, I know its still hard due to the fact that Melange is still in an early stage :p12:29
LennieI'm happy that Merio found himself an issue he wanted to fix12:30
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Lenniewelcome back12:32
solydzajsok Merio I was writing:12:32
MerioSorry, my computer decided to press "C" continuosly so it was out of control :)12:32
solydzajsMerio: what last message did you get ?12:32
Merio(18:29:01) solydzajs: or part of it, but at least you finished typing in one field12:33
Merio(18:29:08) solydzajs: what do you think ?12:33
MerioThose ones12:33
tlarsenLennie: Have solydzajs sign out and then back in.12:33
Lenniesolydzajs type /hop :)12:34
Lennietlarsen: how are you today>12:34
solydzajsHi tlarsen :-)12:34
tlarsenLennie: Heh, busy.12:34
Lenniearent we all these days :(12:34
tlarsensolydzajs: Leave the channel and re-join it.12:34
solydzajstlarsen: ok12:34
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Lenniesolydzajs: /HOP12:35
Lennieirc nuubie :P12:35
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Lenniesolydzajs: You can just type /hop next time ^_ ^12:35
tlarsenLennie: There you go.12:35
Lenniethanks tlarsen12:35
LennieI like being dominated by solydzajs :P12:35
solydzajsLennie: I wanted to change some settings of the autojoin that's why it took so long12:35
MatthewWilkesLennie: o_O12:36
LennieMatthewWilkes: Yeah that's what you get when you meet up in Chicago :P12:36
* Merio is happy to live far far away from Chicago :)12:36
LennieMatthewWilkes: There should be a team photo up on some blog some day ^_ ^, unfortuneatly Todd already left for the airport :(12:37
tlarsenLennie: Heh, I was around for *days*.  Don't blame me.  :)12:37
solydzajstlarsen: how is your license stuff going ?12:37
tlarsenI am writing an internal web app that uses Django.  :)12:38
LennieI blame Leslie :P, I told her I wanted a team picture on tuesday :p12:38
tlarsenThe internal App Engine didn't have access to my data, which is already in some Bigtables, so I couldn't use that.  :(12:38
solydzajstlarsen: oh nice :-) heh so you switched from django to django :-)12:38
Lennietlarsen: atleast I have a shot of you on my camera12:38
MatthewWilkesLennie: Hurry up, that way I can reconcile my memories of the mentor summit with your names.  I've only linked solydzajs and tlarsen with their faces so far12:38
tlarsensolydzajs: Yes, but is Django running on the Python bindings for Google's HTTPServer.12:38
tlarsensolydzajs: (like runs on those Python bindings, but not Django)12:39
solydzajstlarsen: oh ok so internal django :-)12:39
LennieMatthewWilkes: You wont recognize me, I'm new to SoC ^_ ^12:39
tlarsenMatthewWilkes: Lennie was recruited by SRabbelier|Uni I believe.12:41
Lenniethat is true12:41
Lenniehe wanted to give me something to do :p12:41
Lennieyou'll get the full story someday ^_ ^12:41
Meriosolydzajs: Have I lost something you said?12:41
LennieI might have been recruited by SRabbelier|Uni, but I'll try my best to surpass him :D. Isn't that right SRabbelier|Uni ^_^?12:42
solydzajsMerio: nope I think that was all :-) what do you think about that idea ?12:42
MerioDid you mean to take the marker and drag it around the map?12:44
Meriosolydzajs: Because I've already done something similar12:44
solydzajsMerio: yep exactly, and once you drag it around the hidden fields should be updated with new location lat/long12:45
MerioOk no probs12:45
solydzajsMerio: did you get the part about address fields ajax on loosing focus ?12:45
Meriosolydzajs, yes I did. I can begin with something and then we can discuss details. The only problem here is for GMapAPI key, what should I use?12:46
Meriosolydzajs: at least I've done like that, perhaps the App engine has something integrated12:47
LennieWe have the key stored in our site settings model12:47
LennieWe can send it along with the HTML code we are rendering but I'm quite a noobie on JS so I have no idea if that is going to help you12:49
solydzajsMerio: you can test with your own GMaps API key for now, there is already a field in Edit Site Settings where you can set it12:50
solydzajsLennie: oh you just wrote about it ;-) heh12:50
solydzajsmissed it12:50
Lenniehehe :012:50
MerioLennie, solydzajs: ok I'm going to look around :)12:50
solydzajsMerio: can you provide me with some approximate schedule how long that might take you ?12:51
Meriosolydzajs: I'm going to see what's inside the code right now, than I can tell you. However I can work on it tomorrow (I've to work in some minutes), so perhaps tomorrow evening should be ok for something already working12:52
solydzajsMerio: ok so let's say Sunday evening ? so you can double check and test :-)12:53
solydzajsMerio: if you have it sooner that's great too ;-)12:53
solydzajsMerio: this should be integrated with Profile view, not User Profile but Role profile12:54
MatthewWilkesHmm, are a quiz and a survey the same thing?12:54
Meriosolydzajs: ehehe ok ;) I need only some clearify about where should I integrate it12:54
Meriosolydzajs: I didn't have explored what's the actual state of the global work yet, so I only need the steps to see the pages where the map should be in12:56
LennieMerio: Your patch has been committed12:56
MerioLennie: great :)12:57
solydzajsMerio: ok one sec looking for files12:57
Meriosolydzajs: thx!12:57
SRabbelier|UniLennie: you can always try12:59
* SRabbelier|Uni has a high latency :P12:59
* SRabbelier|Uni is making food :D12:59
LennieMatthewWilkes: yes they are kinda the same survey is our temporary solution becase we have no time to implement a questionaire handler12:59
Lenniespeaking about that12:59
Lennietlarsen: heared from that australian guy?13:00
SRabbelier|Uniso much backlog!13:00
MatthewWilkesLennie: Hmm, kinda the same?  There doesn't seem to be a soc.models.survey.Survey (as referenced by but from context it looks the same as a s.m.quiz.Quiz13:01
solydzajsMerio: for now the profiles use /templates/soc/models/edit.html, so we need to customize that so it's /templates/soc/role/edit.html and that will include GMaps support in JS13:01
solydzajsSRabbelier|Uni: Am I right ?13:01
tlarsenMatthewWilkes: Yeah, the Survey and Review stuff is old and crufty and needs to be deleted, I believe.13:02
Lennietake club_app for instance13:02
Lenniethat contains a survey13:02
SRabbelier|Unisolydzajs: yup, you are right13:02
Lenniegroup_app actually13:02
SRabbelier|Unitlarsen: yes, it should be dumped13:02
LennieSRabbelier|Uni: we should create an empty group_app model :P13:03
solydzajsMerio: will that help you or you need more info ?13:03
LennieMatthewWilkes: The plan is to one day use a questionaire instead of just hardcoded model properties like this13:03
Lenniequiz is short for questionaire^_^13:04
SRabbelier|UniLennie: yes, we should I guess13:04
Meriosolydzajs: eventually only the steps in the interface to see those pages, but I can figure it out myself studying a bit of the present architecture. I've checked out the code only yesterday and I was buried only into the jquery patch ;)... so... looking around :)13:05
solydzajsMerio: ok great if you have any questions ping me, so you are busy till Sunday evening ?;-)13:05
MatthewWilkesLennie, tlarsen: Right, so is the prevailing opinion that reviews/comments would not be implemented as instances of quizes, as review says they will with instances of surveys?13:06
Lenniesolydzajs likes to keep people busy :D13:06
tlarsenMatthewWilkes: Currently, everything that was supposed to be "dynamic" like that is being implemented as explicit, concrete models instead.13:06
solydzajsLennie: :-)13:06
Meriosolydzajs: if you take a pessimistic view, hope to be busy for less time ;)  ... to be busy again after ;)13:07
SRabbelier|Unifor the time being, until someone has the time to make it generic :P13:07
* Lennie points at SRabbelier|Uni13:07
Lennieand walks away13:07
SRabbelier|UniLennie: you can do it for a change13:07
SRabbelier|UniLennie: why do I have to be the one to refactor everything :P13:08
Lenniebecause I'm fixing your bugs?13:08
* tlarsen hands SRabbelier|Uni his official "Chief Refactorer" hat.13:08
SRabbelier|UniLennie: start making your own, I'll fix your bugs :P13:08
solydzajsMerio: awesome thx :-)13:08
* SRabbelier|Uni chuckles @ tlarsen13:08
solydzajsSRabbelier|Uni: you're new title is MCR :-)13:08
Lennietlarsen is making cool jokes lately :p13:08
tlarsenSRabbelier|Uni: At least you are not Official Code Review Monkey.  :)13:08
solydzajsSRabbelier|Uni: Melange Chief Refactorer :-)13:09
MerioCan I insert random bugs in Melange to be fixed by you? :)13:09
SRabbelier|Unitlarsen: thank god :P13:09
SRabbelier|Unisolydzajs: heheh, I like it :P13:09
SRabbelier|Unitlarsen: what is your current title at Google? :P13:09
SRabbelier|UniMerio: sure, Lennie will fix them13:09
LennieMerio sure as long as it is in Python :P13:09
tlarsenSRabbelier|Uni: "Harbinger of Pedantry"13:09
SRabbelier|Uniwait, does that make lennie our MCQAB?13:09
* MatthewWilkes balks at club_app masking things from __builtins__ with local variables13:09
SRabbelier|UniMelange Chief Quality Assurance B*tch?13:09
MerioLennie: ok, I'll submit random bug patches everywhere in the issue tracker, it'll be easy as long as I've never coded python before :P13:10
SRabbelier|UniMatthewWilkes: what bit?13:10
MatthewWilkesfilter = {'accepted' : True, 'application_completed' : False}13:10
Meriobug patches => obviously patches that introduces bugs voluntarily :)13:10
SRabbelier|Unitlarsen: does it actually say that on your salary thing? :P13:10
MatthewWilkesnot that filter is USED... :)13:10
SRabbelier|Unitlarsen: that would be awesome :P13:10
tlarsenSRabbelier|Uni: Title isn't printed anywhere, even the real one.13:11
SRabbelier|UniMatthewWilkes: ah, meh, call it "mask" if you want13:11
SRabbelier|Unitlarsen: shame, shame13:11
tlarsenSRabbelier|Uni: If someone looks me up on the intranet, that is my title.13:11
SRabbelier|Unitlarsen: aah, nice :D13:11
solydzajsbrb phone call13:11
solydzajsI might be disconnected again13:11
tlarsenMy tech lead's title is "Senior Engilawyer".13:11
SRabbelier|Unitlarsen: then again, they also get your "jail" picture :P13:11
tlarsenSRabbelier|Uni: Yes, but, sadly, the original photo is also available as a small clickable thumbnail below it.13:12
SRabbelier|Uniawr, bummer :(13:12
SRabbelier|Unitlarsen: you can't remove it? :P13:12
Lenniehmm did we fail with filter :P?13:12
SRabbelier|UniLennie: no, it's masking a builtin (also named filter)13:12
SRabbelier|UniMatthewWilkes: we also mask "list" :P13:12
scorchetlarsen: how goes the house?13:12
Lenniedamn we suck :D13:12
SRabbelier|UniMatthewWilkes: search for "tolist = list" :P13:12
solydzajsLennie: we fail with filter and we fail with list variable too13:13
SRabbelier|UniMatthewWilkes: it has a todo for pawel too :P13:13
SRabbelier|UniMatthewWilkes: solydzajs is gonna fix that soon, right? ;)13:13
MatthewWilkesSRabbelier|Uni: I get the PEP8 police on my back for the smallest things, I'm used to spotting these :)13:13
tlarsenscorche: As usual, it is *way* behind schedule.13:13
tlarsenscorche: The electrician has not shown up all week, and he promised to be here today.  We'll see.13:13
scorchetlarsen: the "time off" you were taking didnt turn out as planned?13:14
MatthewWilkes(Such as maintaining indentation level for blank lines.)13:14
SRabbelier|UniMatthewWilkes: no way?!13:14
tlarsenscorche: Oh, I stayed busy and got lots done.  It just isn't all up to me.  :(13:14
SRabbelier|UniMatthewWilkes: that is too damn f'in annoying 0.o13:14
* scorche nods13:14
LennieShould it be maintained or not :P?13:14
SRabbelier|UniMatthewWilkes: it shows up as whitespace damage in git diffs :P13:14
MatthewWilkesThree of us painted a bike shed at a sprint a month ago, we spent more time reformatting eachothers code secretly than anything else13:15
SRabbelier|UniMatthewWilkes: lol, nice one :P13:15
SRabbelier|UniMatthewWilkes: you are scrumming?13:15
MatthewWilkesDo at work13:16
MatthewWilkesThis was the 2nd 2008 Plone Performance Sprint13:16
MatthewWilkesWe wrote
tpbTitle: Python Package Index : mr.bent 1.0a1 (at
solydzajsMerio: you still there ?13:17
SRabbelier|UniMatthewWilkes: nice :)13:17
Meriosolydzajs: yes I am13:17
SRabbelier|UniMatthewWilkes: although it reminds me too much of "Dr. Scheme", which makes it scary :D13:18
solydzajsMerio: I will add the detailed description how this should work to the 137 issue on issue tracker and you can then claim it13:18
tpb<$A> (at
Meriosolydzajs: reading intro and soc overview pages :)13:18
solydzajsMerio: and post info about update in comments there13:18
solydzajsMerio: I will let you know when I post the comment13:19
Lenniecan a non-member even claim it?13:19
SRabbelier|UniLennie: nope13:19
Meriosolydzajs: ok, in the meantime I'm voting to get updates from there :)13:20
SRabbelier|UniLennie: teaches you not to use Tortoise13:20
MatthewWilkesLennie: You're on windows?13:20
LennieMatthewWilkes: someone has to do it13:20
MatthewWilkesWhat have I got myself into…13:20
Lennielol ^_ ^?13:20
SRabbelier|UniMatthewWilkes: I'm on Debian, not all is lost :P13:20
Lenniesomeone has to test this app on IE7 :P13:21
MatthewWilkesThe only person I know who uses windows is the maintainer for the plone windows installer13:21
SRabbelier|Uninice :D13:21
Lennieand I like to code for Microsoft XNA so yeah Windows :p13:21
SRabbelier|UniLennie: and play UT2004 :P13:21
LennieUT2004 is on linux13:21
MerioLennie: I think not, I can't see anything in the page13:22
SRabbelier|UniLennie: fair enough :P13:22
SRabbelier|UniMerio: only members can change the status of an issue sadly13:22
LennieSomeone has to be the windows noob ^_^13:22
LennieMerio: You can just post a comment that should be enough13:23
MerioSRabbelier|Uni: so, just add a comment when I'll finish?13:23
tpb<> (at
SRabbelier|UniMerio: yup, that'll be fine :)13:23
LennieMerio: I'll try to assign it to you :p13:23
SRabbelier|UniLennie: you can't :P13:23
SRabbelier|UniLennie: it's not a free-form text field13:23
SRabbelier|UniLennie: needs to be the name of a committer :)13:23
Lenniethat doesnt mean I cant try :D13:24
SRabbelier|UniLennie: have fun :P13:24
MerioLennie: LOL13:24
LennieI tried and failed :)13:26
LennieI love to fail13:26
solydzajswe will add Merio as contributor soon no worries13:26
Meriosolydzajs: I'll be glad :) but only if Lennie will assign me the issue, so he can take his revenge :P13:28
Lennieah it's quiet in the channel again :)13:31
MatthewWilkesSorry, I was causing trouble elsewhere13:32
* Merio starts to play drums just to make some noise in the channel13:35
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tlarsenThe cattle think it is too cold today.13:44
tlarsenThey won't stop mooing.13:44
SRabbelier|Unitlarsen: get them some blankies :P13:45
tlarsenThey got an extra feed ration and some hay (even though they are grass-fed primarily) to offset the cold weather.13:45
Lenniewelcome back solydzajs13:45
tlarsenI think they are complaining about their water being frozen over or something.  I'll have to go fix that as part of lunch.13:45
solydzajsyo yo :-)13:46
SRabbelier|Unitlarsen: put some salt in it :P13:46
tlarsenSRabbelier|Uni: Ummm, no.13:46
* SRabbelier|Uni was kidding ofcourse13:46
MatthewWilkesthe cow goes: "Shazooo"13:46
tlarsenSRabbelier|Uni: The goal is to keep them ALIVE.13:46
solydzajstlarsen: Lennie: SRabbelier|Uni : did you guys hear that it was -24 C in Chicago on Thursday ?:-)13:46
LennieI thought cows licked blocks of salt?13:46
Lennieo heheh13:46
Lenniewe are so lucky :D13:46
SRabbelier|Unisolydzajs: yeah, it started snowing right as I was leaving13:47
SRabbelier|Unisolydzajs: apparently it didn't stop for days13:47
tlarsenLennie: When then need supplemental minerals, yes (but I don't use the blocks, I use granular minerals in a feeder).13:47
SRabbelier|Uniit was -60F (including wind chill) the other day in MN13:47
tlarsenLennie: Not in their water, though.13:47
Lenniethat I understand :P13:47
tlarsenLennie: You couldn't live off of salt water, could you?13:47
LennieI only knew about the blocks13:47
SRabbelier|Unitlarsen: that would defeat the purpose :P13:47
SRabbelier|Unitlarsen: drinking only to get more thirsty13:48
LennieI can't, maybe SRabbelier|Uni can :D13:48
SRabbelier|UniLennie: nope, I don't think i can; then again, I can't live of grass either :P13:48
tlarsenAnyway, time for lunch (and cattle water de-icing...).13:48
LennieSRabbelier|Uni: you do have multiple stomachs, you eat way too much :P13:49
SRabbelier|UniLennie: that might be because I'm not a Ruminant :P13:49
SRabbelier|UniLennie: do not!13:49
Lenniede-ice the water with car de-icer13:49
SRabbelier|UniLennie: even better, airplane de-icer!13:50
Lennieairplanes dont need ice to kill them13:50
Lenniejust a flock of birds :013:50
SRabbelier|UniLennie: yeah, apparently13:50
Lenniehave a good lunch tlarsen13:51
LennieI miss the Google eggrolls :P13:51
LennieI should have eaten more of them ^^13:51
SRabbelier|Uniheh, you do?13:51
Lennieyeah I did :p13:51
LennieSRabbelier|Uni, I think I eat more btw :P13:52
LennieSRabbelier|Uni, had a frikandelbroodje at the station :P13:52
LennieAH to GO ftw13:52
Lennietoo bad I didnt have a camera with me13:52
SRabbelier|UniLennie: :O13:52
LennieLeslie would have liked the hamsters :P13:52
Lenniesimpsons ftw13:54
Lenniedont start a pukewar you can't finish13:54
SRabbelier|UniLennie: hehe, epicac :P13:55
*** solydzajs_ has joined #melange13:57
Lenniewb solydzajs_13:58
LennieI'm off guys13:58
Lenniegot a volleybal match13:58
Lennietalk to y'all later13:58
SRabbelier|UniLennie: ok, good luck13:58
Lenniesolydzajs_, you should have what you need in your calendar any questions just ask sverre. Looking forward to your list.13:59
*** Lennie has quit IRC13:59
Meriobbl :)14:15
Meriobye guys14:15
*** Merio has quit IRC14:15
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