Thursday, 2009-01-15

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solydzajsyo veelck :-)05:53
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veelckyo solydzajs :)06:52
solydzajsgood to have you here :-)06:55
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MatthewWilkesSRabbelier|Uni: Do you need me to update my i18n patch?07:27
SRabbelier|Unisolydzajs: are you willing to accept an i18n patch?07:28
SRabbelier|UniMatthewWilkes: one question, does it use ugettext or ugettext_lazy? tlarsen said something about ugettext lazy not working or such?07:28
MatthewWilkesSRabbelier|Uni: It uses lazy, but there's an issue with language detection on GAE07:29
solydzajsSRabbelier|Uni: yep we need to double check but we can accept it for sure, just need to check ugettext and ugettext_lazy and be consistent for all strings07:29
solydzajsMatthewWilkes: are you willing to contribute some more code too ? We can assign you some small tasks if you are available07:30
MatthewWilkessolydzajs: Very willing, once I know what I'll have to do I can plan time into my schedule for it07:32
MatthewWilkessolydzajs: Congrats on your BDFLing, btw07:34
solydzajsMatthewWilkes: great, thanks a lot :-)07:34
solydzajsMatthewWilkes: thanks in advance for all your contributions07:34
solydzajsMatthewWilkes: how about we schedule a meeting for tomorrow ?07:34
SRabbelier|UniMatthewWilkes: send your patch and I'll put it up on codereview if desired :)07:35
solydzajsMatthewWilkes: we can discuss tasks some more, by tomorrow I should have a list of features ready and sent to the melange group07:35
SRabbelier|Unisolydzajs: nice work on that :)07:35
solydzajsMatthewWilkes: you use skype ? gtalk ? aim ?07:35
MatthewWilkesOk, I'm in work until midday then lectures until 4 (GMT)07:36
MatthewWilkesI'm not on GTalk, my jabber gateway's playing up, but skype or aim are fine07:36
MatthewWilkesWhen's convenient for you?  You're all in CET, aren't you?07:39
SRabbelier|UniMatthewWilkes: yup, it's 1:40PM atm here07:42
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solydzajsHi BarryCarlyon07:59
veelckyo solydzajs :)08:27
veelckwrng keys ;-) sry08:28
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* BarryCarlyon waves08:55
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solydzajsBarryCarlyon: you are interested in contributing to the project ?09:51
solydzajsHi Merio09:51
solydzajsHi penyaskito :-)09:51
MerioHi solydzajs :)09:51
SRabbelier|Unisolydzajs: are you pinging everybody? :P09:51
solydzajsSRabbelier|Uni: everybody new09:51
solydzajsSRabbelier|Uni: you want me to ping you too ?:-)09:52
MerioI've looked at GSoC mailing list post... and willing to contribute :)09:52
BarryCarlyonSorry yes solydzajs I am.09:52
solydzajsok that means we have to new williing to contribute GSoC students :-)09:53
BarryCarlyonI've not had the time since hte post came out to sort myself out and read wiki etc.09:53
solydzajsany experience with python, django, app engine guys ?09:53
BarryCarlyonVery little.09:53
MerioSame here09:53
BarryCarlyonI'm more of a PHP guy.09:53
BarryCarlyonAnd website builder.09:53
solydzajsbrb lunch09:54
MerioPHP, Java, Javascript at most09:54
SRabbelier|Unisolydzajs: I felt left out :(09:56
SRabbelier|UniBarryCarlyon, Merio: We could use someone with JS skills, but I'm afraid we don't use php09:57
BarryCarlyonBOO! HISS. Lol09:57
SRabbelier|UniOfcourse someone with experience in how to make a website more user friendly etc. is usefull too09:57
BarryCarlyonWoot :-D09:57
SRabbelier|UniIt's just not an option, see also
tpb<> (at
BarryCarlyonWhats not an option?09:58
MatthewWilkeshehe "# Plone CMS system is written in Python. It would require substantial change to run on GAE. " - slight understatement :)09:58
BarryCarlyonMy boo hiss does contain sarcasm09:58
SRabbelier|UniBarryCarlyon: :) I do hope so09:59
MerioSRabbelier|Uni:  my GSoC project was all in Javascript (using Dojotoolkit framework and Sarissa)... experience with usability having worked 2 years for a local web agency09:59
MerioSome experience having used dojotoolkit's DTL engine10:00
Meriowith Django I mean10:00
SRabbelier|UniMerio: cool; for instance, do you know of a good way to get tooltips? :P10:00
BarryCarlyonLooks like I'll be learning both rails and python and coldfusion at the same time :-D10:00
SRabbelier|UniMerio: the one we use currently is so-so10:01
SRabbelier|UniBarryCarlyon: hehe, toss in Django for some extra fun?10:01
* BarryCarlyon checks library for a django book10:03
MatthewWilkesrails and coldfusion!?10:04
MatthewWilkesI'm so sorry.10:04
BarryCarlyonRails for fun10:04
BarryCarlyonColdfusion becuase uni is teaching it to me10:04
BarryCarlyonfor some reason10:04
MatthewWilkesThe same reason I had to learn J2EE10:04
MatthewWilkesAt least I got some excellent experience in spotting bad system design10:04
MerioSRabbelier|Uni: sorry can't fully understand what do you mean for "get"10:05
MatthewWilkesthe crazy-ass transactional ORM that used 8GiB of memory under load, for example10:05
BarryCarlyonHe means if you mouse over something and get a box.10:05
MerioSRabbelier|Uni: please tell me the files concerned :)10:05
BarryCarlyonLike if you mouse over an image and get the alt tag10:05
MerioBarryCarlyon: yes I know :) I'm meaning ... how to store tooltips django-friendly? Which kind of templates to use? Or how to get them in JavaScript? With HTML inside?10:06
Merio(sorry for delay in writing, I'm just setting up Melange in my box)10:07
MerioGreat, it works! :)10:08
penyaskitohi solydzajs10:08
* BarryCarlyon is waiting for email response from some stupid tech people, so is gonna go set up melange and django up on his box10:11
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* BarryCarlyon discovers SVN is not installed on his box...10:17
BarryCarlyonYay it runs.10:40
* BarryCarlyon dances10:40
SRabbelier|UniBarryCarlyon: nice :)10:44
* BarryCarlyon wonders what to do now10:45
* BarryCarlyon tidys his box and makes some alias10:46
SRabbelier|UniBarryCarlyon: well, if are you interested in helping out in the python/django area, you should probably start out with learning python :)10:46
BarryCarlyonI learnt a little last year whilst applying for one of hte GSoC projects.10:47
BarryCarlyonI usually pick it up as I go along :-D10:47
SRabbelier|UniBarryCarlyon: Would be a good thing to try and learn your way around the codebase; for example, try adding a button somewhere11:06
SRabbelier|UniBarryCarlyon: doesn't really matter what you make it do :)11:06
BarryCarlyonDynamically? If I wanted a button I'd just add some HTML, mind you I need to look thru the source code and see how things are running11:09
SRabbelier|UniBarryCarlyon: well, you'd have to do two things11:14
SRabbelier|UniBarryCarlyon: ofcourse add the button in the HTML (that is, in the django template)11:15
SRabbelier|UniBarryCarlyon: but also add some logic to do something when the button is clicked11:15
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madrazrSRabbelier|Uni: I have good experience with Python and some experience with Django and GAE, this is the small app I have been working on
tpbTitle: See Your VTU Results - Home! (at
madrazrthe app uses Django trunk on GAE11:38
madrazrand I have been following discussions here from a long time, probably ever since the most active development started, but haven't had any time to contribute till now.11:39
madrazrDo I come in handy in any way?11:39
madrazrcan you please guide me how to start working on some issue?11:39
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SRabbelier|Unimadrazr: cool! :)11:56
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SRabbelier|Unimadrazr: you defnitly come in handy! :)11:57
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madrazrSRabbelier|Uni: thanks :)12:06
madrazrSRabbelier|Uni: how to go about, I am not very much used to the Workflow of Melange12:06
SRabbelier|Unimadrazr: do you know your way around the app?12:07
madrazrSRabbelier|Uni: I did not get you12:07
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SRabbelier|Unimadrazr: like, have you been using it?12:08
madrazrSRabbelier|Uni: you mean Melange?12:08
SRabbelier|Unimadrazr: yes :P12:08
madrazrSRabbelier|Uni: yeah12:09
madrazrSRabbelier|Uni: but not much12:09
madrazrSRabbelier|Uni: I am confused as what to use and what not12:09
madrazrand did not understand how it works fully12:09
SRabbelier|Unimadrazr: we can do a demo soon with all potential contributors maybe?12:09
SRabbelier|Unimadrazr: walk y'all through the app, and how it works?12:09
madrazrSRabbelier|Uni: sure12:10
madrazrSRabbelier|Uni: it would be good if you get a video of it, since I will not be here till Monday, 19th12:10
madrazrhave to give one last Theory exam for this semester on Monday12:10
* SRabbelier|Uni nods12:11
madrazrSRabbelier|Uni: or if the demo is any time after Monday I would be extremely grateful to you12:11
SRabbelier|Unimadrazr: sure, that would be np12:12
madrazrMonday is also fine with me, since I am +0530 GMT, so will finish of the exam early12:12
MerioPlease let me know too :)12:12
madrazrs/I am/I am on/12:12
SRabbelier|UniMerio, madrazr: are you two following the melange-soc-dev/melange-soc lists?12:12
madrazrSRabbelier|Uni: one of them12:13
* madrazr goes to check which one12:13
SRabbelier|Unimadrazr: You should subscribe to both then :)12:13
MerioSrabbelier|Uni: me too12:13
madrazrSRabbelier|Uni: Oh Ok12:13
madrazrdoing it right now12:14
SRabbelier|Unimadrazr: awesome :)12:14
SRabbelier|UniI'll announce a demo like that to melange-soc-dev12:14
madrazrSRabbelier|Uni: Ok thanks12:14
madrazrOk I am subscribed to melange-soc, searching the other12:15
MerioSRabbelier|Uni: subscribed now to both12:15
* madrazr too12:16
MerioSRabbelier|Uni: I'm investigating the tooltip issue. The problem here is that mouseout event in JavaScript is crap :) Already tried some solutions, but they're not perfect... thinking about something else ;)12:18
SRabbelier|UniMerio: awesome! :)12:22
MerioSolved... just making some more tests.. :)12:44
SRabbelier|UniMerio: really?12:50
SRabbelier|UniMerio: awesome12:50
SRabbelier|UniMerio: how'd you do that? :)12:50
MerioSRabbelier|Uni: I'm going to submit the patch to issue 13212:50
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MerioSRabbelier|Uni: I've made inside the jquery-bt library a simple pool of created objects... everytime a tooltip is shown, it would iterate through all the bt objects inside the page and turn off them... simple but effectual :)12:52
SRabbelier|UniMerio: you should submit it as a patch to jquery ;)12:58
MerioSRabbelier|Uni: yes, I know ;) But, for the moment, it would solve the Melange issue ;) Going to search where to submit the patch to them :)13:00
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SRabbelier|Unitlarsen: heya :)13:58
tlarsenSRabbelier|Uni: Howdy!13:58
SRabbelier|Unitlarsen: how was your flight back to the ole' farm? :P13:59
tlarsenIt was not delayed, even though the plane was late due to the snow.13:59
tlarsenIt wasn't snowing when it was time for us to take off, so no de-icing was necessary.13:59
tlarsenIt is going to be quite cold here tonight.13:59
SRabbelier|Unitlarsen: damn, you got lucky!14:00
SRabbelier|Unitlarsen: my flight was delayed from leaving for like 1.5 hours14:00
tlarsenTonight's low is -12 C.14:01
SRabbelier|Unitlarsen: ouch; is the cattle cold resistant? :P14:01
tlarsenYes, they have lots of fur at this time of year (except for the mama cow, who was shaved for the auction where we bought her in November)14:01
SRabbelier|Unitlarsen: you give her blankets or such?14:02
durin42tlarsen: glad you guys visited last week, today the high is -18 c here14:02
tlarsenThe wind chill is going to be -23 C.14:02
tlarsendurin42: Yeah, the same Alberta Clipper is hitting us tonight.14:02
* durin42 hates it when the number C starts equalling the number F14:03
tlarsenSRabbelier|Uni: No, we just give them all extra grain and fresh hay.14:03
tlarsenSRabbelier|Uni: We have a couple of wooded areas that are fenced in.  The cattle spend the cold weather there.14:03
tlarsenSRabbelier|Uni: I have a room in the barn that has a door opening to the pasture, but the cattle do not have access to the barn right now.14:04
tlarsenSRabbelier|Uni: The electricians won't ever show up to finish the in-ground conduits so that we can get them inspected and covered up.14:04
tlarsenSRabbelier|Uni: Because the trenches (when they were 2+ m deep) were originally dug for the geothermal, they have been open for 6+ months.14:04
tlarsenSRabbelier|Uni: It is getting tiring, because they criss-cross and you can't drive vehicles (tractors, trucks, the Bobcat, etc.) where you need ot.14:05
tlarsenErr, "to".14:05
tlarsenSRabbelier|Uni: I really want them to actually show up, finish, and cover the trenches so we can move around again.14:05
tlarsenSRabbelier|Uni: The cattle can't use approximately half of my pasture because of the trenches.14:06
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SRabbelier|Unitlarsen: Dude, that's totally lame14:10
SRabbelier|Unitlarsen: why does it seem there's only very lame workman in your area of the globe? :P14:11
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SRabbelier|UniLennie: O HI15:28
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SRabbelier|Unitlarsen: heya17:17
tlarsenSRabbelier|Uni: Yes?17:27
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