Saturday, 2008-12-13

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SRabbelier|Unilyaunzbe_afk: I got it to work16:05
SRabbelier|Unilyaunzbe_afk: just need some CSS expert to finish the job now16:05
lyaunzbe_afkCan you send me your changes?16:06
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lyaunzbeI'd really like to see how you fixed it :)16:06
SRabbelier|Unilyaunzbe: ofcourse :)16:06
SRabbelier|Unilyaunzbe: you made a few mistakes here and there, but I was able to finish it from your implementation16:08
SRabbelier|Unilyaunzbe: you saved me a lot of work!16:08
SRabbelier|Unilyaunzbe: committing now16:10
lyaunzbenp. Hopefully next time i can provide even more help.16:17
SRabbelier|Unilyaunzbe: well, you know how to debug now! :)16:18
SRabbelier|Unilyaunzbe: what name should I credit you under?16:24
lyaunzbeSrabbelier|Uni: Sorry, was away at dinner. Lyaunzbe is fine.16:38
SRabbelier|Unilyaunzbe: real name is better :)16:39
lyaunzbeOh okay. Benjamin Lyaunzon16:39
SRabbelier|Unilyaunzbe: ok16:45
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SRabbelier|Unilyaunzbe: you there?19:54
solydzajsSRabbelier|Uni: you have outdated nickname ;-)19:55
solydzajsSRabbelier|Uni: sleeping at uni today ?:-)19:55
SRabbelier|Unisolydzajs: it's so much bother to tell pidgin to use a different nickname19:56
SRabbelier|Unisolydzajs: have to edit the config file manually and all19:56
SRabbelier|Unisolydzajs: my computer broke down19:56
SRabbelier|Unisolydzajs: so I'm forced to use my laptop19:56
solydzajsSRabbelier|Uni: that means pidgin sucks :-)19:56
SRabbelier|Unisolydzajs: it does19:56
solydzajsSRabbelier|Uni: anyway regarding as_table as you know django also uses html code in python code for their implementation of as_table19:57
SRabbelier|Unisolydzajs: obviously19:59
SRabbelier|Unisolydzajs: but I don't have to read that ugly shit19:59
SRabbelier|Unisolydzajs: it was so f'ing difficult to change the code19:59
SRabbelier|Unisolydzajs: to add the example_text stuff19:59
SRabbelier|Uniand all that was mainly because it was all in one function, and that function was generating html19:59
solydzajsSRabbelier|Uni: yep it was my almost all my code, the reason it was hard to read is because django forms implementation is even worst20:00
solydzajsSRabbelier|Uni: most of it was copy/pasted from django implementation, which to be honest sucks20:01
SRabbelier|Unisolydzajs: aaaaaaah, now it makes sense20:01
SRabbelier|Unisolydzajs: yeah, but Django can't use django templates ;)20:01
solydzajsSRabbelier|Uni: :-)20:01
SRabbelier|Unisolydzajs: do you think current version is better?20:02
solydzajsSRabbelier|Uni: they should :D20:02
SRabbelier|Unisolydzajs: they'd run into ugly recursion :P20:02
solydzajsSRabbelier|Uni: I will review it tomorrow morning but yep it's good, I don't like html code in python code either :-) so I think it will be +1 :-)20:02
SRabbelier|Unisolydzajs: awesome20:03
lyaunzbeSRabbelier: yes?20:04
solydzajslyaunzbe: could you please sign CLA ?20:06
tpb<> (at
solydzajslyaunzbe: we need that in order to receive 3rd party patches20:07
lyaunzbesure. My address wont be sent to anyone but google, right?20:07
solydzajslyaunzbe: yes20:07
SRabbelier|Unilyaunzbe: as you can see it's a url, we don't even get to see it20:11
lyaunzbeSRabbelier: Thats fine. I submitted it. Thanks again for adding me as an author of the patch :)20:13
lyaunzbeReally exciting, as it is my first time contributing to anything :D20:15
SRabbelier|Unilyaunzbe: I know, it's awesome right? :D20:16
lyaunzbeSRabbelier: Yup. Hopefully its the first of many.20:19
SRabbelier|Unilyaunzbe: that'd be great! :)20:19
lyaunzbeOne thing. If you guys have time later and its not bothersome, could you change the my last name on the credit to "Lyaunzon" instead of "Lyaunzbe". Thanks in advance.20:30
SRabbelier|Unilyaunzbe: oh dear, I'm sorry for that20:31
SRabbelier|Unilyaunzbe: We can't really change the commit message afaik20:32
lyaunzbeOh, then its okay.20:32
SRabbelier|Unilyaunzbe: will make sure to get it right on your next patch ;)20:32
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