Friday, 2008-12-12

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durin42SRabbelier: we have a working buildbot!12:12
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SRabbelierdurin42: awesome :)12:46
SRabbelierdurin42: cool! what was wrong with it? :D12:46
durin42SRabbelier: a lot of things *sigh*12:52
SRabbelierdurin42: do share?12:54
durin42mostly, the timeout for find was too low12:57
SRabbelierdurin42: hehe, lol; kind of a silly bug13:10
SRabbelierdurin42: I mean, not really a technical thing13:10
solydzajsso now we need to write some tests :-)13:36
MatthewWilkesHey, we're writing tests for a simple subclass of dict atm, you have it easy14:09
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durin42SRabbelier: yeah, my next step is to figure out how to convince nose to give me what we want for coverage output15:45
SRabbelierdurin42: hehe, what's wrong with it?15:52
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durin42Our app modules don't get listed16:00
durin42tho, that could be that we don't have tests for them16:00
SRabbelierdurin42: hehehe, lol16:00
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* Lennie slaps SRabbelier around a bit with a small Imperial-Class Stardestroyer16:16
SRabbelierLennie: lol16:16
LennieSRabbelier: lost again :(16:16
SRabbelierLennie: I thought you only watched House, not Lost? :p16:17
LennieSRabbelier: funny men ;p16:17
SRabbelierLennie: so what's your problem?16:17
LennieSRabbelier: Just poking to say I lost again :P16:17
SRabbelierLennie: so what's you lost on?16:17
LennieSRabbelier: I also took a small look at example_text16:17
SRabbelierLennie: any luck?16:17
LennieSRabbelier: Some game including a ball a net and 12 players?16:17
SRabbelierLennie: ooooh, *snickers*, sorry16:18
* SRabbelier slow today16:18
LennieSRabbelier: 'small' look16:18
LennieSRabbelier: I tried to hax something, but failed :P16:18
SRabbelierLennie: so how badly did you lose? :P16:19
SRabbelierLennie: and what's the excuse this time? ;)16:19
LennieSRabbelier: once again not badle16:19
LennieSRabbelier: 1st set, 2 points difference, 2nd set 4 points difference16:19
LennieSRabbelier: 3rd set was a complete disaster though :p'16:19
SRabbelierLennie: heheh, ashame :P16:20
Lenniecute :p16:26
tpb<> (at
SRabbelierLennie: yup :)16:34
SRabbelierLennie: btw, do you want to try to do the example_text thing?16:41
LennieSRabbelier: No time atm16:42
SRabbelierLennie: or should I have another look at it16:42
LennieSRabbelier: working on notifications a bit16:42
SRabbelierLennie: ok, np16:42
LennieSRabbelier: Leslie likes it :D16:42
SRabbelierLennie: awesome :)16:42
LennieSRabbelier: Stupid appspot login servers :(17:27
SRabbelierLennie: what about them?17:30
LennieSRabbelier: lol17:30
LennieSRabbelier: up again now after 15 mins :P17:30
SRabbelierLennie: heh, they were all down?17:30
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lyaunzbeSrabbelier: Hey. Can i bother you with a question for one sec?18:27
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: ofcourse18:28
lyaunzbeoh sorry nvm for the moment.18:28
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: hehe, np :)18:29
lyaunzbeSRabbelier: Is the example_text issue ( you were talking about earlier being worked on by someone else atm?18:36
tpbTitle: Issue 144 - soc - Google Code (at
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: not yet18:37
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: I was going to, but if you are interested...?18:37
lyaunzbeYes i would like to very much. Im not entirely sure where to start though.18:37
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: in that case, feel free!18:37
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: ok, the pointers from Todd should be a good place to get started18:39
lyaunzbeOkay thanks. Ill check that out.18:40
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: feel free to ask me for any help18:40
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: don't hesitate to e-mail if I'm not in IRC :)18:41
SRabbelier(usually that means I'm sleeping, or forgot to turn it back on in the morning ;) )18:41
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lyaunzbeSrabbelier: I added the         if hasattr(model_prop, 'example_text'):19:15
lyaunzbe          self.fields[field_name].example_text = model_prop.example_text19:15
lyaunzbemeant to format that19:15
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: ok, does it do anything? :D19:16
lyaunzbewell see thats the thing. I dont get any errors, but im not sure what changes i should be looking for. Fields that have (required) next to them dont look any different.19:16
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: ofcourse, you'll need to add that in the as_table method19:17
MatthewWilkesSRabbelier: Want to me to anything on the i18n patch?19:24
SRabbelierMatthewWilkes: I dunno, I've been waiting for Pawel to review it; I think I'm just going to apply and be done with it tomorrow :)19:25
MatthewWilkesok, I'm sprinting over the weekend so have reduced availability, but will be on here so feel free to ping me if there are conflicts or whatever19:25
SRabbelierMatthewWilkes: will do19:26
MatthewWilkesDon't want to leave you in conflict resolution hell :)19:26
SRabbelierMatthewWilkes: it probably needs rebasing on latest master, but I think I can do it :)19:26
lyaunzbeSrabbelier: I added the example_test field basically following the way that help_text was added ( No error messages, but now all the forms show nothing except a blank page and the 'save changes' button.19:42
tpbTitle: Python pastebin - collaborative debugging tool (at
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: mhhh, not sure there19:43
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: I'll have to apply your patch and try it out19:44
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: didy ou look at the html?19:44
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: is it correct?19:44
lyaunzbeYou mean the source html for the form pages, right?19:46
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: yes19:46
lyaunzbeI'm pretty sure it isn't because it is only generating the cancel and save changes buttons.19:47
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: have a look19:47
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: is there nothing there at all?19:47
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: could be that it is there but improper html19:47
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: looks like you didn't add example_text to   def _html_output_with_required(self, normal_row, error_row, row_ender,            help_text_html, required_html, errors_on_separate_row):19:48
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: so it raises an error because it can't do the _html_output... call19:48
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: but Django catches all errors, and instead displays nothing19:48
lyaunzbeoh okay thanks. Ill fix that.19:49
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: ok :)19:49
lyaunzbeSRabbelier: Nothing changed in either the html or the actual form. I tested it and it seems that as soon as i set  DEF_EXAMPLE_TEXT_HTML = u'%s'   and then pass it to the_html_output_with_required() method, without even using it inside the method, it messes up the html.20:06
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: put some traces in your code20:07
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: does it get to the end of _html_output....20:07
lyaunzbeSRabbelier: Sorry, I'm not sure how to do traces in something like this. Could you please explain?20:11
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: import logging20:11"My message here ")20:11
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lyaunzbeSorry, where would this message appear? Ive never used the logging module for python :(20:19
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: in your console if you're running dev_appserver.py20:19
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: if you're running on appspot it'll be in the regular log20:19
lyaunzbeOkay that helped alot. It seems as if there is something wrong with the statement "example_text = example_text_html % force_unicode(field.example_text)".20:35
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: split it up20:35
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: first do the extraction of field.example_text20:36
SRabbelierthen the % operator20:36
SRabbelierand finally the assignment20:36
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: also, it might help to print example_text_html and the result of the force_unicode call20:37
lyaunzbeIm guessing i would output it to the log?20:37
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: ofcourse :)20:37
lyaunzbeExcuse my tendency to ask the dumbest questions  :P20:38
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: this is basic debugging skills; once you know it you'll be good for the rest of your programming career. I have no problem teaching you :)20:39
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lyaunzbeSrabbelier: Okay, Im almost positive there is a problem with the field.example_text because i cant extract it. However, im not sure how I would print the result of the extraction. I dont think you can just do " force_unicode( field.example_text))".20:55
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: nonono, drop the print20:55
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: you want
SRabbelierand then do20:56
SRabbelierfoo = field.example_text20:56
SRabbelierthen, if that seems to work20:56
SRabbelierchange it to20:56
SRabbelierfoo = force_unicode(field.example_test)20:56
lyaunzbeOkay. I did that and the log message doesn't print anything.20:59
lyaunzbeSomething msut be wrong with that field.20:59
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: are you setting it? :P21:00
lyaunzbeSrabbelier: Hmm. Well, from reading what todd.larsen said, I just added example_text as an arbitrary attribute. I just followed they way help_text was made.21:07
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: that should work21:07
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: can you log dir(field) then?21:07
lyaunzbeIt seems as though alturin may have had the same problems as me. In the issue thread he says "tracing told me that the self.fields attribute was updated, but when I tried to access the value in the code it never showed anything."21:07
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: thati s me21:08
SRabbelier**that is21:08
lyaunzbeoh lol21:08
* SRabbelier really needs to use [email protected] for melange21:08
lyaunzbedammit. Im guessing it is a problem that example_text isn't in dir(field) :(21:10
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: what field are you looking at then ;)21:10
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: is the field the one you set the example_text for?21:10
lyaunzbeWhat do you mean? Shouldn't example_text be in dir(field) if i set it the exact same way as help_text?21:13
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: except help_text is set for all fields, and I reckon you didn't set example_text for all fields21:14
lyaunzbeSRabbelier: Sorry, im having trouble understanding. If help_text is set for all fields, then my example_text should also be set for all fields, since everywhere in the code where help_text is mentioned so is example_text.21:26
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: ah, ok; in that case I'm not sure what's wrong21:26
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: send me your changes, and i will look at it tomorrow21:26
SRabbelierI'm off to bed now :)21:26
lyaunzbeOkay. Thanks for all your help.21:27
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: good luck!21:27
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: you can also ask around on #appengine and #django21:27
SRabbelierlyaunzbe: especially Arachnid on #appengine knows a lot21:28
SRabbelierg'night all :)21:28
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