Sunday, 2008-11-16

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dmitrig01now the drupal people want me to provide an ETA for melange for GHOP11:16
SRabbelierdmitrig01: don't11:19
SRabbelierdmitrig01: direct them here11:19
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dmitrig01SRabbelier: done11:19
SRabbelierdmitrig01: :)11:19
aclightdmitrig01: what's up11:20
SRabbelieraclight: heya11:20
aclightSRabbelier: hello11:20
dmitrig01read the topic :D11:21
SRabbelierThere's no GHOP till melange is ready to run it11:21
aclightdmitrig01: ok.  now what?11:22
dmitrig01nothing, i ust wanted you to see that11:22
SRabbelierI'm not sure we'll be running it this year, I would be more comfortable if it was early next year11:22
aclightdmitrig01: just wanted me to know what melange was?11:23
SRabbelieraclight: does that answer your question?11:24
aclightdmitrig01: ah, gotcha.  leslie talked about it in CA, so I already knew what it was.  But at the time it wasn't clear whether running the next GHOP depended on melange getting finished first.11:25
dmitrig01ok, cool11:25
dmitrig01now fi you want to help... :-)11:25
SRabbelieryes, help would be good :)11:25
aclightdmitrig01: because she also seemed pretty insistent that ghop would start in november again, so i wasn't sure if the wink wink overpowered melange being done11:26
aclightapparently not11:26
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dmitrig01well if that's the plan i haven't heard about it11:26
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aclightunfortunately i'm a python n00b, and have plenty of work to do on our own issue tracker, so writing yet another probably isn't in the cards :)11:27
SRabbelieraclight: that was Chris' call11:27
* dmitrig01 is also a python n00b11:27
aclightSRabbelier: that makes sense.  the old issue tracker made it pretty difficult to administer GHOP anyway.11:28
SRabbelieraclight: exactly11:28
aclighti guess progress on melange just went much slower than expected?11:28
SRabbelieraclight: yup11:29
aclightok, i know how that goes.  thanks!11:31
SRabbelieraclight: np :)11:31
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