Saturday, 2008-11-08

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dmitrig01I am (temporarily) leaving the Drupal project for Melange.01:43
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dmitrig01|afkHey all10:42
dmitrig01|afki have about 5 hours free right now - anything you want me to do?10:42
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dmitrig01Major lack of suckage in HTMLbox11:11
Jeff_Sdmitrig01: what was that about you can't find the upstream site for htmlbox?  Is it being actively maintained?11:43
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dmitrig01Jeff_S: i don't know11:51
dmitrig01solydzajs: hi11:51
solydzajsdmitrig01: hi there11:51
dmitrig01Jeff_S: remiya sysems or something11:51
solydzajsdmitrig01: I'm writing mail about this tooltips issue right now :-)11:51
dmitrig01solydzajs: could you explain how I commit modifications to CSS an JavaScript files11:51
dmitrig01solydzajs: also
tpb<> (at
Jeff_Sdmitrig01: my point is, we know is being used by many people and is actively maintained.  If we can't even reach the upstream site for htmlbox, that worries me11:52
Jeff_Snot even reach, but it seems to be gone11:53
dmitrig01Jeff_S: what worries you?11:53
solydzajsdmitrig01: 117 is totally fine with me, we just didn't have time yet for that11:53
dmitrig01Jeff_S: do you mean in case of maintenence11:53
dmitrig01solydzajs: ah ok11:53
Jeff_Sdmitrig01: yes11:53
solydzajsdmitrig01: you want to commit new CSS files or modify soc.css ?11:54
dmitrig01solydzajs: modify soc.css and menu.js11:54
solydzajssolydzajs: modify whatever you need and change the file name to include todays date (svn mv)11:55
solydzajsdmitrig01: I just sent email regarding tooltips problem12:00
solydzajsdmitrig01: let me know what you think12:00
solydzajsdmitrig01: screenshot is attached12:00
dmitrig01solydzajs: yeah, i got that problem too12:00
dmitrig01solydzajs: i have no idea12:00
dmitrig01solydzajs: because I didn't write the tooltip code :D I will investigate other libraries12:00
dmitrig01solydzajs: what do you think about clickable area for tabs?12:01
solydzajsdmitrig01: ok so we either get rid of tooltip code at all or replace it with something else.12:01
dmitrig01solydzajs: replace it12:01
dmitrig01solydzajs: but what about clickable area for tabs?12:01
solydzajsdmitrig01: what about it ? we don't have tabs yet12:02
dmitrig01solydzajs: sorry not tabs12:02
dmitrig01solydzajs: menu12:02
solydzajsdmitrig01: I'm replying on the list right now, one sec12:04
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solydzajssolydzajs: sent12:06
dmitrig01solydzajs: svn up and tell me what you think12:09
solydzajsdmitrig01: works nice :-) thx12:09
dmitrig01solydzajs: would you mind teaching me how to make forms look different?12:14
solydzajsdmitrig01: I'm working on it right now. I'm working on as_table12:16
dmitrig01solydzajs: cool12:16
solydzajsdmitrig01: what would you like to know ?:-)12:16
dmitrig01for example in docs/edit I want partial path and link name to be next to each other with a / separating them12:17
dmitrig01solydzajs: instead of having two separate fields12:17
dmitrig01solydzajs: so what's the commit process for melange?12:19
solydzajsdmitrig01: ah yep so basically you cannot use as_table for that and you need to create customized template and use template tag helper or maybe even create new template tag.12:20
dmitrig01that flew 100 miles over my head12:20
solydzajsdmitrig01: right now review after commit, but if you are not sure of something you can post a patch to codereview tool we use for review before commit.12:21
dmitrig01solydzajs: review after commit as in?12:21
solydzajsdmitrig01: as in, you commit stuff to repository and we use build in review features to review code in some revisions. Did you use review features of already ?12:22
tpb<> (at
* dmitrig01 reads12:27
dmitrig01solydzajs: Drupal doesn't use HTMLBox - Drupal is full of 3rd plugins, and HTMLBox is one of them, that's how I found it.12:37
solydzajsdmitrig01: yep but Drupal uses HTMLBox I ment, they have plugin for it too ;-)12:38
dmitrig01solydzajs: :D they have a tinymce plugin too12:38
solydzajsdmitrig01: yep I know :-)12:38
dmitrig01well I just want you to consider it12:38
dmitrig01vs 8M12:38
dmitrig01Less server strain12:38
solydzajsdmitrig01: since TinyMCE is more popular than HTMLBox I guess TinyMCE was first :-)12:38
dmitrig01less client strain12:38
dmitrig01no fancy build scripts12:38
solydzajsdmitrig01: sounds good :-) like I said we can do it, it's fine with me, but we have more important stuff right now. and HTMLBox is "nice-to-have". Let's wait for some more comments ok ?;-)12:39
dmitrig01solydzajs: ok12:39
dmitrig01solydzajs: what do you want me to do?12:39
solydzajsdmitrig01: thx12:39
solydzajsdmitrig01: what we will need soon in Role profile is Google Maps, basically when you apply for some Role (Student,Mentor, Org admin) whatever you need to fill in the profile. You can have a look at Person model for information that are required in profile. One of the fields there latitude and longitude. What we would like to have is embedded gmaps and if you point out your location it fills in hidden lat/lon fields and also prepopulate12:44
solydzajsdmitrig01: what do you think about this task ?12:44
dmitrig01google maps scare me but ok12:45
solydzajsdmitrig01: currently some basic Person profile is used in Create Host view, but it's not working correctly yet12:45
solydzajsdmitrig01: always something new to learn :-)12:46
solydzajsdmitrig01: learning new stuff is good :-)12:46
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* Sidnei is away: I'm busy14:24
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dmitrig01SRabbelier: ping?16:32
Lenniehe's away from home16:36
Lennieatleast that's the last thing he told me :D16:36
Lenniedmitrig01 : ^^16:37
dmitrig01Lennie: ok16:38
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SRabbelierdmitrig01: pong17:01
dmitrig01SRabbelier: brb17:01
SRabbelierdmitrig01: sure :)17:01
dmitrig01SRabbelier: what needs doing17:07
SRabbelierdmitrig01: I like your +/- fix thingy :D17:07
dmitrig01SRabbelier: what do you want me to do now :D17:08
SRabbelierdmitrig01: mhhh, do you know how those fancy-pancy tables work that sort themselves when you click an arrow at the top?17:08
SRabbelierdmitrig01: you do? :D17:08
dmitrig01SRabbelier: it'd be pantsy., but yeah?17:08
SRabbelierdmitrig01: pantsy? :P17:08
dmitrig01as in "like pants"17:08
dmitrig01SRabbelier: thing is17:09
SRabbelierdmitrig01: lol, but how is code like pants? :P17:09
dmitrig01SRabbelier: some of those sort server-side17:09
* SRabbelier nods17:09
dmitrig01SRabbelier: if you have 20 items17:09
dmitrig01SRabbelier: and you're only showing 1017:09
dmitrig01SRabbelier: you need to sort server-side17:09
SRabbelieryeah, obviosuly -nods-17:10
dmitrig01SRabbelier: we need an AJAX system17:10
dmitrig01SRabbelier: which I'm not capable of programming in python17:10
SRabbelierhehe, do we really need that though?17:10
dmitrig01however... if you can code the backend i'll code the frontend to it17:10
SRabbelierdmitrig01: what kind of code is needed?17:10
dmitrig01SRabbelier: well here's what would be really neat17:11
dmitrig01SRabbelier: you request a page17:11
dmitrig01SRabbelier: say user/list17:11
SRabbelierdmitrig01: right :)17:12
dmitrig01SRabbelier: but you send a certain header17:12
SRabbelierdmitrig01: what kind of header?17:12
dmitrig01http header17:12
dmitrig01request header17:12
dmitrig01e.g. X-Requested-With: XMLHttpRequest17:13
SRabbelierdmitrig01: mhh, ok?17:13
dmitrig01SRabbelier: and then it sends back something appropriate17:13
dmitrig01SRabbelier: for example in the case of user list and X-Requested-With: XMLHttpRequest (which means a request from javascript), then it sends back just the <table>17:14
SRabbelierdmitrig01: ooooh, like that; instead of the entire page?17:14
dmitrig01SRabbelier: yes17:15
dmitrig01SRabbelier: so you jsut send the correct GET query string17:15
dmitrig01SRabbelier: e.g. &sort=name17:15
dmitrig01SRabbelier: and it generates the normal page17:15
SRabbelierdmitrig01: mhhh, but we are using DJango17:15
dmitrig01SRabbelier: except without all the extra stuff17:15
SRabbelierdmitrig01: I don't know it supports stuff like that17:15
dmitrig01that's why I can't code it17:15
SRabbelierdmitrig01: ok, but it can be done without that though; it just means that you get the entire page again, instead of just the table17:16
dmitrig01yes, but that defeats the poin17:16
dmitrig01SRabbelier: if you do it like that there's no point in using javascript in the first place17:19
SRabbelierdmitrig01: this is true17:20
SRabbelierthen it's just a link on top of the table17:20
dmitrig01SRabbelier: however, if you can code the sorting thingie17:20
dmitrig01SRabbelier: then that's a huge start17:20
SRabbelierdmitrig01: ok, so what is it called that you need from the server side?17:20
SRabbelierdmitrig01: something like 'partial html' or something?17:20
dmitrig01SRabbelier: I'm not relaly sure if it has a name17:21
dmitrig01SRabbelier: are you searching?17:21
SRabbelierdmitrig01: gonna ask on #django17:21
dmitrig01SRabbelier: I'll ask17:21
SRabbelierdmitrig01: awesome17:22
SRabbelierdmitrig01: seems like there's nobody home :)17:33
dmitrig01Is there a django forum somewhere17:33
SRabbelierdmitrig01: will you try and ask around later on?17:33
dmitrig01or mailing list?17:33
SRabbelierdmitrig01: I'm sure there's a ML17:33
tpbTitle: Django | Community (at
SRabbelierdmitrig01: at the right17:34
dmitrig01SRabbelier: are you subscribed?17:34
SRabbelierdmitrig01: nope17:34
dmitrig01i don't wnat to subscribe17:34
SRabbelierdmitrig01: hehe17:34
SRabbelierdmitrig01: you have to?17:34
dmitrig01can you ask 'How do I send a piece of the HTML generated on a page back to the user - in this case I'm doing AHAH, so I only want the part of the page that needs to be reloaded"17:34
SRabbelierdmitrig01: ask it where?17:36
dmitrig01SRabbelier: on the ml17:36
SRabbelierdmitrig01: sure, I'll do it later on and get back to you :)17:36
dmitrig01Anything else17:36
SRabbelierdmitrig01: the real question is, can we send imporperly formatted HTML pages back with Django17:36
SRabbelierdmitrig01: cos we could just define a template AHAH-response.html17:37
dmitrig01try it17:37
dmitrig01and only display the body block17:37
SRabbelierdmitrig01: will do17:37
SRabbelierdmitrig01: looks like we can :)17:48
dmitrig01SRabbelier: awesome17:48
SRabbelierdmitrig01: I commented out everything till <bodYU>17:48
SRabbelierdmitrig01: and it just gave that part17:49
SRabbelierdmitrig01: you can even use django stuff17:49
SRabbelierdmitrig01: so have it fill in variables etc.17:49
SRabbelierdmitrig01: (or a header)17:49
dmitrig01SRabbelier: well usually it renders a piece of the page17:51
SRabbelierdmitrig01: -nod-17:51
dmitrig01SRabbelier: can you figure out what to render based on the header?17:51
SRabbelierdmitrig01: sure17:51
SRabbelierdmitrig01: we get the header in the code17:51
dmitrig01SRabbelier: create some sort of helper that you can go to and ask "hi is this javascript requesting the page"17:51
SRabbelierdmitrig01: we can decide which template to use based on that17:51
SRabbelierdmitrig01: -nod-, sure :)17:52
dmitrig01could you code it?17:52
SRabbelierdmitrig01: easy :)17:52
SRabbelierdmitrig01: specially cos we can create a template that uses our partial template17:52
SRabbelierdmitrig01: so that when the user is requesting the page for the first time17:53
SRabbelierdmitrig01: we can give them the full page17:53
dmitrig01do it please!17:53
SRabbelierdmitrig01: np :)17:53
SRabbelierdmitrig01: if you can add the code to have the javascript give a special header17:54
dmitrig01SRabbelier: done!17:54
dmitrig01SRabbelier: comitted!17:54
SRabbelierdmitrig01: hehe17:54
SRabbelierdmitrig01: really? :)17:54
dmitrig01(It's included w/ jquery)17:54
SRabbelierdmitrig01: hehehe, nice :D17:54
SRabbelierok so what do I check for?17:54
dmitrig01X-Requested-With: XMLHttpRequest17:56
SRabbelierdmitrig01: ok, so what do I give back if I get that?17:57
dmitrig01SRabbelier: a partial page17:57
SRabbelierdmitrig01: sure, but what part of it :P17:58
dmitrig01well, depends on the page at hand17:58
dmitrig01in the case of the user list, the table17:58
SRabbelierdmitrig01: right -nod-17:58
SRabbelierdmitrig01: so will you add the javascript that will deal with just a partial page?18:02
dmitrig01SRabbelier: yes18:02
SRabbelierdmitrig01: ok, sweet :)18:03
SRabbelierdmitrig01: we can start with just the partial resposne18:03
SRabbelierdmitrig01: and not sort or anythign18:03
SRabbelierdmitrig01: if we got that down we can try having it sort :)18:04
dmitrig01SRabbelier: yep18:04
SRabbelierdmitrig01: can you write the javascript part18:04
dmitrig01SRabbelier: actually it'd be easier to do both, because you can test one with the other18:04
SRabbelierdmitrig01: and then just deal when the server doesn't give a partial page?18:04
dmitrig01SRabbelier: it'd be on a more specif basis18:04
SRabbelierdmitrig01: aah, that's true18:04
dmitrig01SRabbelier: but really it's like 3-5 liens of code18:05
dmitrig01SRabbelier: also they can be developed separately18:05
dmitrig01SRabbelier: it should degrade18:05
SRabbelierdmitrig01: degrade?18:05
dmitrig01SRabbelier: work w/o JS18:05
SRabbelierdmitrig01: -nod-18:05
SRabbelierdmitrig01: but then it should just send the full page, yes?18:06
dmitrig01SRabbelier: yes18:06
dmitrig01SRabbelier: here's how I envision it18:06
SRabbelierdmitrig01: -nod-18:06
dmitrig01you go to http://localhost:8080/user/list?sort=email&dir=asc18:06
dmitrig01(sort by email in the ascending direction)18:06
dmitrig01it shows you the full page18:06
dmitrig01if, however, jquery requests that page, and sends the header, then it just shows the table18:07
SRabbelierdmitrig01: -nodnod-, awesome :)18:07
SRabbelierdmitrig01: makes sense, and would be really sweet :)18:07
SRabbelierdmitrig01: I will start on this once I have the user refactoring done18:07
SRabbelierdmitrig01: (hopefully tomorrow)18:07
dmitrig01SRabbelier: what user refactoring?18:08
dmitrig01SRabbelier: also, hopefully it would work like this18:08
SRabbelierdmitrig01: I'm refactoring the User view to use the generic code18:08
dmitrig011. Create the table based on the parameters18:09
dmitrig012. Render the table18:09
dmitrig013. Either show it in a page or by itself depending on the caller18:09
SRabbelierdmitrig01: yup, -nod-18:10
SRabbelierdmitrig01: ok, so what other things can you help us with? :)18:13
dmitrig01you tell me18:13
SRabbelierdmitrig01: I don't know what there is out there ;)18:13
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* SRabbelier away18:17
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SRabbelierlh: tsssk18:36
SRabbelierlh: you should be enjoying your vacation!18:36
* SRabbelier ushers lh out18:36
lhSRabbelier: i am enjoying my vacation18:36
lhit's quite nice here18:36
SRabbelierlh: awesome ^__^18:38
SRabbelierlh: what you been upto there?18:38
lhSRabbelier: touring washington dc18:40
lhfeeling the love18:40
lhi dig it18:40
SRabbelierlh: awesome ^__^18:40
SRabbelierlh: what is it like?18:40
SRabbelierlh: cool, somewhere you'd wnat to live? :)18:41
lhthe pulse of what america was supposed to be lives in the monuments and museums here18:41
lhSRabbelier: thinking about it18:41
SRabbelierlh: cool! :)18:42
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lhwebchick: dude, i just ran into add1sun in DC19:14
lhsmall world19:14
dmitrig01|afkhi lh19:14
dmitrig01|afkwow r u serious19:14
lhdmitrig01|afk: totally serious19:14
dmitrig01|afkwhat do you mean by "ran in to"19:14
*** dmitrig01|afk is now known as dmitrig0119:14
lhand hello dear how are you?19:14
lhshe came up to me on the street19:14
dmitrig01I'm good how about you?19:14
lhshe was at a small local doc sprint and they were out and about getting food19:15
dmitrig01lh: <-- live puppystream19:15
tpb<> (at
webchicklh: ha! :D19:15
webchicklh: Having fun? :)19:15
dmitrig01yeah - how's vacation?19:15
lhdmitrig01: very very good. enjoying myself immensely19:15
webchickyay! :)19:16
* lh wanders off to go plan for evening19:16
lhwebchick: indeedy. :)19:16
* dmitrig01 goes back to doing homework: reading the odyssey19:17
SRabbelierdmitrig01: fun! :)19:17
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