Friday, 2008-11-07

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durin42Sidnei: would rather not grow dependencies on zope stuff, and what I've got already works10:08
Sidneidurin42: there's no zope stuff there, it's a plain python library10:08
Sidneidurin42: ignore the z3c prefix10:08
Sidneionly depends on setuptools afaict:
tpb<> (at
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N4L|Lenniehi todd10:43
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durin42Sidnei: it requires zope.testing10:44
Sidneidurin42: only for testing afaict, and zope.testing does not require zope either10:44
durin42Sidnei: I've already got a test system that uses nose10:44
durin42so I'd rather just have the quick and easy stuff on top of that10:44
Sidneidurin42: fine, but quick and easy quickly gets long and complex *wink*10:45
durin42Sidnei: I'm doing fine, thanks for the tip though10:45
LennieHi durin42, how's testing coming along :)?10:47
durin42Lennie: Going well, just need more tests written10:47
Lennieanything I can help with then?10:48
durin42write tests for untested stuff!10:48
Lennieyou mean write tests for almost anything ^^?10:48
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LennieI'll see if I can come up with something usefull this weekend10:51
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durin42solydzajs: I've got some colorization of output from that is pretty simple, I'm going to get it integrated into our buildbot this weekend12:51
* dmitrig01 waves to all12:51
* durin42 waves to dmitrig01 12:51
* dmitrig01 wonders who durin42 is IRL12:52
durin42dmitrig01: Augie12:52
solydzajsdurin42: awesome thx.12:53
solydzajshi dmitrig01 :-)12:53
dmitrig01solydzajs: hi12:53
durin42solydzajs: something I cooked up for both this and hgsubversion, actually12:53
solydzajsdurin42: nice, I have a couple things to commit this weekend :-)12:54
durin42solydzajs: tests?12:54
solydzajsdurin42: no, not yet, mostly as_table and some bug fixes12:55
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tlarsendurin42: Does hgsubversion expect branches to only be located in the /branches directory itself, or would it work correctly if 'svn cp' was used to branch something into a nested subdirectory, such as /branches/users/tlarsen/foo ?14:12
durin42tlarsen: right now, it'll barf on that case. I have a fix in my head, I just need to implement it14:16
tlarsendurin42: By the way, what sort of patches can hg directly apply to an hg repo?14:20
durin42any unified diff as far as I know14:21
durin42cat patch | hg import -14:21
durin42should open $EDITOR and ask for a commit message14:21
tlarsenWhat if the patch will not apply cleanly?14:26
durin42tlarsen: what I would do in that case is apply it over an old rev that did apply cleanly, then try and use merge to update things15:14
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tlarsen_vmdurin42: Does hgsubversion work with https connections to the SVN repo?19:18
tlarsen_vmdurin42: 'hg svnclone' appears to have worked over SSL, but I'm not getting any new revisions using 'hg svn pull'.19:19
tlarsen_vmdurin42: Also, it asks me to authenticate every time.19:19
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* dmitrig01 waves to tlarsen|afk 19:35
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tlarsendmitrig01: Hello, Dmitri!20:43
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