Tuesday, 2008-11-04

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Lenniehave fun voting tlarsen|voting ^^11:23
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Lenniesolydzajs: Yeah luckily this patch really does what it describes :)15:42
Lenniethanks for committing :)15:42
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solydzajstlarsen: hi.16:45
solydzajstlarsen: voting completed ?;-)16:45
solydzajstlarsen: I need to go, but like I said to Sverre. I will schedule a meeting on IRC tomorrow in order to divide tasks for Melange. something around 1 or 2 PM your timezone.16:54
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tlarsensoly|away: Sounds good to me.16:55
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durin42tlarsen: thanks for the video, that was entertaining17:07
tlarsendurin42: I thought so as well.17:07
tlarsendurin42: The thing to keep in mind is that this country will get the President that it *deserves*.17:07
tlarsendurin42: Sadly, that is exactly what I fear.  :(17:07
durin42tlarsen: oh, I feel ya.17:08
durin42tlarsen: I really wish I hadn't let my FOID card lapse.17:08
tlarsendurin42: FOID?17:08
durin42Firearms Owner ID17:08
tlarsenAh, no ID is required in Alabama to own a firearm.17:09
durin42We have to register to own here. There was actually proposed legislation that was going to make it a crime to use a gun without having such an ID. Fortunately, it didn't pass.17:09
tlarsendurin42: Just a background check to purchase handguns, but not rifles or shotguns.17:09
durin42Governments should have a healthy fear of their citizens.17:09
tlarsendurin42: In fact, a concealed carry permit is *really* easy to get here.  I've been meaning to get two "passport" sized portraits printed so that I can go down and get mine.17:09
tlarsendurin42: Two portrait photos, $25, and a background check at the county courthouse.17:10
durin42tlarsen: Heh, we don't have concealed carry in IL.17:10
tlarsentlarsen: In Florida and Texas, they make you take situation de-escalation courses first.17:10
durin42It's actually new that it's legal for me to have a handgun in my own apartment.17:10
durin42The ban was lifted after the court case in DC. City didn't want to get sued.17:11
tlarsendurin42: I can't wait until the next time my stepfather visits and he brings up the 30-30.17:11
durin42SRabbelier: hgsubversion is (in my admittedly somewhat limited tests) 4 times faster than git-svn at importing new revisions.17:13
durin42SRabbelier: git-svn should learn how to use replay ;)17:13
tlarsendurin42: It is working well for me.  I just wish a new release of the Mercurial plug-in for Eclipse would be released.17:13
tlarsendurin42: That one is supposed to have support for hgsubversion.17:13
durin42tlarsen: Really? The eclipse plugin is talking about support for hgsubversion?17:14
tlarsendurin42: Apparently, the revisions have been committed to their hg repo, but the author has not packaged a release containing the feature.17:15
SRabbelierdurin42: it is? oh that's really interesting17:15
tlarsendurin42: The plug-in is able to detect if the hgsubversion extension is present, and then offer a checkbox for enabling push/pull from svn.17:15
SRabbelierdurin42: I will ping Eric Wong about that17:15
SRabbelierdurin42: thanks for the tip :)17:16
durin42SRabbelier: I'm currently basking in the fact that hg is smoking git for performance.17:16
SRabbelierit's not17:16
SRabbelierthe svn interface is17:16
tlarsendurin42: It looks like it will be in the next release of the plug-in, whenever that is:  http://trac-hg.assembla.com/mercurialeclipse/wiki/WikiStart#Releases17:17
tpb<http://ln-s.net/2R5s> (at trac-hg.assembla.com)17:17
durin42SRabbelier: also, it used 13 megs less space on-disk after the clone was done17:17
tlarsenI wish tpb would stop making tiny links.17:17
SRabbelierdurin42: but how much more does it use after a 'git repack --window=200 --depth=200'?17:17
durin42tlarsen: holy crap, he did add support.17:17
SRabbelier(with -asd, or -asf, I forget)17:18
durin42SRabbelier: I ran just a normal repack and gc, then it used 5 megs more17:18
tlarsendurin42: He just hasn't released a new version of the plug-in containing it, though.17:18
SRabbelierdurin42: don't run normal repack, it doesn't do anything when there are no loose objects17:18
tlarsendurin42: I wish he would, because I really don't want to fool with trying to build an Eclipse plug-in from sources.17:18
durin42tlarsen: that's fantastic, I had no idea17:18
SRabbeliergit repack -afd --window=200 --depth=20017:18
SRabbelierdo that17:18
durin42k, timing it to add as a time penalty ;)17:19
durin42SRabbelier: that made no difference in size.17:19
SRabbeliergit-svn wasn't made for speed17:19
SRabbelierdurin42: ah, ok17:19
SRabbelierdurin42: you're comparing 'du -sh .git' vs 'size of hg db'?17:20
durin42SRabbelier: yeah, du -sh .git vs du -sh .hg17:20
durin42not including the working copy in that estimate17:20
SRabbelierdurin42: obviously17:20
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