Monday, 2008-11-03

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Allen|awaySRabbelier: ping04:33
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tlarsenI am feeling better.  I am currently wading through all of the recent commits and plan to spend today looking at Allen's Question patches.12:03
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SRabbeliertlarsen: apologies for breaking the build, a patch is in the making :)13:08
durin42SRabbelier: you should introduce more tests, buildbot never went red13:19
SRabbelierdurin42: if they would run in the first place13:19
tpbTitle: BuildBot: Melange (at
SRabbelierhow do I run the tests then13:20
SRabbeliermaybe I'm doing somethign wrong13:20
durin42python tests/run.py13:20
SRabbeliergives me thsi error13:20
durin42from wcroot13:20
durin42easy_install -U nose13:20
SRabbelierI have nose installed13:20
durin42what version?13:20
SRabbelierdurin42:     from nose.plugins import manager13:21
SRabbelierdurin42: that's where it dies13:21
SRabbelierdurin42: ImportError: cannot import name manager13:21
durin42what version of nose.13:21
SRabbelierhow do I check :)13:21
durin42nosetests --version13:21
durin42oh yay, I get the relative import problem13:22
SRabbelier /var/lib/python-support/python2.5/nose/plugins/ RuntimeWarning: Unable to load plugin profile = No module named profile; please install the python-profiler package13:22
SRabbelier  warn("Unable to load plugin %s: %s" % (ep, e), RuntimeWarning)13:22
SRabbeliernosetests version 0.9.213:22
SRabbeliergrats to you, what is the problem durin42?13:22
durin42SRabbelier: your nose is really old13:22
durin42SRabbelier: update your nose to 0.10 or later13:23
SRabbeliermy nose is not that old :(13:23
durin42(and wow those sentences look funny out of context)13:23
SRabbelieraround 20 years!13:23
Lennieonly 20 years :P?13:23
Lennieello folks :)13:23
durin42SRabbelier: easy_install -U nose and you'll be happier, I'm off to lunch13:23
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Lennieuser profile now works, now other stuff is borked ^^14:44
Lenniebut that's my fault :P14:44
Lennieatleast partially ^^14:45
SRabbelierwell, not your fault, you are pointing out the bugs ;)14:45
Lennieand you are fixing them <3 ^^14:45
SRabbelierheh, they were my bugs in the first place14:46
durin42Testing people! Write tests for your new features!14:46
Lennieatleast you are superfast in fixing it :P14:47
SRabbelierdurin42: I know I know14:47
SRabbelierdurin42: some day soon ;)14:47
SRabbelierdurin42: I got nose installed propertly now at least14:47
LennieAny tutorial on writing tests out there durin42?14:47
durin42Lennie: sadly no, but if you look in the tests dir there are some simple tests that ought to get you started14:47
* SRabbelier puts Lennie on a 'tester' hat and nods sagely14:48
Lenniesince I'm hopefully gonna write more stuff for melange I need to make tests at some point :)14:48
durin42If you send in tests, I'll review them14:48
* Lennie points out he can code too to SRabbelier ^^14:48
SRabbelierLennie: you better14:49
Lenniehaha, I'm sure you'll keep me busy if not the other way around :)14:49
Lennieall my questions about git, you must get tired someday :D14:49
SRabbelierhehe, nah, I hang out in #git too often for that, answering newbie questiosn14:49
durin42Lennie: you could just use hg instead, it's much more straightforward14:50
Lenniedurin42: hg?14:50
tlarsendurin42: I actually got hgsubversion working in Cygwin.14:50
SRabbelierdurin42: and get support from whom? :P14:50
durin42Lennie: Mercurial14:50
durin42SRabbelier: from me?14:50
durin42tlarsen: cool14:50
SRabbelierdurin42: you don't even live in the same timezone!14:50
durin42SRabbelier: email rocks!14:51
tlarsendurin42: I am going to keep my Cygwin environment working, to make sure I don't break things for Windoze developers.14:51
SRabbeliertlarsen: +1 on that14:51
durin42tlarsen: +114:51
tlarsendurin42: I won't use it primarily, though.  It is too slow.14:51
durin42tlarsen: I'd believe it. cygwin is a terrible idea from a performance PoV.14:51
tlarsendurin42: I set up Synergy on my 4-core box and the Google laptop, and Ubuntu in a VM runs faster on the 4-core box than Cygwin on either.14:52
durin42tlarsen: Very nice! Ubuntu and not Fedora?14:52
tlarsendurin42: Both of my Ubuntu VMs are upgrading to 8.10 right now.14:52
tlarsendurin42: Yeah, I got tired of random stuff in Fedora being bit-rotted.14:53
durin42tlarsen: Ah. I think you'll find it's just different stuff in Ubuntu has bitrot.14:53
tlarsendurin42: I am planning to set up netstations in the main house using Ubuntu and auto-updates.14:53
tlarsendurin42: Yeah, like the version of Eclipse in Ubuntu is ancient.14:53
durin42tlarsen: Sounds pretty awesome.14:53
tlarsendurin42: Anyway, the stateless Linux stuff just got ignored by Fedora.14:53
SRabbeliertlarsen: stateless Linux?14:54
tpbTitle: StatelessLinux - FedoraProject (at
tlarsendurin42: There is much more documentation on setting up "identical" boxes that have NFS /home and net login and auto updates in Ubuntu than in Fedora.14:54
tlarsendurin42: It is very easy to have Ubuntu boxes simply wipe themselves every night, for example.14:54
SRabbelierah, it's on their wiki, but not in their distro?14:54
tlarsendurin42: There are a lot of different scenarios that are possible with Ubuntu and their enterprise installter stuff now.14:55
durin42tlarsen: Cool, I'll remember that for the day I actually set up multiple machines. I need to try out 8.10 to see if it has support for my DTV tuner.14:55
durin42tlarsen: Was considering rebuilding the media center machine tomorrow night to keep me from watching election coverage.14:55
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tlarsendurin42: Yeah, I was thinking about ignoring the election coverage also.15:20
tlarsendurin42: I think this is what is going to happen:
tpb<> (at
durin42tlarsen: hm, I'll have to watch that later15:22
durin42tlarsen: or do I not want to?15:22
tlarsendurin42: The video is quite amuzing.15:24
tlarsenErr, amusing.15:24
tlarsenIn a sort of "sad, but true" sort of way.15:25
* durin42 fixes an hgsubversion bug so he can commit at work.15:25
durin42tlarsen: alrighty, will watch when I get home15:25
Lennietlarsen: hehe nice movie :)15:25
durin42I'm going to go off irc and GSD for a while.15:26
Lennietlarsen: I think the same goes for McCain, I dont think both are completly the right persons15:26
Lenniebut it's gotta be one of the two :)15:26
tlarsenLennie: Yeah, I don't care who people vote for, as long as they are making an informed decision.15:26
tlarsenLennie: I just don't think the voters are informed.15:26
durin42anywho, I'm out for now, see you guys later15:27
Lennietlarsen: I think that if money and media exposure is the way to win an election, then there is something wrong with politics15:27
Lennietlarsen: Those people have the responsibility to lead a country :S15:27
Lennienot to be the most 'popular' person :015:28
Lennieyou are right about information being important, it's not a small decision. The coming years will probably be tough :S15:29
tlarsenLennie: yes, despite not caring for McCain much either, I just think that Obama is going to be a puppet of Pelosi and Reid.15:33
Lennietlarsen: Due to his inexperience and therefore his fear of doing the wrong thing?15:34
tlarsenLennie: Yes, so we won't end up with an independent Executive branch, basically.15:35
Lennietlarsen: okay, took me a while to understand that since I'm dutch :D15:37
Lennietlarsen: The media here have portaited Obama as the best canditate since he entered the election, not really an objective view15:38
SRabbelieroh yeah, totally true15:38
Lennietlarsen: But that's media :S15:38
LennieI'm gonna watch a movie. Patch to make all logic\models compliant with base.Logic will be done tomorrow, if the bugs get fixed only settings page is bugged now ^^16:16
Lennienn SRabbelier ^^16:16
SRabbelierg'night Lennie16:17
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tlarsendurin42: is svn 1.5.1 recent enough?19:10
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