Saturday, 2008-11-01

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LennieGood morning :)03:41
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LennieMorning SRabbelier ^^09:08
SRabbelierLennie: good morning indeed09:09
* SRabbelier is rebuilding git.git09:09
* Lennie is finishing his google app ^^09:09
SRabbelierdid you put up a repo yet?09:10
LennieI could do if you'd like :)09:10
SRabbelieryup, you should09:10
LennieO noez, SRabbelier in my baze stealing my codez ^^?09:10
SRabbelieryup, andalso recruitn fer Melange09:11
Lennieany names in here I should know :D?09:13
SRabbelieryup, durin42 is one of the devs09:13
LennieWhere is Pawel of wich you speak so highly :D09:14
SRabbelierhis nick is solday-something09:14
SRabbelierI forget09:14
SRabbelierhaven't seen him since the mentor summit09:14
Lennietoo bad09:14
SRabbeliertlarsen = Todd Larsen = the guy from google working on Melange full time09:15
Lennieyeah, you've talked about him09:15
SRabbelierlh = Leslie Hawthorn = our supreme overlord kind of person, she's the one that will be using Melange's admin side most09:15
Lennieshe runs GHOP or GSOC then?09:16
SRabbelierLennie: yup, that's her09:19
* SRabbelier will bbl09:27
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* dmitrig01 waves to solydzajs and wonders whether anyone besides solydzajs and dmitrig01 speak polish in here18:56
MatthewWilkesdzien dobry.  I know 2 words, can I play too?18:59
MatthewWilkesdmitrig01: Wait, I lied.  3.  Polski19:08
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