Friday, 2008-10-31

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* Sidnei hopes lh is not awake00:37
lhSidnei: i am awake and i am working00:38
lhand in about 10 minutes00:38
lhi am going back to the wedding rehearsal dinner i am currently ignoring00:38
* lh wants android irc client, then cloning machine00:38
Sidneilh: oh dear00:39
Sidneiit can't be that bad to get an android irc client00:39
Sidneii would write one in exchange for someone getting android running on my nokia n81000:39
Sidneithat would be fair, no?00:39
lhSidnei: i think that would be totally fair00:42
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* Sidnei is away: I'm busy03:30
* Sidnei is away: sleeping03:31
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James--CrookSidnei: Are you developing on windows too?12:30
SidneiJames--Crook: yes i am12:31
James--CrookAre you using cygwin?12:31
SidneiJames--Crook: no, why should i? :)12:31
SidneiJames--Crook: well, i actually am using some cygwin stuff, like wget and tar12:32
James--CrookTo run ./make_release.sh12:32
James--Crook(didn't work for me)12:32
James--CrookGot file not found *.py[co]12:32
SidneiJames--Crook: ah, haven't got that far12:33
Sidneilet me take a look12:33
James--CrookZip error nothing to do (../release/
James--CrookSo the getting started guide IS out of order.12:33
James--Crook'cos I just went on to the next step.12:34
James--Crook(also FIND: Parameter format not correct)12:34
SidneiJames--Crook: i know what's going on12:34
SidneiJames--Crook: windows has a 'find' command too, which has different arguments12:34
SidneiJames--Crook: that's what's being called. you need to get cygwin before that one into your PATH12:35
SidneiJames--Crook: or hardcode the path to find12:35
James--CrookOK..  Thanks!  I'll add that to the GettingStarted guide.12:35
Sidneiie, change to call /usr/bin/find or whatever is the path12:35
James--CrookDid you find anything else in your getting started that needs to go on that page?12:35
Sidneican't think of anything no12:36
James--Crook(will just change my path to put cygwin earlier.  Don't have any real windows scripts)12:36
James--Crook...  also I've seen that tiny_mce is supposed to be being used by the app...  but I don't see any pages that use it.12:36
Sidneiindeed, i couldn't spot anything either12:37
James--CrookAnd there's supposed to be a side-by-side partial-path, linkname thing that Dmitri did, but I don't see that either.12:37
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James--CrookE.g. in http://localhost:8080/site/settings/edit it's one above the other.12:38
James--CrookHmm...  I'll ask on e-mail list.  Thanks for your help.12:39
tlarsenJames--Crook: Dmitri did it in Firebug, as a proof of concept, but there is no way to implement his idea with form.as_table.12:45
durin42tlarsen: dunno if you saw my other messages - I'll be back around an hour from now, it's lunchtime13:09
James--Crooktlarsen: Hmm.  Thanks.  Will post about this on e-mail.  There may be a not-that-inelegant way.13:13
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SRabbelierHey y'all13:40
SRabbelierJames--Crook:, Sidnei: we are using tiny_mce in the Document editor, aren'tw e?13:42
James--CrookSRabbelier: hiya.  Good to meet you at the summit Sverre.  (and Todd, Pawel, Dmitri too)13:42
SRabbelierJames--Crook: indeed!13:42
SidneiSRabbelier: checking13:42
James--CrookSRabbelier: Are we assuming that users of Melange will have Javascript enabled?13:43
SRabbelierJames--Crook: they better13:43
James--Crook'cos I think we should state explicitly on the wiki what our assumptions are.13:43
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Sidneii agree, we should make statements about popup blocking too13:44
James--CrookSRabbelier: Any particular place where it is vital?13:44
James--CrookSidnei: What statement?13:45
SRabbelieratm we use it for the side-menu clicky-thingy functionality13:45
SRabbelierand the list view, to select how many elements are displayed13:45
SRabbelierwe don't have any pop-ups13:45
SRabbelierdon't think we'll use any either13:45
James--CrookSRabbelier: Recent addition... and may work without (just degrades to no open/close)??13:45
Sidneithat we shouldn't use popups then :)13:45
SRabbelierJames--Crook: probably, but the list will then always only show 10 items13:46
James--Crook..can be detected I think and dealt with... but it's some work...13:46
James--Crookeasier and better to say 'Javascript Required'13:47
SRabbelierJames--Crook: +`svn` working copy.  If you're one of the deluded souls using Windows,13:50
SRabbelierJames--Crook: no windows bashing please13:50
SRabbelierI hate it too, but it's unprofessional13:50
SRabbelierJames--Crook: aside from that, awesome update to GettingStarted :)13:50
James--Crook?? Are you saying I shouldn't say 'deluded' on the getting started page?  I don't think it will offend even windows developers...  (I am one)13:52
SRabbelierJames--Crook: yes, that's what I'm saying13:53
SRabbelierand it's not about being offended :P13:53
James--CrookOK.  Will can  'one-of-the-deluded-souls'13:54
SRabbelierit just doesn't look professional13:54
ibotJames--Crook meant: OK.  Will cut  'one-of-the-deluded-souls'13:54
SRabbelierthat would be good13:54
SRabbelieribot: !botsnack13:54
ibotSRabbelier: thanks13:54
SRabbelierJames--Crook: thank you13:56
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SRabbeliertlarsen: are you still ill?15:01
tlarsenSRabbelier: yes.15:01
SRabbeliertlarsen: :( has it gotten better yet?15:01
tlarsenSRabbelier: every time I am feeling a little better, I do too much, and then I start coughing up junk.15:01
SRabbeliertlarsen: heh, take a day or two off ;)15:01
durin42SRabbelier: if I comprehend tlarsen's personality, he's not good at resting to get healthy15:02
tlarsendurin42: Heh.15:03
tlarsendurin42: Exactly.  I *hate* down time.15:03
SRabbeliertlarsen: take some anyway, otherwise you'll keep being only 1/4th productive15:03
tlarsenSRabbelier: Yeah, that is what this weekend is for.  I only have to put a roof on the well house.  I'm not planning on doing anything else.  :)15:04
durin42tlarsen: easy to spot because in college my wife would have to pull me aside and tell me to go ask profs for an excused absence from class15:04
durin42(before she was my wife, of course)15:04
SRabbelierWhat is wrong with this line: "Fragment 30/25"15:05
* SRabbelier rolleye15:05
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SRabbeliermhhh, looks like chanserv died?17:35
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SRabbeliereither that, or Pidgin is f*cking up17:35
scorchejust a bit slow know how it goes17:35
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SRabbeliermhhh, was probably pdigin17:37
scorcheit wouldnt be17:37
scorcheno...unless pidgin did not identify you until then17:38
SRabbeliercould be17:38
SRabbelierah well :)17:38
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* Sidnei is away: off19:52
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dmitrig01|afkhi all20:26
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dmitrig01how is everyone?20:26
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dmitrig01|afkanyone here?21:00
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