Friday, 2008-10-17

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Allenpenyaskito: ping?08:53
penyaskitoAllen: pong08:53
Allenpenyaskito: any suggestion to organize the question and answers?08:54
penyaskitoAllen: I've been away from melange for a while (new job and other projects)08:55
penyaskitoso my advise cannot be helpful, I need to fill the gap yet08:55
penyaskitoAllen: please ask in dev list, it is the better that you can do08:55
Allenpenyaskito: ok08:55
Allenpenyaskito: I will do it, thanks08:56
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lh_gsdwell crap.11:28
lh_gsddurin42: ping11:28
durin42lh_gsd: pong11:31
lh_gsddurin42: you know agile. if there is a user story and it looks good to me, should i just LGTM it in the tracker? i feel like an idiot doing that but not sure how else to show i have reviewed and think it is a good idea11:32
durin42lh_gsd: the story is done, or it's a good story?11:32
durin42I guess we should have a "backlog" or "approved stories" place to file them11:32
lh_gsdi can make a tag that says lh reviewed or something11:33
lh_gsdwill propose on discussion list11:33
lh_gsddurin42: thank you11:33
durin42lh_gsd: sure11:33
durin42lh_gsd: it's a bit fuzzy since we don't have formal sprints11:33
lh_gsddurin42: perfecto. thank you. :)11:35
durin42I can give you a quick rundown on how we do agile here at some point next weekend if you like11:35
durin42maybe you and todd in the same room11:35
lh_gsdactually i figured we would all spend sunday AM together11:38
lh_gsdand then demo in afternoon11:38
lh_gsdthat will also help us have a smaller and focused audience11:39
durin42lh_gsd: cool, I'll be targetting to leave around 3 on sunday11:44
durin42(I think that's the time, I'll look again at the flight times next week and be more sure)11:45
lh_gsddurin42: thanks for the heads up, i am starting a thread on the discussion list11:48
durin42lh_gsd: sure thing. Pity I have to leave early, stupid flights out of SJC.11:49
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lh_gsddurin42: no worries, i understand how these things work11:51
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tlarsenIs anybody home?12:10
lh_gsdtlarsen: yo12:22
lh_gsdreading user stories12:22
lh_gsdwhen i have nothing to add, i just plan to comment "reviewed; nothing to add"12:23
lh_gsddo we want to add a label for reviewed by me to make your lives/my life easier filtering wise?12:23
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tlarsenlh_gsd: I am working on adapting some of the wiki labels to the issue tracker for this purpose.  Will be done shortly.12:28
lh_gsdtlarsen: wonderful12:28
tlarsenHow about these?12:29
tlarsenStory-Skeleton       = Basic idea, but needs more details12:30
tlarsenStory-Draft          = Initial (likely incomplete) idea, needs discussion12:30
tlarsenStory-Reviewed       = Story has been discussed, with attached comments12:30
tlarsenStory-Complete       = Story is discussed, reviewed and ready to implement12:30
tlarsenStory-Update         = Story requires updating and re-review12:30
tlarsenIt would be great if you could categorize the User Stories with these labels, or something like them.12:30
lh_gsdcan do this, but not until later.12:30
tlarsenThat way, people could take a look at the "Skeletons" and add to them, or find the Draft ones that are under discussion and join in.12:30
lh_gsdif someone can do before this afternoon, please do.12:30
lh_gsdtlarsen: i like that12:31
tlarsenOK, I will save those labels now.12:31
lh_gsdtlarsen: thank you12:31
lh_gsdright now i am getting a sense of the stories in the tracker and commenting12:31
lh_gsdi can update labels on each one later12:31
lh_gsdthis will give me a chance to read them and then reread them12:31
lh_gsdwhich means i will retain more, and ++ to that12:31
tlarsenlh_gsd: Do I need to be around for these office hours?12:33
tlarsenI have a meeting at noon, and I have to go AFK before then.12:33
lh_gsdtlarsen: not if it is not a good use of your time, please go12:33
lh_gsdthanks for checking12:33
lh_gsdhappy meeting12:33
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lhyou know, they are just never in here. i clearly need to move to europe.21:12
* lh makes unilateral decision and assumes her karma is clean21:12
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