Saturday, 2022-06-18

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josengHey, after my problems the last days with litex_sim and etherbone, I tried the whole day to get the etherbone or uartbone on a real hardware to work with litex_server. Seems to have the same issues as with litex_sim, that it does not connect reliably and I rarely can read the registers. Fails the majority of calls with a timeout. Need to restart th00:08
josenge litex_server very often. When it works, it does so multiple times, but then I get a timeout and it does not recover until I restart the litex_server. Uartbone I cannot get it to work at all (but using the litex terminal/bios output on the same connection works, so hardware wise it should be ok)00:08
josengAnybody an idea what this could be? Somebody mentioned some days ago, something about buffer sizes, but the only buffer size I found was with the add_etherbone command and setting that bigger than the default 16 breaks the communication 00:10
josengI could try litex on a linux VM or on another windows laptop00:10
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jevinskie[m]I added a way to make Misc() emit -from -to with a new PinRef class.
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xenador77Anyone on/around and feel like looking at my latest attempt at adding upduino_v3 to the supported boards list? (
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