Saturday, 2022-05-14

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swetlandmaybe more of a vexriscv than litex question --- vexriscv appears to implement lr/sc but not amo*, which does not seem unreasonable, *but* it also seems to hang forever on amo* instructions which is annoying.  any ideas if there's an easy fix for this?10:34
gatecatswetland: the "linux" variant cores with a dcache should have amo* enabled too:
gatecathowever, it should also be possible to set up an illegal instruction trap handler to emulate the amo's10:48
gatecatlike in the old emulator code before these were done in hw for linux:
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swetlandhmmm.  weird.  I'll have to dig a bit deeper and figure out what I'm doing wrong21:20
swetlandI wish vexriscv had a csr with a bitfield indicating which features were present so I could interrogate a generated core ^^22:22
swetlandokay.... updated my litex checkout to latest git versions and now running the target python script doesn't generate the build/$target/... stuff and compile the firmware22:28
swetlandah... it now wants --build... but now the design no longer fits in the icesugar-pro... uses a lot more DP16K than before I updated. not sure why22:39
swetlandah. misplaced my patch to reduce the video fifo depth22:41
cr1901On one hand, the number of RV extensions is... bad. On the other, I think the base ISA is excellent minimalism for putting smol cores in smol places (no MUL/DIV).23:12
cr1901So I'm torn :P23:12
swetlandyeah RV32I is a nice baseline  and even RV32IMA is pretty light to run a slightly larger system without a lot of cruft23:14
cr1901weren't you doing a 16-bit RISC a long time ago? Would be curious if anything came of the hardware impl23:15
cr1901all CPUs are friends :)23:15
swetlandgatecat: found it: bugs with linker script and bss init code resulted in failure to zero some variables -- qemu memory appears to be zero on boot, but not so on the actual sdram23:16
swetlandcr1901: I was! haven't had time to play with it for a while23:16
cr1901Still would be curious to see it completed eventually, to add to the "me-too" RISC pile :)23:17
swetlandat the moment I'm getting setup for some little workshops I'm doing on how-oses-work / how-to-write-an-os.  using RV32IMA w/ U/S/M + MMU on Qemu and ECP5 (Litex/VexRISCV) as the platform23:17
cr1901I like RV's base ISA a LOT, and... not much else. And I kinda buy the conspiracy theory that RV was designed to require insn fusion for high performance. And the insn fusion for RV was patented.23:18
swetlandI had not heard that.  interesting.   I like it as a "real" modern ISA with solid gcc/clang support and readily available soft implementations.  nice teaching tool.  not deeply invested in it otherwise as yet23:20
cr1901Well, don't take me too seriously re: the conspiracy theory. The patent part is true, the rest is just speculation b/c nothing would surprise me anymore :P23:21
swetlandit's nice to get people up to speed and hands-on with something supported, documented, reasonably clean, and not yet burdened with a few decades of evolution (say vs x86/x64/arm/etc)23:21
swetlandalso I finally found a diagram making tool for linux that's not hateful:
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