Tuesday, 2022-05-03

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swetlandFigured out the Icesugar Pro HDMI issues:11:10
tntwhy would that be needed on that board and not ulx3s ?11:18
swetlandI assume different electrical situation on the hdmi wiring11:19
swetlandit might be good on ulx3s too, haven't tested there11:20
swetlandwhat I know is I could not get my Dell monitor to recognize output from the ISP with the same timing as on ULX3S, and when I looked at the demo colorbars project on the ISP github they drive both p and n, so I adjusted to do that and I get a working display11:21
swetlandI know from putting a scope on the Rs or Cs in front of the HDMI connector on the ISP that with the litex build, out of the box, the p pins have signal and the n pins do not11:21
tntMmm ... the icesugar platform file is wrong.11:23
tntIOStandard("LVCMOS33") on the HDMI lines should be IOStandard("LVCMOS33D")11:23
tntthe "D" is for pseudo differential, which enables all that stuff internally to the fpga.11:23
swetlandbloody hell11:24
swetlandI thought I checked that11:24
swetlandwell that was a bunch of painful python plumbing for nothing ^^11:24
swetlandthough I do think the clock changes are still good.11:25
tntyeah probably good to have defaults that meet timing.11:25
swetlandI'm rebuilding to verify but I'm about 100% certain adjusting the iostandard will indeed resolve the signal issue11:30
swetlandplus side: much cleaner fix11:30
swetlandERROR: cannot place differential IO at location PIOB11:33
swetlandunclear which IO it dislikes11:33
tntOh, well I guess that's why it was that way ...11:34
swetlandthe display *works*... but I'm not sure why now11:35
tnthuh ? If it said "error" it wouldn't have rebuild the bitstream right ?11:35
gatecat> ERROR: cannot place differential IO at location PIOB11:37
gatecatyou could still perhaps use LVCMOS33D by changing the IO constraint to be on the PIOA side and then invert the data, assuming the PIOA is indeed used for the - side11:37
swetlandah I guess I'm used to vendor tools having a generous idea of success11:38
swetlanddo you know where I can find the map of the corresponding pins for PIOA/B/etc? some lattice doc presumably?11:39
gatecatyeah there should be a spreadsheet11:43
swetlandthere we go. found it11:44
swetlandye gods. they are all over the bloody place11:50
swetlandonly data2p/data2n are actually situated on a differential pair11:50
swetlandonly data2p/data2n are actually situated on the same  differential pair11:51
tnt:/  I guess the icesugar-* designer didn't improve. the ice40 one already had some very questionable choices.11:55
swetlandthe board otherwise seems functional enough.  I wish more ULX3Ses were more rapidly available, but this was better than nothing.11:57
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