Monday, 2022-05-02

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jevinskie[m]<swetland> "Working on building up a riscv..." <- Very cool work with qemu!! I love that tool03:12
limelightHi guys, I'm ramping up after 2+ years being away.03:32
limelightTrying to pimp up the numato mimas configuration with video goodies03:32
limelightso far I was only successful with 800x600, anything else seems to make my display go out of sync03:33
limelightany suggestions?03:33
limelightnever mind, I just lightheartedly copied the settings from another target and didn't realize the hdmi clock values were hardcoded03:48
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swetlandanyone use the muselab icesugar pro w/ litex and successfully get HDMI output?23:52

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