Wednesday, 2022-03-16

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tnt_florent_: you were using data_width=256 for x8 right ?07:56
_florent_tnt: yes07:59
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_florent_the other difference is the machine (I'm testing on a H270M-PLUS motherboard with an I9), but since X4 is working, I would have expected X8 to also work on your machine08:05
tntOk, I'll give that a shot with sys_clk at 200M  and might try to regenerate the .xci in case I screwed it up the first time around.08:05
tnt_florent_: is the fpga on that board faster than a zu11eg-1 ?  At sys_clk 200M, I get min-pulse-width violation for the clk_4x for the DDR4.08:39
tnt(damn, yeah, answering my own question the 1525 board has a -2l speedgrade vs -1 speedgrade of the zu11eg)08:57
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acathlaIf I have two or more memories (Flash) on the same SPI bus, with a different CS_n signal, how can I map that to the wishbone bus? Is it something LiteSPI can do? 12:39
acathlaI could self.bus.add_slave to two different regions but to the same bus, but I'm not sure how to know which region is accessed, unless I use static addresses.12:46
tntacathla: doesn't look like it's supported.12:55
acathlaThat's what I thought :/12:55
acathlaI try with the static address first12:56
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