Sunday, 2015-03-08

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tpbNew news from TPServer-cpp 0.7.0 released. || Libtprl 0.1.3 released. || GSoC 2009 wrap up || Stand on the shoulders of giants, students wanted! || Single Player released! - A tale of Google Summer of Code || TPServer-cpp 0.6.2 released. || TPServer-cpp 0.6.1 released. || Thousand Parsec a mentor project for Google Summer of Code 2009 || Libtpproto-cpp 0.1.9 technology preview released. || First Release of TPAdmin-cpp || TPServer-cpp 0.6.0 released.00:00
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Landon'lo all20:34
Landonare the git repos and svn repos mirrors of each other?20:34
Landon(automatically synced, that is)20:34
Landonmaybe I have no idea what I'm talking about, for some reason I thought the main repos were in SVN, but that doesn't look like the c ase, nevermind!20:36

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