Tuesday, 2011-11-01

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ezodtansell-laptop: how was toronto?20:33
tansell-laptopezod, cool20:37
tansell-laptopI ended up going out to Nigara Falls20:37
ezoda tourist trap that is ;)20:37
tansell-laptopIt was pretty good20:43
tansell-laptopthe weather was nice20:43
ezodthat's good, to be honest i've only ever been in the winter20:43
ezodtansell-laptop: not used to squirrels?20:44
ezodother than in winter, i can walk anywhere in windsor and see at least one of them running around at any given time20:45
tansell-laptopwe don't have squirrels in Australia!20:45
ezodi thought they were introduced20:45
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