Friday, 2011-01-14

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tpb<> (at
verhoevenvRight in the root of tpserver-cpp00:02
Vadtecyou can slap me if you like00:03
verhoevenvWe only slap our regular committers.00:04
verhoevenvWhen they don't work hard enough, obviously.00:04
Vadtecdang git-web...making it difficult to dl the file00:06
* Vadtec switches to cmd line00:07
Vadtecugh, doesnt git have a command that will just make it DL a file without needing to have a copy of the repo in the dir?00:09
verhoevenvEh, I'm not sure. Probably, but it's not the default use case for sure...00:16
verhoevenvwould that work?00:17
tpb<> (at
Vadtecthat just gets the gitweb.cgi file00:18
Vadtectried that already00:18
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verhoevenvIt does. Annoying.00:19
Vadtecgit archive --remote=git:// --format=tar risk-defaultmap.svg | tar -x00:21
Vadtecfatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly00:21
Vadtecand trying with http:// yields:00:24
Vadtecfatal: Operation not supported by protocol.00:24
* Vadtec cheats00:29
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Vadtecha, that was the last file i needed to complete the compile00:30
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Vadtecgreetings llnz00:35
Vadteci found one last file that is needed in the tarball00:36
llnzthanks Vadtec00:36
Vadtecmake[2]: *** No rule to make target `risk-defaultmap.svg', needed by `all-am'.  Stop.00:36
Vadteconce i copied it from git it compiled just fine00:36
Vadtecverhoevenv figured out its in the root of the repo00:36
llnzthanks, i'll fix that one too00:37
Vadtecill have to play with the server n what not later, still gotta install some AIs, but right now...supper time!00:38
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* llnz wanders off03:03
llnzlater all03:03
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Vadtecwhere is the config file supposed to be located for tpserver-cpp?04:35
Vadtecor should it simply be specified with -C ?04:36
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