Tuesday, 2010-11-30

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shenkitansell: hrm, i got a soc tshirt in the post today07:16
tansellshenki, oh?07:16
shenkitansell: is it because you had me down as a mentor?07:16
tanselldunno - did we?07:16
shenkinfi. it's the only explination i could think of07:17
shenkitansell: gonna upgrade hopper thisevening07:19
shenkidoing a backup now07:20
tansellshenki, okay07:52
shenkitansell: have you customised php.ini?10:03
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shenkitansell: it looked like you'd made a small change to the amount of RAM a process can use, i re-added that10:37
shenkitansell: the machine didn't reboot cleanly; i had to kill the kvm process (virsh etc was unable to do anything, and ssh wasn't responding - i think that it had shut down but failed to "reboot" itself)10:38
shenkitansell: but after that, virsh brought it back up no worries, and things appear to be okay10:38
shenkitansell: take a look at the stuff you run on it, but the php (blog) and perl scripts (gitweb) appear fine10:39
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llnzmorning all18:54
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