Friday, 2010-09-17

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llnzbbl, maybe04:32
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bisctansell: ping06:16
tansellbisc, pong06:16
bisctansell: please have a look here
tpbTitle: Issue 107001: Russian translation. - Code Review (at
biscthat's a patch for several my commits06:16
biscI changed script so that it ignores build dir06:16
biscand recreated both .pot and russian .po from scratch06:17
bisctansell: ok. So I think my next move is unification of UI labels06:20
tansellokay, I'm not sure I know what that means06:24
bisctansell: we've talked about it earlier. Something like coherent vocabulary, using either 'Server Finder Window' or 'Browse Servers Window', but not both. I think that I'll place it somewhere in wiki so that everyone can express opinion -- and only then edit code.06:28
tansellahh yeah06:28
tansellbisc, I would just do it06:28
bisctansell: what do you mean 'just do'?06:29
tansellbisc, the only peoples opinion who count are the people who actually willing to put in the effort :)06:29
bisctansell: well, okay. But generally, some terms are shared between clients, like 'Galaxy'. To make sure nobody calls it 'Nebula' somewhere.06:31
tansellbisc, that comes from the server06:31
bisctansell: bad example then. 'Object' vs 'Entity'. Or 'System' vs 'Planet Agglomeration'. 'Ruleset' vs 'Set Of Rules', etc.06:32
tansellbisc, I don't think there is any way to keep it consistent across clients06:32
tansellbisc, but if you set a good example then others will follow06:33
bisctansell: very well then.06:34
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