Sunday, 2010-08-01

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llnzafk, bbl00:45
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llnzwrong button03:15
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* llnz wanders off10:02
llnzlater all10:02
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Null_000alanp: ping15:43
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mithroepyon-kitsune: ping?16:56
epyon-kitsunemithro: pong16:56
mithroepyon-kitsune: just wanted to check that your all sorted for next week?16:57
epyon-kitsuneyup, got my visa, got the passport back, all is well :)16:57
epyon-kitsunetook a lot quicker than I initially suspected.16:57
mithroepyon-kitsune: great!16:57
mithroI'm just about to send out an email about the event16:58
mithroSpam (183826)17:22
mithroI get a lot of spam :(17:23
StupidIncarnatehey mithro, it possible to get tpclient-pyweb up on a subdomain or something so I can test it in windows?17:25
StupidIncarnateneed to check it in internet explorer17:25
mithroyou can't run it locally?17:25
StupidIncarnatecan you run internet explorer in linux?17:26
ezodStupidIncarnate: virtualbox17:27
ezodmithro: fyi, definitely cannot make it to hackweek :(17:27
mithroezod: :(17:28
StupidIncarnatealright i'll look into that17:28
ezodand it turns out it wasn't my screwup (at least not one of them), the lab that is the root of the conflict was previously before hackweek, and was moved17:28
ezodbut there's nothing i can do about it :\17:29
mithroezod: are any of our students in the USA or Canada?17:56
ezodmithro: glew is in boston17:56
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verhoevenvmithro: I'll add my flight costs to the spreadsheet17:58
verhoevenvIt was slightly more - approx 1550 usd instead of 1400 as foreseen18:01
verhoevenvThen again, if the euro drops in value it might become less.18:01
mithroezod: I'm assuming you are not able to get any refund on your ticket?18:02
ezodmithro: yeah nonrefundable :(18:02
mithroezod: couldn't fly in/out early/late18:03
mithroverhoevenv: when do you fly in/out ?18:05
verhoevenvArrival the 7th at 19:41 (though will probably be an hour or so before I clear customs etc), depart the 14th at 15:50.18:06
verhoevenvI understood we have no accomodation after the 13th though?18:07
mithroverhoevenv: yeah - the hotel was booked out :(18:08
mithroLee and I are planning on getting another hotel close to the airport18:09
verhoevenvMight be interesting.18:09
verhoevenvOr I could take a look at something like couchsurfing.18:09
mithroverhoevenv: can you add your flight details to the spreadsheet?18:10
ezodverhoevenv: woop couchsurfing :)18:11
verhoevenvezod: I never tried it, but there's a first time for everything...18:11
ezodmithro: no, the lab is on the thursday18:11
ezodverhoevenv: i'm an ambassador, been CSing since 200518:12
mithroverhoevenv: do you use tripit?18:14
verhoevenvmithro: No, shoud I? What is it?18:15
mithroverhoevenv: it's a trip tracking website - it's useful if you do a lot of travelling18:17
mithroverhoevenv: did you just receive an email from me?18:21
verhoevenvNo, well, half an hour ago yes, but not just now...18:22
mithroverhoevenv: okay that's the one I ment18:23
verhoevenvJust the one with the "could you get in touch".18:24
mithrostill writing the other one18:47
mithrocurrently I have Schedule, Hotel details, Emergency Contact Details18:48
mithropeople think of anything else we need?18:48
verhoevenvWhat to bring18:49
verhoevenv(though I wouldn't know if there's anything special)18:49
verhoevenvHow much money we might expect to be spending18:49
* mithro ponders staying up or going to bed18:58
mithromy flight is at 2:00pm and it's now 5:00am18:58
verhoevenvWhoah. This tripit thing is like magic.19:08
mithroverhoevenv: he he - the service is a bit spamy sadly19:09
verhoevenvForwarding the flight email and seeing the whole thing planned is insanely cool though19:09
verhoevenvmithro: I was thinking, perhaps a few people could give some presentations on key parts of TP? I think spreading the knowledge on, say, the state of the various rulesets, the AIs, the structure of singleplayer etc might be helpful before we all just dive in.19:22
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mithroverhoevenv: sure - add it to the agenda19:23
verhoevenvHmm, "Something cool from your home town/country/state to share with everyone!", can I bring beer when traveling by plane? :p19:24
mithrowell I'm going to try and get some sleep19:28
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epyon-kitsunemithro: I don't have access to the spreadsheets linked from the e-mail19:39
epyon-kitsunemithro: could you add kornel.kisielewicz at gmail to the list?19:40
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verhoevenvI'll see if I can do it...19:42
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verhoevenvepyon-kitsune: I think I managed to add you to the spreadsheet, check your inbox?19:44
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epyon-kitsuneverhoevenv: great works :>19:49
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llnzmorning all20:26
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null_000alanp: ping20:27
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llnzhi mithro22:33
epyon-kitsunedamn windows and it's line endings -_-22:43
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llnzepyon-kitsune: looks like it is coming along23:16
llnzwhy are you bothering with the logger, etc when the networking isn't working?23:17
epyon-kitsunellnz: I'm coding it on windows (due to the easiness of refactoring and platform independentness) and it turned out that the logging macros were redefining some builtins23:23
epyon-kitsunealso I'm trying to get the minimal server working, and then attach all existing stuff to it23:24

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