Wednesday, 2010-06-16

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bisctansell: ping06:03
tansell-laptopbisc, pong06:09
bisctansell-laptop: is it convenient for you to talk now?06:10
tansell-laptoptalk and I'll answer when I can06:10
bisctansell-laptop: 0) Am I supposed to answer your comments right inside rietveld, or just rewrite my commits? 1) What shall I create globally? This can be Distance-to window, Technology Browser, or Send message window (or something else)? 2) do we want any kind of toolbar? 3) How do I commit refactoring - in separate commits or just in any local commit (while doing something else)? 4) Does pressing Shift work now? I'm not noticing anything. 5) Ca06:17
biscn you please review my patches. I've marked those that need attention with a star.06:17
tansellbisc, you should respond to the comments in rietveld07:10
tansell2) what do you mean by a toolbar?07:10
tansell4) What do you mean by pressing shift?07:10
tansell5) I can't see your stars, stars are private07:11
bisc2) the list of iconic buttons (maybe with labels) for the most frequently used actions that are placed below main menu. . In our case these can be icons for end of turn or additional window (design, etc)07:16
tpbTitle: Toolbar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (at
bisctansell: 4) I mean class ShiftMixIn and its usage. The code says that windows should behave somehow on pressing shift (like changing labels on buttons). But I don't notice anything. Is that right?07:17
tansellbisc, it might be broken07:18
tansellit should change the buttons in the message window from next/prev to first/last07:18
bisctansell: 5) oops. Then all open issues except 54002 and 59001.07:18
bisctansell: then I'll investigate why Shift doesn't work.07:19
tansellwhat am I looking at in 54002 and 5900107:19
bisctansell: no, you shouldn't look at them. I need review for all other open issues.07:20
tanselloh sorry misread07:21
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bisctansell: will be away for several hours. Still, I will be waiting for your reviews.07:52
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llnzhi all08:36
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tansellcahirwpz - you havn't been around for quite a while08:51
cahirwpztansell, hi - yeah - the end of summer semester at university :/08:51
cahirwpztansell, fortunately it means that quite soon I'll have much more time for GSoC08:56
cahirwpzI put a lot of effort lately to analyse both TP03 and TP04 protocol08:56
cahirwpzI also started rewriting database layer08:57
tansellcahirwpz, it's not a good idea to go off into a hole as you might be going in the wrong direction08:59
tansellbe back in a bit, dinner09:00
* llnz ponders09:34
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tansellback now09:41
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cahirwpztansell - I'll send you an e-mail when I update my wiki - expect it to be done till tomorrow09:49
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bisctansell: we need to choose what I do this week (along with bug fixing and small improvements of course). I've already said that I can propose either Distance-to window, Technology Browser, or Send message window. Or, if you don't like these options, can you suggest anything?10:06
tansellI don't think a technology browser makes sense as their is not really any technology to browse at the moment10:07
bisctansell: what about 'distance to' window? Its main purpose is to add accessibility for blind people? Is it primary priority now?10:13
* llnz wanders off10:26
llnzlater all10:26
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ezod~seen glew12:15
tpbezod: glew was last seen in #tp 3 weeks, 5 days, 15 hours, 4 minutes, and 20 seconds ago: <glew> ezod, its going well just getting a better understanding of the code12:15
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null_000hi every115:28
ezodhey null15:39
alanpnull_000: did you email list with problem?15:48
null_000and now that I am able to colonise planets some new bugs poped up15:51
null_000issue 111 and 11215:54
null_000both crash the server15:54
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null_000bye all17:40
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llnzmorning all20:45
llnzalanp: fixed your permission problem20:52
llnzAgon: i run parsek last night, couldn't see the starmap20:56
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Agonllnz: I didnt add it yet. I have a problem with libtpproto-cpp the class planet isnt compiled.21:09
llnzplanet should't be compiled21:10
llnzobjects are now created by description21:10
Agonoh, ok, thank you.21:16
Agonhm, this requires some research21:20
llnzI would suggest finding the object description that has "Planet" in the name and mapping that type id to the planet type21:22
Agonyeah got that so far, but to get a value eg. the X value of a position ParameterGroup do I need to unpack the buffer or is that information saved in getDescription() ?21:26
llnzit's not in get description21:29
llnzit's in...21:29
llnzObject::getParameters() (which gives the ObjectParameterGroups, which you can use to get the ObjectParameter, one of which should be a Position3dObjectParam)21:32
Agonok thanks21:38
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epyon-sakurallnz: ping!21:59
llnzepyon-sakura: pong22:00
epyon-sakurallnz: is there a reason why tpserver-cpp has so many dependencies?22:02
epyon-sakurawhat is guile/mzscheme used for?22:02
epyon-sakuraI remember asking that last year but I don't remember the answer :>22:02
epyon-sakurallnz: ?22:09
llnzepyon-sakura: used for TPCL, design description and parameter value calculation22:12
llnzit's not that many dependencies22:12
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epyon-sakurallnz: my question is -- you use config files, XML files, scheme files, and finally there was interest in lua support -- why so many data formats?22:32
llnztp protocol *requires* scheme, everything else was a choice22:34
llnzbrb, rebooting22:34
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* llnz is back22:39
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llnzthe different files do different things22:48
epyon-okamischeme isn't the most readable format :/22:48
llnzthe scheme files save having to embed them as long strings22:48
llnzthe config file was "good enough" for the time22:48
llnzthe xml suits the structured data for game maps and info for one or two games well22:49
* epyon-okami would gladly move everything to lua... but that's for post-gsoc proposal maybe22:49
llnzi suspect we need to have a better look22:49
llnzthe scheme files can't go away (unless embedded in the code)22:50
llnzeverything else can be reviewed22:50
llnzmaybe some of the config files should be stored in the database22:50
epyon-okamiwhy can't they?22:50
llnzi'm not really too worryed about the xml data files, each ruleset to it's own as required22:50
epyon-okamilua has the benefit of being lightweight, but at the same time nicely fullfiling the roles of all -- XML, config files, database dumps, embedding and a powerful scripting language22:51
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epyon-sakurait'd be one well chosen format for all -- minimizing the dependencies, and providing a common syntax for all tasks23:24
epyon-sakuraat least that is what I would suggest :)23:25
llnzone tool doesn't not solve all problems23:35
llnzthere is also integrating with other software to consider23:35
llnzthe xml for the maps for example are actually transformed from SVG, iirc (or maybe the other way around)23:36
epyon-sakurasvg is xml23:38
llnzi know23:39
epyon-sakurabenefit of data in lua however is the ability to self-transform if implemented properly23:39
epyon-sakuraI can regenerate an xml file from a lua file easily23:40
epyon-sakurabut anyway, that's an argument for thefuture :)23:40
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