Saturday, 2010-05-08

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Epyon_cahirwpz, you're not idling enough ;>07:55
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cahirwpzepyon: it's not my part of the week, you know - we're to take shifts ;-)08:03
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null_000mithro / tansell ping08:07
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biscmithro: greetings. I wonder if I can fix xrced for normally using custom classes, like wxGIFAnimationCtrl and wxOrderedTreeCtrl?08:32
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mithronull_000: pong?11:24
mithrobisc: what do you mean?11:24
biscmithro: I'm currenlty getting errors like No handler found for XML node 'object', class 'wxGIFAnimationCtrl'11:26
mithrobisc: are you using the xrced built into tpclient-pywx?11:26
null_000mithro: the problems I had with colonisation (freezing of clients) must be caused by the server not the client libs11:27
mithronull_000: why?11:28
mithro(and it is quite possible that it is)11:28
null_000mithro: I tried using the server that comes with the windows installer and it works11:28
null_000mithro: and the mtsec branch of tpserver-cpp11:28
mithronull_000: that doesn't rule out the client library - it just means that there is something going on which could cause the issue11:28
mithroIE the server could be sending a different packet to what it was before11:29
biscmithro: oops, sorry, haven't noticed it earlier. but it fails on start: AttributeError: 'MyXmlResource' object has no attribute 'this'11:30
null_000mithro: but I did try to use older libraries with the new server and it didn't work...11:31
null_000mithro: this is just my guess but I will try to find the specific commit where things stop working11:32
mithronull_000: have you turned on packet debugging?11:32
null_000mithro: no, how do I do that?11:33
mithrodebug=True on the connection creation11:33
mithrobisc: delete line 37 in extra/__init__.py11:35
null_000mithro: now, how can I decode this?11:37
mithrothe red packets are what is sent in one direction11:37
mithrothe green is what is going in the other11:37
mithronull_000: you also want to figure out where the client is stuck11:38
mithronull_000: you can also do the same on the server11:38
mithro(by turning the verbosity up)11:38
null_000mithro: I did this for the client (and also found out why it was using 100% of CPU)11:40
biscmithro: great, thanks. it works. concerning the -- there's a lot of code, maintaining both entering username and game through one text control and @, and through two text controls. 1) do we really need keeping both ways? 2) if yes, then what for?11:40
null_000mithro: but the server doesn't look like it's stuck11:40
mithronull_000: so why was it using 100% of the cpu?11:43
null_000mithro: it constantly gets an error (libpproto-yp/tp/netlib/ line 363) and it goes into a busy wait (because it doesn't get any data from the server)11:45
mithrobisc: the @ simple is used for multi-hosting of games on a single server11:45
null_000mithro: so I added a sleep for a few ms and that solves the CPU usage problem (which heated my CPU to 90°C)11:46
mithronull_000: the client should never spin like that11:47
mithronull_000: so there is atleast one bug there11:47
null_000mithro: true11:47
mithroheading out now11:48
biscmithro: ok. still, I can't see any difference between using one text control and two text controls in login window. is there (or should be) any difference?11:57
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ezod~seen glew16:33
tpbezod: glew was last seen in #tp 4 days, 16 hours, 38 minutes, and 49 seconds ago: <glew> ezod: hey ezod16:33
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