Thursday, 2010-04-29

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tansellhey llnz00:02
llnzhi tansell00:02
tansellllnz, have you had a chance to look into Stupid's bug?00:03
llnzwhich bug was that?00:03
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tansellllnz, the fact that the EOT function is not getting called when the timer runs out00:09
llnzno, other than the troubleshooting we did the other day00:10
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tansellboth kerbe and I where able to reproduce it00:20
tanselland it appears that none of the End of Turn code is called00:21
tansellIE turn generation is not occuring either00:23
llnzi get internet at home tonight, so I should be able to better look then00:24
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tansellllnz, okay then00:29
tansellhello glew00:29
glewtansell, hello00:29
tansellglew, all psyched up for GSoC?00:29
glewtansell, yeah got to finish up my last final tomorrow though00:29
glewtansell, but other than that looking forward to gsoc00:30
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llnzbbs, hopefully02:51
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StupidIncarnate>.> spam of emails.....03:45
StupidIncarnateI don't have to be on the "Google Summer of Code Students List" do I?03:46
tansellStupidIncarnate, I think you do....03:52
StupidIncarnateI found the mute button, all's good03:55
tansellfilters are good03:55
StupidIncarnateso mithro, is there somewhere that lists all the expectations ect for students? I didn't know we had to a do blog as well if I didn't read the logs04:40
StupidIncarnatebrb, coffee04:42
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biscoops, sorry, have been fixing keyboard07:13
StupidIncarnatethought that was some kinda super encoded leet07:13
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tansellStupidIncarnate, an email will be sent out in the next couple of days (probably over the weekend)07:52
StupidIncarnateblogging starts now though, or may 24th?07:53
tansellas soon as you want07:54
StupidIncarnatewell, I'd just start it may 24th since that means writing energy goes toward english assignments. And it seems a little redundant if the repository tracks all the changes07:56
StupidIncarnatebut that's just me07:56
StupidIncarnateany reason to start it sooner?07:58
tansellStupidIncarnate, if you do work07:58
tansellStupidIncarnate, the blog tracks what you are actually doing07:58
tansellfor example you can attach screenshots and such07:58
tansellhave you seen greywhind's blog?08:00
tpbTitle: Greywhinds Blog (at
StupidIncarnateI only saw the initial and final rapups, didn't know it had more08:00
StupidIncarnatebut shall look over it08:02
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mithrohow is everyone tonight?12:23
null_000hi all12:28
kerbework work work, as always :)12:30
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cahirwpzhi mithro! quite sunny here, nothing that resembles an evening ;-)12:36
cahirwpzare we tied to some particular CPython version? I'd like to use >=2.6 specific modules and features12:37
ezodi think right now we don't require anything higher than 2.3?12:42
ezodfor tpclient-pywx that is12:42
mithro2.5 is the lowest version supported12:44
mithrocahirwpz: we should support 2.5 for a bit longer12:44
mithrocahirwpz: most features can be back ported easily12:44
ezodoh, i should update the gentoo ebuilds then :o12:45
mithroezod: you only require 2.3?12:46
ezodthat's what the ebuild specifies, yes12:46
ezodbut 2.5 has been stable on gentoo for so long it's unlikely it's caused any issues ;)12:47
ezodfixing anyway12:47
cahirwpzis there a wiki entry where all required libraries (along with versions) are specified for both tpclient and tpserver ?12:48
alanpnobody uses gentoo anyways...12:49
* alanp starts distro holy war12:49
CIA-29mavrinac gentoo-overlay * re5ef320e67f5 / (6 files in 3 dirs): Require Python 2.5.12:51
ezodmithro: alanp and i (and others) are doing a panel on open source gaming on saturday at penguicon in detroit, featuring TP12:52
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mithroezod: cool12:52
mithronow we just need to start actually playing the game12:58
ezodmaybe we could run an mtsec server throughout gsoc13:00
mithroezod: I'm not sure tpserver-cpp is up to it13:00
mithrowe really need to get the AI's pounding the server13:04
kerbethere's at least that one bug at head which prevents playing. :)13:23
kerbetimer turn ending doesn't work. :)13:23
AgonHi, I would like to have a server, too.13:26
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alanpkerbe: ?16:03
alanpkerbe: in MTSec?16:04
alanptansell: what do you mean, tpserver-cpp not 'up to it'?16:04
alanplike, it will crash?16:04
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null_000kerbe: you have a server right?17:08
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kerbealanp: in whole tpserver-cpp, no matter which ruleset17:32
kerbenull_000: yes, I have17:32
alanptimer turn ending?17:32
null_000kerbe: tpserver-cpp?17:33
kerbenull_000: yes, that's what I currently have been looking. of course nothing really prevents me trying something else17:34
kerbealanp: yes. when there is timer counting time to end turn, when it reaches zero, it flips over to amazingly high number and continues count down from there.17:34
alanpnice heh17:35
null_000kerbe: can I connect to it and try something simple on minisec ruleset?17:35
alanpbug report opene?17:35
kerbeI havent checked if there is bug report, I'm not original founder of this bug, StupidIncarnate is. I just verified it for him. :)17:36
null_000I think the timer flip only happens if there is only one player connected17:36
kerbenull_000: sure. any specific version needed?17:36
kerbebut I have to get some dinner first, so I'm away ~30mins or so17:36
null_000kerbe: 0.7 would be nice but not necessary17:37
kerbenull_000: do you want to provide conf, or does it matter much what kind of options there are, if it is just minisec?18:02
kerbenull_000: there is now server running, gladiolus.fi18:08
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StupidIncarnateI never filed a bug report for the .7.0 timer bug. Was I supposed to? Seems like mithro already alerted llnz to it19:27
ezodStupidIncarnate: always file a bug report19:27
tpb<> (at
StupidIncarnateI never actually filed one before. What goes in it besides any information to get it to happen?19:29
alanpjust check out the best info you can19:30
StupidIncarnatecheck out?19:30
alanpsorry, reading and typing19:31
alanpjust put in the best info you can19:31
StupidIncarnateoh ok19:31
alanpi think i was going for 'fill out' ;-)19:31
StupidIncarnateopps, double submitted, how do you delete?19:40
alanpStupidIncarnate: which project is yours?19:44
StupidIncarnatethus tpweb19:44
ezodStupidIncarnate: next time you submit bug report, use the tags19:45
StupidIncarnatewhere's those?19:45
StupidIncarnateall I see is template, summary and descript19:46
StupidIncarnateis that supposed to be on the user defect report?19:48
tpb<> (at
ezodsee how it has severity-3, type-code, language-cpp, component-tpserver-cpp19:48
ezodyou can't put those in?19:49
ezodwell what the hell19:50
ezodwhy not19:50
StupidIncarnatemaybe I need a status change?19:50
StupidIncarnatebecause I can't edit my stuff either19:51
ezodwhat's your google email19:51
ezodor account19:51
ezodtry now19:51
StupidIncarnateone sec19:52
StupidIncarnatesee the labels now19:53
StupidIncarnateezod is also llnz?19:55
StupidIncarnateoh, you shifted it to them19:56
StupidIncarnatethanks again ezod20:00
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null_000kerbe: thanks20:06
null_000I don't need it any more now20:06
llnzmorning all20:09
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