Tuesday, 2010-04-20

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Epyonmithro, ping?00:04
mithroEpyon: pong00:04
EpyonI actually have a GSoC-organizational idea00:05
Epyonat least applicable to those participants that plan to have 5 workdays during the soc00:05
EpyonEver heard of Google's 20% fridays?00:05
mithroEpyon: yes, I kinda work at Google :)00:06
EpyonI didn't know that :D00:06
EpyonWell the idea would be to move that idea towards TP's GSoC.00:06
Epyon20% of the time could be invested in something else, as long as it's TP-related00:07
Epyonhowever, that is very vague, because we don't have time-based limits00:07
Epyonin our case that might be just a fun idea, but i actually thought that in scope of GSoC itself such a policy if well introduced, and properly solved the issue of time would be beneficial to the ideas of GSoC00:10
Epyonby making the student not only involved in the project he managed to get accepted, but the project he's working on as a whole.00:10
Epyonjust some random blabbering, feel free to ignore :>00:11
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llnzEpyon: in google, that 20% is normally taken as a block of 4 weeks after 4 months (or whenever the project deadlines allow for it)01:05
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alanpi have a phone call with a google recruiter tomorrow01:46
alanpanything i should expect? :)01:46
alanptansell: ^01:46
Epyonllnz, my friend from mountain view, from the Gmail team, told me it was fridays O.o01:47
Epyonmaybe that depends regionally01:48
llnzor what department your in02:09
alanpwhat does mithro do?02:22
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StupidIncarnatetansell around?04:31
tansellStupidIncarnate, yes04:31
StupidIncarnateso I wrote a tutorial on how to get pyweb up and running on linux, do you want that in an INSTALL file uploaded to git or just on the wiki, or no where at all04:33
tansellStupidIncarnate, in an INSTALL file and in the wiki would be good04:33
StupidIncarnateoh ok. I'll include it with the repo update after I fix a bug in the message's dialog04:35
StupidIncarnateI guess I'll ask as well. For the server, after the turn timer reaches 0 for the first turn, it starts counting negative. Is this a theshold thing in the config file? Because that was the only thing I didn't really set04:39
tansellStupidIncarnate, which turn timer?04:43
StupidIncarnateI think it happened with both basic timer and the player one04:44
StupidIncarnateI switched game sets too and it still did it04:44
tansellgot a copy of the instructions for me to read over?04:48
StupidIncarnatefor installing pyweb? yeah, I'll up it to the wiki. Though I haven't got a chance to do it on a new install yet04:49
StupidIncarnatetansell: Here you go http://www.thousandparsec.net/wiki/Tpclient-pyweb_Setup05:08
tpb<http://ln-s.net/5oe9> (at www.thousandparsec.net)05:08
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tansellStupidIncarnate, does tpclient-pyweb have a requirements.py file?05:17
StupidIncarnatetansell: yeah, it does05:17
* llnz wanders off05:20
llnzlater all05:20
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StupidIncarnateoh and I think the instructions of the tpserver are missing the part about creating a tmp folder05:25
StupidIncarnateor maybe that was pyweb >.>05:25
tansellcreating a tmp folder?05:26
StupidIncarnatelet me figure out which i'm thinking of05:27
StupidIncarnateoh nvm, I'm talking about tpweb. Gotta add that to the instructions05:30
tansellStupidIncarnate, with git you are using submodules05:32
tansellso you should be doing a05:32
tansellgit submodule update05:32
StupidIncarnateoh, I just downloaded the HEAD archive and unzipped them in that same folder05:34
StupidIncarnateis that the command though? "git submodule update libtpclient-py"05:34
tansell-laptopgit submodule update05:41
tansell-laptopor for the first time05:42
tansell-laptopgit submodule init05:42
StupidIncarnateDoes that assumes the repository is already in git then?05:42
StupidIncarnateerrr, actually that was a stupid question05:43
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StupidIncarnateYeah, I just switched to basic timer, still doing it05:58
StupidIncarnatemust have set something wrong on my conf file for the server05:59
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null_000morning all07:15
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StupidIncarnatewell, committed some bug changes to the tp-pyweb project, but not sure if they went through?08:50
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StupidIncarnateI'll guess it's a new user thing08:57
StupidIncarnateI have homework to do, but i'll be back if there's any trouble with it.08:58
StupidIncarnatesee ya all08:58
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Epyontansell, ping :)10:23
tansellpong - bb in 510:28
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tansell-laptopEpyon, pong11:16
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tansell-laptopEpyon, pong?11:43
Epyontansell-laptop, ah, actually not much - just received a letter from boost that there'll be a conflict :>11:45
Epyonwhat is surprising actually11:45
Epyonbecause there was some... controversy over the proposal :P11:48
tansell-laptop~seen JLP11:49
tpbtansell-laptop: JLP was last seen in #tp 2 weeks, 0 days, 3 hours, 14 minutes, and 15 seconds ago: <JLP> good morning everyone11:49
Epyonwoah, 2 weeks O.o11:54
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tansell-laptopwell I should head home11:59
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llnzmorning all20:35
Greywhindafternoon, llnz :P20:52
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Epyonwoah 75% fail rate -_-21:56
null_000fail rate on what?21:57
EpyonThe exam I ran yesterday :/22:00
null_000I had one like that 2 weeks ago... I didn't pass -_-22:01
EpyonBut most of them it seems didn't learn at all22:03
null_000maybe they thought that they might get lucky22:05
null_000night everyone22:12
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