Monday, 2010-04-12

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tansellHi Gle01:53
glewtansell, hi01:54
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tansellglew, do you have the tpserver-cpp running?02:50
glewtansell, not right now, but i have in the past had one running to play single player02:51
tansellglew, so you managed to get a single player game running?02:51
glewtansell, i have played a few turns of a single player game running with one ai opponent02:52
tansellglew, which ruleset?02:52
glewtansell, reach for the stars i think02:52
glewtansell, yeah it is rfts, because i ran daneel-ai02:53
tansellI think daneel-ai supports risk?02:53
glewtansell, thats true02:54
glewtansell, but looking at the daneel ai wiki it does say it contains rule tiles for both rfts and risk02:56
glewtansell, i could of course just be mistaken, i know i did manage to run a single player game with the daneel ai as an opponent02:57
tansellglew, it's probably a good idea to play a few more games ASAP as it'll help shape your application a bit more02:58
tansellglew, I would also like to see a coupe of suggested scenarios02:58
tansellwhich you will impliment02:58
glewtansell, ok if i do want to add things to my application, should i just add them as comments to the gsoc application?02:59
glewtansell, or should i update the wiki page?02:59
tansellglew, I think you can still update your application document?02:59
tansell(if a mentor makes a comment on it)02:59
glewtansell, ok I will check for that, thanks03:00
tanselljust adding a comment now03:00
tansellupdating the wiki page is also good03:00
tansellbut may be easily missed03:00
glewtansell, ok i'll try to update both03:01
tansellglew, thanks!03:02
glewtansell, well it appears like i cannot directly edit my proposal on gsoc, but i'll add my update as a comment and update the wiki page too03:03
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null_000hi everyone08:35
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