Wednesday, 2010-02-17

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tansellokay thanks00:02
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tansellverhoevenv, ping?00:06
verhoevenvtansell: pong00:07
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JLPgood morning everyone08:42
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llnzhi JLP08:46
llnzhow's it going JLP? up to much recently?09:00
JLPllnz: just studying for the last exam this semester, which we have tomorrow09:04
JLPwhen this is over, i will finally have some more time to go back to flossing, bloging and other normal stuff09:08
llnzi hope you do well and find the exam not too hard09:09
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JLPnot so hard, discrete structures, i just have to read some since i've probably forgotten a lot of stuff from lectures midterm exams09:11
llnzhave you seen the work done on Parsek in last year's GSoC?09:14
JLPyeah, i've tried to compile it the other day when i had problems accessing the git repository09:16
llnzdid you get that sorted?09:17
JLPnot yet, so i just used the public access09:17
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llnzthe wireless here is flakely09:31
llnzJLP: still here?09:33
JLPllnz: yup09:34
llnzJLP: pm09:35
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llnzJLP: all the best for tomorrow, i hope to see you round irc a bit more afterwards :-)09:56
* llnz wanders off09:56
llnzlater all09:56
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llnzmorning all19:45
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JLPllnz: mornning, git still says "The remote end hung up unexpectedly" :(21:03
llnzi'll have anothing look into it tonight (8 hours time)21:10
llnzanyone else having git problems? anyone else having it work fine for them? (git+ssh access)21:10
llnzalanp? ezod? Greywhind? Landon? shenki? tote?21:45
Landonllnz: meant to mention earlier that I get the same error21:46
Landonbut I also get a MitM attack warning, has the server changed recently?21:46
llnzyes, we moved server21:46
llnzok, so i'll have a look and see if there isn't a setup issue with all of the non-login accounts21:47
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tansellLandon, ping?23:14
Landontansell: pong23:14
tansellLandon, can you try push/pull now?23:15
Landon[email protected]:~/Thousand Parsec/tpclient-pyogre (master)$ git pull23:16
LandonConnection closed by
Landonfatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly23:16
tansellcan you try23:16
tansellssh ?23:17
LandonPermission denied (publickey).23:17
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tansellhrm, I don't see any login attempt by you23:20
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Landonoh whoops, I tried sshing in from my server23:20
LandonConnection closed by
* Landon is heading home, be back in 30minutes23:21
tansellhrm.. still not seeing any connection attemps23:21
tansellLandon, fixed!23:27
llnz tansell: what was the problem?23:37
tansellmissing stuff in /etc/shadow23:37
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