Saturday, 2010-02-06

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dejaimithro, When is your talk on?08:24
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KFPI wanted to try TP, but when I go to the download page, it says "It appears that your version of Ubuntu is not supported. The instructions shown below may not work."17:08
KFPIt looks like Ubuntu 8.10 is the latest supported release?17:09
JLPKFP: ahoy17:12
JLPdid you try if it still actually works?17:12
* KFP tries. 17:15
KFPJLP: Hmm, no. Doesn't seem to work.17:22
KFP(Assuming I did it right.)17:24
JLPKFP: then I guess it is the best to try the Inplace version from here
tpb<> (at
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KFPJLP: Hmm, couldn't get that to work either. (I'm probably doing it wrong.)18:50
JLPKFP: probably you are missing some dependancies, when you run ./tpclient-pywx it gives you the error which dependancy is missing, if i remember correctly18:54
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KFPA-ha. Some python thingies are missing.19:01
* KFP installs. 19:01
KFPThanks, JLP. :)19:05
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highfiveranyone for gsoc here?20:03
highfiveri'd just like to know of tp has come up with an ideas list for gsoc 201020:04
JLPhighfiver: nothing specific for 2010 yet, the lists for previous two years are still more or less good for inspiration20:04
highfiverJLP: just a query, what else shud i know for tp, apart from c++ of course...qt perhaps?20:05
JLPhighfiver: qt if you would like to work on Parsek client :) otherwise python is also one option20:06
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highfiverJLP: thanks!20:10
JLPhighfiver: do you maybe have some idea what you would like to be working on already20:11
highfiverJLP: perhaps a ruleset project...20:12
JLPhighfiver: inspired by some existing game, or maybe a new creation, or maybe enhancement of some that we already have?20:14
highfiverJLP: probably an enhancemnt...although universe in an hour sounds interesting20:16
highfiverJLP: do u think a ruleset in feasible in 3 months?20:18
JLPhighfiver: if it is simple enough yes, otherwise it is better to enhence an existing one in a significant way, in my opinion20:20
highfiverJLP: for a complete n00b, wt are the chances that my app will be selected? i haven't even attempted a bug fix yet20:21
JLPhighfiver: well the more effort and motivation you show in advance of the selection the better20:22
highfiverso i probably should irc more regularly and attempt a bug fix? any other suggestion to improve my chances?20:24
JLPyeah that would be a great start20:25
highfiverJLP: thanx a lot! mind if i friend u on irc?20:26
JLPsure, go ahead20:27
highfiverthnx JLP, gotta go now, have a great day :)20:29
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