Thursday, 2010-01-28

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mithrollnz: ping?10:33
mithrosteps to reproduce your bug please?10:33
llnzhumm.. that might be a little hard10:36
llnzit should just be a matter of trying to log into a tpserver-cpp10:37
llnz(under minisec, but it probably doesn't matter)10:37
llnzi'm seeing it on my private branch merging epyon's code10:37
llnzi'm 90% sure it is not tpserver-cpp code at fault10:38
mithroso you should be able to tell me how you got tpclient-pywx?10:42
llnzgit checkout tp04 (and then a pull for good measure)10:43
llnzsame in the libraries10:44
mithroyou probably don't want to do that10:48
mithroyou want to do a git checkout10:48
mithrothen run "python"10:48
mithrowhich should for the sub-modules to the right version10:48
llnzso delete the symbolic links to the libraries then run python
tansellsymbolic links?10:53
tansellhow out-of-date are the instructions you following?10:53
tansellall you have to clone these days is the client repository10:54
llnzdon't follow instructions, just do what i have always done10:55
llnzdeleting the tp directory in tpclient-pywx resulted in no change10:55
tansellno change too?10:55
tansellor you mean the error continues to occur10:55
mithrollnz: can you just humor me and do a fresh checkout of just the client10:59
mithroand tell me what happens10:59
* llnz notes he should be asleep11:02
tansellI should be at home :)11:03
llnzat 9KB/s it's going to take a while11:03
tansellor should that be :(11:03
tansellllnz, 9kb/s !?11:03
llnzflakely wireless + flakely ADSL11:03
llnznow doing 11kB/s (note, bytes, not bits)11:04
tansellReceiving objects: 100% (5892/5892), 7.00 MiB | 1003 KiB/s, done.11:10
tanselli'll do a repack on the server11:10
llnz1.2MB to go11:12
llnzok, fresh checkout gives exactly the same error11:17
llnzahh... that's a useful bit of information11:19
tansellwell, mine segfaults on hardy :/11:19
tansellllnz, ?11:20
llnzthe error is generated when the client has tried to get a non-existant player (ie player 3)11:20
llnzok, so the client gets player 1, then player 2, etc until it gets a fail frame11:21
llnzthis error is happening when it gets that fail frame11:22
tansellso failed(player) is not working11:24
llnzi wonder if the error code in the fail frame has changed...11:24
llnzanyway, sleep time11:24
* llnz wanders off11:24
llnzlater all11:24
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