Wednesday, 2009-11-25

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mithro_tote: ping?00:41
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mithroLandon: ping?01:28
Landonmithro: pong01:29
mithroLandon: so we need to finish and polish up the battleviewer01:30
Landonhm yeah, I'm trying to think of what still needed to be done01:33
Landonof the top of my head, torpedos01:34
mithrowell it need packaging right?01:34
Landonoh yeah01:34
mithroneed to ship it with some good battle examples01:34
mithromore particle effects too01:34
Landonhm, looks like I need to get python-ogre running again01:38
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Landontansell: well, so far everything has compiled on karmic13:07
Landonstill need to generate the wrapper code and such after I get back from thanksgiving13:08
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llnzmorning all14:50
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llnzbbl, maybe22:33
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