Wednesday, 2009-10-28

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CIA-37mithro scratchpad * ra06107f5cd83 / (37 files in 4 dirs): Merge git+ssh://
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* llnz wanders off06:32
llnzlater all06:32
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llnzmorning all16:28
tansell_laptophey llnz16:31
tansell_laptopezod, ping?16:31
llnzhi tansell16:31
llnztansell_laptop, even16:31
llnzhave a good time at the summit? learn anything useful?16:31
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ezodtansell_laptop: pong19:42
tansell_laptopezod, did you see my links from yesterday?19:42
ezodno, where?19:43
tansell_laptopezod, I pushed my prototype to the scratchpad19:44
tansell_laptopand the conversion stuff is at19:45
tpbTitle: mithro's media2iki at master - GitHub (at
ezodah yes i saw the prototype19:49
ezodi also had a chance to read up a bit on iki19:52
* llnz has a quick look20:06
shenkitansell_laptop: where is the prototype?20:08
tpb<> (at
shenkihrm, i take it i have to check it out?20:09
tpb<> (at
ezodi'm a big fan of the concept myself20:11
shenkimithro is mourning the loss of geocities? :)20:12
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tansell_laptopshenki, wtf?20:29
tansell_laptopshenki, oh20:29
tansell_laptopyou need the images20:29
shenkiyeah, figured20:29
shenkiyour gitweb doesn't have clone urls :(20:30
shenkioh, that looks better. very nice20:30
shenkidid you write the javascript?20:31
tansell_laptopit's very simple20:31
tansell_laptopwell I stole the find the css stuff20:31
tansell_laptopit's probably going to be onhover instead of click too20:54
tansell_laptopand we are going to have screenshots/youtube videos on the front page20:54
llnzcan we *please* have a description of what TP is on the home page20:57
tansell_laptopnope! :P20:57
llnznot a request, we really must do it21:00
llnzhelps new visitors, search engines figure out what TP is21:01
tansell_laptopactually I was chatting about it with a lot of people at the mentor summit21:01
tansell_laptopthe best description of Thousand Parsec are screenshots21:02
tansell_laptoppeople see imminently that it's a game, in space21:02
tansell_laptopmost people click on the screenshot page when they first arrive at the site21:06
tansell_laptopin fact around 85% of our visitors click that page first21:06
shenkitansell_laptop: youtube videos? eew. i'd vote against flash on the front page21:42
ezodi think for search engines it makes sense to have a short description21:44
ezodbut i agree that screen shots are key (although currently the ogre client shots are disingenuous)21:44
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llnzshort (one-two lines) description plus screenshots is probably the best22:05
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