Tuesday, 2009-09-22

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Landonwhile we're talking about the battleviewer, I had some ideas (well, singular) for battlexml00:00
Landonsome sort of event attribute we could specify to say that this event occurs simultaneously with another event00:01
Landonso there could be fleet movements  and such00:01
Landon(the other event would be the one following it , for simplicity)00:01
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shenkiharrisony: ping06:29
harrisonypong :D06:30
* llnz ponders06:43
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shenkillnz: what are you pondering?07:22
llnznothing much07:26
llnzhow are you?07:26
shenkinot too bad. on uni holidays, so taking it a bit easier07:28
llnzhave you uploaded your code yet?07:28
shenkii brought myself a new ARM computer, been trying to get that running with mixed success07:28
llnzwhat kind?07:28
llnzi'm looking at some embedded stuff soon07:29
shenkiit's a 1.2GHz ARMv5, wtih 512MB of ram, 7 usb ports, VGA, SATA07:29
shenkiso not overly embeddedish07:29
shenkione of these: http://www.open-rd.org/07:29
tpbTitle: Open-RD.org (at www.open-rd.org)07:29
shenkiit's better than the beagleboad - the board i was using previously - as it has much more RAM07:30
llnzthe beagleboard is one i've been looking at07:30
llnzit's just a little overpowered for what i want to do07:31
shenkibut the cpu is much less complex - kinda like going from a 486 to a pentium II (the beagleboard is cortex-a8, superscalar with SIMD)07:31
shenkiah yeah07:32
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shenkiwhat are you using it for?07:32
llnztwo things (probably two boards): software defined radio radar altimeter, jpeg2000 image decimation07:33
shenkiis this for work?07:33
llnznope, for open source, Lunar Numbat07:34
shenkioh cool07:34
shenkisounds like you want something dsp-ish07:34
llnzthe image decimation might fit on a arduino07:34
llnzblackfin is a good option07:35
shenkioh, so it's really basic the decimiation?07:35
shenkiyou could also look at the cortex-M3's07:35
shenkithey are microcontroller like with their power usage, but you can program them in ARM Thumb07:36
llnzanyway... it's late07:36
* llnz wanders off07:36
llnzlater all07:36
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alanptansell: success!17:39
alanpi like it too17:39
llnzmorning all18:08
tansellalanp, which one?18:25
alanpa black one18:26
alanpthere is more than one?18:26
alanpit came with 3 magnets18:26
tanselloh that is the one we sent - not the GSoC one right?18:27
tansellokay cool18:28
tansellsorry Europe guys - your packages are sitting on my desk waiting for me to get to the post office18:28
* llnz is expecting his gsoc mentor t-shirt today18:31
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