Monday, 2009-09-14

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tansellit's probably a canada thing00:00
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alanpor a NZ/AU thing :P00:26
tansellalanp, I sent them from the states00:37
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Greywhindtansell: i got your package :D21:28
tansellGreywhind, now you have two right?21:29
Greywhindtansell: yep, but the new one's nicer :)21:29
tansellyeah - the cafepress ones don't come out as nice for some reason21:29
tansellGreywhind, hows the size?21:29
Greywhindtansell: a little big, but it will be fine21:29
tansellI need to get some more small sizes21:30
tansellI only have 2XL and 3XL's left21:30
Greywhindi haven't gotten the general GSOC shirt yet21:30
Greywhindbut i'm sure it won't be too much longer21:30
tansellit's blue21:37
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