Saturday, 2009-08-15

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cherezI should merge these branches....00:28
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mithromorning people19:38
cherezmithro: Ping?19:56
mithrocherez: pong19:59
chereztansell: The new client library doesn't store the username like the old one did. I was going to ask if you had an idea for a clean way to make login save the username, but I think I've got it.20:00
cherezThanks anyway.20:00
cherezErr... ignore that I directed that to the wrong name.20:01
mithrocherez: why does it need to save the username?20:24
totemithro: do you have time to explain order probing? im having trouble getting default values (like options for list arguments in orders) to work21:13
mithrotote: put simply - they don't work :P21:14
mithro(server issue)21:14
toteso how do i get the default values?21:15
totei haven't figured out how tpclient-pywx does it, but my guess is that you can create the order as soon as the user selects it, and then get the information from cache.orders instead of objects.order_types or something21:22
totebut i cannot do that, or else i need to create every order for every object the user can choose from or something, which seems weird21:23
toteso im pretty much stuck with the last bug :)21:23
toteahwell i need to sleep now, its late here, good night21:45
mithrotote: oh sorry22:38
mithrotote: with tpclient-pywx when you click create it goes off and creates the order with a bunch of empty defaults22:39
mithrowhen it gets the response is populates the fields22:39
cherezmithro: It doesn't really need to save the username, but libtpproto-py does save the username, and at the least tpclient-pytext uses that, so other libraries may as well.22:42
mithroit does?22:42
mithroI thought libtpclient-py did that stuff22:43
tpb<> (at
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