Wednesday, 2009-07-08

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Landontansell: pong00:06
tansellLandon, so where are you at?00:06
Landonhrm, no substantial changes since before I left other thanpushing my changes to the console00:06
LandonI want to get some work done on the lasers again tonight (so multiple show up/dont stick around afterwards/stay on target for a specified time)00:07
tansell since before I left00:13
Landonjuly 3rd00:13
LandonI unexpectedly disappeared off to relatives for the 4th00:14
tansellso there has been Monday/Tuesday since that weekend?00:14
tanselland the 5th, 6th and 7th?00:16
LandonI just got back to my desktop yesterday,but I didn't get anything productive done00:17
Landontoday (7th) has been about the same so far, but it's not over yet00:18
tansellso we both agreed that you where behind schedule right?00:21
tansellso it's not a great time to be getting nothing productive done00:22
tansellwhen do you have to go back to uni?00:23
Landonlooking it up00:24
Landonaugust 25400:24
tansellAugust 17: is the final GSoC deadline00:27
tansellwhich gives you about 5-6 weeks00:28
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tansellwhich will be gone in no time00:39
tansellLandon, so whats the plan for the end of this week?00:39
LandonI should probably look at my timeline at some point and break it down into smaller tasks, but I still need to get controls other than just Next in00:41
Landonand fix up the bugs/quirks that have popped up while I've been working like the disappearing gui elements00:42
LandonI'm afraid I can't give anything other than "I'll get where I get" though, I still need a good way to find the state of the battle at each round00:44
tansellremeber at a minimum you should be doing a normal work week00:51
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CIA-22landon tpclient-pyogre * re80b8d31c69f /src/ Fixed window fading issues, now all children have the event added01:43
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CIA-22llnz tpserver-cpp * r7b2acdaad80d /tpserver/ (advertiser.h board.h command.h persistence.h settings.cpp): Add a few more includes of stdint.h.03:18
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CIA-22llnz web * rfa3c9f2b3e7d /dev/ (documents.php documents/mtsec.php): Redirect the mtsec page to the wiki, added link to ruleset wiki page on Docs page.04:07
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tansellverhoevenv, ping?05:37
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CIA-22landon tpclient-pyogre * rbd6a0df82483 /src/ Fixed movement so it actually goes to the World relative position, not Parent relative06:08
CIA-22landon tpclient-pyogre * rbaf3ce9e9cbd /src/ Fixed bug where the scenenode wouldn't face the right direction when moving06:28
verhoevenvtansell: pong06:47
CIA-22landon tpclient-pyogre * r4fd8f7ab1ce7 /src/ Show the current round when log events occur07:49
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* llnz wanders off08:54
llnzlater all08:54
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ezodalanp: ping13:51
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alanp_ezod: ping14:33
ezodalanp_: hey14:34
alanp_ezod: can't figure out why I can't access orders in createFrame()/inputFrame() in my order classes which is derived from Order()14:35
alanp_are derived14:35
alanp_it works in all the other rulesets, so it has to be something in mtsec, but I have been unable to figure out what as of yet14:35
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ezodalanp_: can you rephrase?14:41
alanp_I call "  IGObject* obj = game->getObjectManager()->getObject(game->getOrderManager()->getOrderQueue(orderqueueid)->getObjectId());"14:43
alanp_but obj->getID() returns 0 when it should return 102, for example14:44
alanp_same call in doOrder() returns the correct ID14:44
alanp_so it must be something I've overlooked14:44
alanp_as other rulesets are doing the same thing, but I can't figure out exactly what I've overlooked14:44
ezodhrm, i'd have to look at the code, i don't have a copy here14:46
ezodi can take a look for you in a couple hours14:46
ezodso is game->getOrderManager()->getOrderQueue(orderqueueid)->getObjectId() returning the right id then?14:47
alanp_no, it's not returning the right ID, that's my problem14:48
ezodyou checked it directly?14:48
alanp_I printed it, it was 014:48
alanp_i printed it in doOrder, and it was correct, 10214:48
ezodwhat is the difference in context?14:49
ezodgame and orderqueueid look like the only things that could be different14:50
alanp_the way I understand it is that the client passes the frame to createFrame()14:50
alanp_on order14:50
alanp_I think something is happening in processGetOrder possibly14:51
ezodhrm, not sure, will need to look at it14:52
ezodkeep me posted14:52
alanp_i may have just figured it out :-(14:57
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alanpnow2 to find out for sure16:13
alanp5 characters cost me hours on end16:15
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CIA-22alanp tpserver-cpp-mtsec * r2ff688444ba2 /modules/games/mtsec/ (move.cpp mtsec.cpp): Fixed issue with ObjectID not being set for the Fleet order queue which was the root of all my problems and tricky to find :-(16:23
* alanp sigh16:28
llnzhi all16:28
alanpbrb, dinner16:30
Landonjmtan: ping16:51
Greywhindllnz: ping?16:52
llnzGreywhind: pong16:52
Greywhindllnz: so... adding designs seems to work now16:52
Greywhindllnz: but removing designs is still saying it failed every time16:52
Greywhindllnz: it expects an ok/fail, as far as I can see16:52
llnzcan you tell why it is failing?16:53
Greywhindllnz: it can't remove the design... let me check if i'm passing it the correct ID16:53
Greywhindllnz: yeah, it should be passing the id of the design to remove16:54
Greywhindllnz: any ideas?16:55
llnzft03_Design_Remove: //currently disabled16:55
Greywhindoh... that would explain it :P16:55
llnzit returns a fail frame, type PermUnavailable16:56
Greywhindok. well, i'm glad it's not on my end16:56
Greywhindllnz: another question - it seems like when i create a new design, it always returns one with ID 017:00
llnzok, that is probably a bug17:00
Greywhindbecause then when i try to modify it, it just creates another one :P17:00
Greywhindthe client is set up to create a new design instead of modifying if the design ID is 017:01
Greywhinder, wait17:01
Greywhindin that case, it seems like modifying designs actually duplicates them?17:02
Greywhindi dunno. that could be a client problem.17:02
mhilmillnz: quick q, how do you get your "personal" board? In an older version of the protocol I saw a getPersonalBoard(). I'm guessing you get the boardcache and your own board is at id 0?17:16
mhilmiOh nm " Also, do not watch the personal board using id 0, as this will fail (badly)." lol17:17
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llnzmhilmi: yeah, the doxygen (which is available online) normally comments on such things17:46
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CIA-22epyon tpserver-cpp-refactor * r7c382ce58aa2 /tpserver/ (playeragent.cpp playermanager.cpp): Know thy STL! (set_intersection)18:29
CIA-22epyon tpserver-cpp-refactor * r2d67d87d9b18 /tpserver/ (net.cpp net.h): Network class preliminary cleanup18:52
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CIA-22epyon tpserver-cpp-refactor * rbe287e75a0b4 /tpserver/ (order.cpp order.h): Order typedef19:15
epyonnash: ping?19:15
nashepyon: You19:16
nashYo that is19:16
nashSo have you done your mid session report yet?19:19
epyonNope, will try to find time for that :/19:25
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llnzepyon: are you sure what you did in Network::adminStop() works? doesn't itcurr become invalid when the item it is currently at is removed from the collection?20:15
tansellmorning people20:17
CIA-22landon tpclient-pyogre * rd2279c40c2f4 /src/battlexml/ Added end of round states to the battle parser20:22
tansellI'm pretty sure changing a collection while iterating over it is a no-no20:33
tansellLandon, so where are we today?20:44
alanpfor moving production points(factories) i'm going to assume that a cargo ship exists and that it is a mid-range speed.  sound good?20:45
Landontansell: trying to get all of the progrsesion stuff finished up20:45
tansellalanp, nope!20:45
tansellproduction points move, production point producers don't20:46
Landonmy latest commit was so I can see what the general state of the end of round is20:46
Landonso everything will be alive/dead accordingly and in the right positions (I need to get move into the battlexml parser too any ideas how that will be represented in XML?)20:47
alanptansell: ohhhhh20:47
alanpso I just transfer the points?20:48
alanpwhat if we go over 100?20:48
alanpthis is actually easier i guess20:48
alanpi like the idea of cargo ships tho :(20:48
tansellalanp, sending production points is the only to have a planet produce more then 100 production points per turn20:49
alanpok, no problemo20:49
alanpso I guess I'll add a uint32_t for production points aside from factories20:50
tansellso production points are always spent each turn20:51
tansellany left overs are thrown away20:51
alanpwell i thought the extras were used to mine?20:51
alanpProduction points are used to both mine resources and to convert resources into ships and weapons. Production points are first used to try and satisfy Orders in the queue, any left over points are then used to mine sources. All production points must be used every turn.20:52
alanpwell i guess if you use all the points on orders and to mine and you still have some they're thrown away20:53
tansellso pretty much it's always all used up20:54
alanpso how slowly should these points move?20:58
alanpmid-range ship?20:58
alanpI guess i could set it up with a number now and let gameplay decide20:58
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alanpProduction points can also be sent to other planets. However there is a significant cost in sending points. The cost of sending points is proportional to the distance between the source and destination. Only whole production points can be sent and the number will always be round down.21:11
alanpis the cost IN production points?21:11
tansellsay you send 50 points from planet A to planet B21:12
tansellonly 25 points may arrive21:12
alanp"may" = randomness?21:12
tansellalanp, depends on the formula - but it should be deterministic21:13
tansellalanp, it should be proportional to the distance21:14
tansellof course this mechanic might not work - but we'll see21:15
alanpsounds good enough to try21:15
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* alanp going to bump ship speed by a factor of at least 1021:19
tansellalanp, or you could reduce the size of the universe by 10 :)21:20
alanpor that21:21
alanpno matter what i name a design, it gets named the default design "NewDesign", haven't checked if it's a client or server problem yet21:24
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llnzalanp: there is a bug in the server about the returned design's id21:44
Greywhindtansell: so i'm not sure if i can do much more on designs until the server bugs are fixed, so i can figure out what's a client bug versus what's a server bug21:49
tansellGreywhind, I would suggest you dive into the server a bit21:50
tansellGreywhind, it would be good to know your way around that21:50
alanphrm i should probably merge21:50
Greywhindtansell: it seems like Llnz and Alanp are already working on those bugs though21:51
tansellGreywhind, I would keep poking them too :)21:51
Greywhindi'm going to see if i can figure out whether that name thing is a client or server problem21:52
Greywhindbecause i've noticed it as well21:52
tansellGreywhind, working with others is an important part of FOSS :P21:53
alanpwhich name thing?21:53
Greywhindalanp: the one where you can't rename designs21:54
alanpah, well it's probably easy to figure out21:54
alanpgit is kicking my ass right now, one sec21:54
Greywhindi think it's a client issue22:00
alanpugh i am brutal with git still22:03
Greywhindok, yeah, i fixed it22:06
alanpwhat was it?22:06
Greywhindthere was no event when the text was changed22:06
alanpsweet, thanks22:07
Greywhindi'll push it to tp04 as soon as i can22:07
Greywhindone thing - when i send a design create or change event, i seem to (at least sometimes) get two new designs back, but only one actually exists22:07
Greywhindso maybe i'm getting two packets for the new design?22:07
Greywhindtwo appear in the list, but if i restart the client, only one of them is still there22:08
alanpdo you see 2 packets int he client's terminal?22:08
Greywhindit's pretty spammy... i'll try to find out22:09
Greywhindit doesn't seem to be printing anything out when it gets packets22:11
Greywhindbut it's definitely getting two events22:12
Greywhindboth to create the same design22:13
CIA-22alanp tpserver-cpp-mtsec * ra28c7dd28257 / (52 files in 7 dirs): Merged with master for changes.22:14
alanppackets should be green/red22:14
Greywhindit seems that it only happens sometimes - usually it creates one22:15
Greywhindand it's definitely not sending two design create events22:15
Greywhindoh. have to turn debug output on.22:17
Greywhindyeah, it's only receiving one packet22:17
Greywhindso i guess this is also a client bug22:17
alanpdesign window hasn't really been used22:18
CIA-22alanp tpserver-cpp-mtsec * rd7f3ecced64c /modules/games/mtsec/ (8 files): Now using tinyxml included in tpserver-cpp22:21
alanpGreywhind: have you noticed there's no way to set a category id in the design window?22:23
alanpor am i missing it22:23
Greywhindalanp: that's true, i don't think there is...22:23
* alanp needs22:24
Greywhindi'll put it on my list.22:24
Greywhindwonder if it's sufficient to be able to select by id number, or if we need some more user-friendly way of setting category22:24
alanpdefinitely we need category name22:24
Greywhindoh, i could probably get the list of category names. right.22:25
alanpanother thing i noticed is that if I add a resource to a planet, the next turn if that planet is still selected it doesn't show the correct # of resources22:30
alanpi have to click off and then back on and it shows the right number22:30
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CIA-22alanp tpserver-cpp-mtsec * r0329750de194 /modules/games/mtsec/enhance.cpp: Should have been division, not modulo22:41
tansell-laptopcherez, ping?23:01
chereztansell-laptop: Pong.23:01
tansell-laptopcherez, so I see from your blog the parser is done?23:01
tansell-laptopcherez, can you push the latest CL and I'll help direct your cleanup?23:02
cherezSure, give me a minute to clean it up a tad.23:03
tpbTitle: Issue 3002: Parser - Code Review (at
cherezWhoa, the get method calls set, that's bad.23:11
tansell-laptopcherez, so your overall report needs some work23:19
tansell-laptopcherez, how many tests did you add?23:19
tansell-laptopwhat type of coverage did you end up with?23:20
tansell-laptopcherez, what interesting bugs did you find?23:20
tansell-laptopcherez, imagine that you had to convince a person who had never heard of your work that you should continue in GSoC23:20
tansell-laptopcherez, so this CL needs to be split into 3 different CLs23:25
tansell-laptopjust finishing up my comments now23:27
tansell-laptopcherez, comments published23:28
CIA-22alanp tpserver-cpp-mtsec * r425c8a925a46 /modules/games/mtsec/ (enhance.cpp enhance.h planet.cpp planet.h): Fixed all issues with production points exceeding 10023:31
alanpshit, that should have said factories23:33
tansell-laptopGreywhind, have our meeting in 10 minutes?23:50
Greywhindtansell-laptop: i'm here23:50
tansell-laptopGreywhind, blog post?23:50
Greywhindwriting a summary now23:50
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