Monday, 2009-06-29

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tansellalanp, so where are you up to these days?03:03
tansellllnz, you know how you have rewritten RSPCombat like 5 times? You could just call the Python implementation :P03:04
llnz3 times...03:05
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* llnz wanders off08:15
llnzlater all08:15
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* alanp_ failing10:28
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totematthewd: hey, sorry that i missed the meeting13:05
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llnzmorning all16:11
Greywhindmorning, llnz16:11
llnzhi Greywhind16:11
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alanpllnz: ping18:02
llnzalanp: about to disappear to a meeting, back in 15-30 minutes18:03
llnzmeeting cancelled18:07
llnzhi alanp18:07
alanpcan i check if a number is bound in the scheme implementation?18:07
alanpif a variable is18:07
alanpsort of like an if (x)18:08
alanpi'm tightening up some restrictions and having a bit of an issue because of that18:08
alanpany way?18:17
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alanpam i missing something brutally obvious?18:37
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llnzi'm not sure18:42
llnzi will have to look up the scheme docs18:42
alanpproblem is i'm trying to put constraints in for the tubes, racks etc but if they're added before a hull i can't really check anything because num-hulls or nothing else will be set18:48
alanplooks like there are some things tha tdo it but we dont have support for them19:12
llnzwell... that sort of problem...19:17
llnztubes/racks shouldn't need to check for a hull19:18
llnza hull should check that there is only one hull19:18
llnzhumm... maybe there should be a category specific requirements function19:21
llnzor maybe they should test, and also have a property value of 0 for num-hulls (so that it causes the num-hulls to be present, but doesn't change the number)19:22
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CIA-21landon tpclient-pyogre * recd3b12e3a81 /src/ Only using a single framelistener for moves now as suggested by #ogre3d19:54
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alanpllnz: since category specific requirements would have to be added, i think we would need to do the property value one21:26
alanpwe could switch later21:26
alanpso if I add a property value that will be in the design automatically?21:27
alanpnot sure how the property vcalue would work21:30
* llnz is back21:52
llnzalanp: fair enough21:52
llnzumm.. the calculation of property values is too complicated to explain while i'm at work21:53
alanphmm, no problem21:54
alanpif you have some time we can talk about it, let me know when21:54
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alanp# On branch origin/mtsec22:11
alanpbut I can't seem to push22:11
CIA-21alanp tpserver-cpp-mtsec * rc80f2c8fedf9 /modules/games/mtsec/ (mtsec.cpp tpserver-cpp-mtsec-gamedata.xml):22:27
CIA-21-Preliminary add of the Weapons category and also the Missile and Torpedoe Hulls.22:27
CIA-21-This will require some decision making such as the Buildtime for each different kind of Hull and the speed of the Missiles and/or Torpedoes.22:27
CIA-21-Cleanup of components22:27
CIA-21-Changed all references of BuildTime to ProductCost22:27
alanpugh, that was weird22:28
alanpmithro: ping22:40
Landonhey jmtan, do you remember what we decided on as a good solution when we were talking about putting delays between events/rounds?22:42
* Landon is trying to find logs, but can't remember what day it was22:42
jmtanhm, sorry don't think i can remember the date22:47
llnzLandon: there is a search box22:48
Landonoh, I was using grep on my own logs, couldn't really remember any notable phrases :\22:48
Landonoh, found it, june 522:51
* Landon busts out some good ol' state machine design22:52
tansellalanp, pong23:37
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Greywhindtansell: ping?23:41
tansellGreywhind, pong23:41
Greywhindtansell: i'm having trouble with changing the relative sizing of the messages and systems panels23:41
Greywhindit seems like when i try to make the preferred size of the systems panel larger, it overlaps the message panel instead of causing the message panel to scale down23:42
Greywhindand when i try to make the preferred size of the message panel smaller, it has no effect23:42
tansellGreywhind, you need to play with the pane (not panel) size23:42
Greywhindtansell: how do i do that?23:43
tanselltake a look at23:43
tanselldef GetPaneInfo(self):23:43
Greywhindthat's what i've been working with23:43
tansellit's just a fiddle till it works type of thing23:44
Greywhindwhy is it overlapping rather than forcing the other one to resize smaller?23:45
tansellGreywhind, probably because the message window's minimum size is set23:46
Greywhindi set the message window's minimum size to 0,023:47
tansellGreywhind, yeah well again it's a fiddle till it works type thing23:49

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