Monday, 2009-06-22

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totematthewd: ping :)05:58
matthewdHi :)06:00
totematthewd: hey, what should we talk about today? :)06:02
matthewdGood question... your blog post is quite detailed, again.06:11
matthewdMakes it hard to come up with questions to ask :)06:11
totematthewd: i got one, for the mid-term, is there something special that needs to be done?06:14
matthewdI think the mid-term is pretty much just a matter of comparing your progress against what you were expecting to have done by then06:24
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totematthewd: ok, then it looks pretty good :)06:27
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totematthewd: have you tried the client?06:30
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matthewdYeah, it's looking good06:37
totegreat :D06:59
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llnzlater all07:43
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llnzmorning all16:11
llnzhi alanp16:52
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CIA-23alanp tpserver-cpp-mtsec * re12d0662a728 /modules/games/mtsec/tpserver-cpp-mtsec-gamedata.xml: Fixed issue with client not being able to add components on Design Window. Problem was that the _num-components property was not created. Picked up a little bit of Python while doing this :-)22:52
alanpcrap, didn't include other components22:55
alanpllnz: ping23:13
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Landonhey jmtan23:40
Landonjust got your email23:41
Landonabout the only update I have is that I started going about htings the wrong way so I've had to backtrack a bit23:41
Landontalked to the guys in the ogre channel and I think I'm on the right path now23:41
Landonfor implementing per entity events23:41
Landonit's been a hectic hot week too with the AC dead, I meant to make a lot more progress than I did :P23:43
* Landon will push a blog post within the hour summarizing 23:43
jmtanLandon: I'm a little worried as mid-term evaluations are coming up, and I've not had visible progress/features yet23:46
jmtanI saw on the mailing list that it starts july 6?23:46
Landonyeah, looks like it, drawing up quick >.<23:47
* alanp sigh23:52
Landonjmtan: only problem I have with setting goals is I'm never a good judge :P23:53
Landonwho knew that getting something "simple" like a laser to fire would involve so many different aspects23:54
llnzalanp: pong23:56
alanpllnz: what do you think is the maximum build time i should employ?23:56
llnzalanp: sorry, was in a meeting23:56
alanpi have one that's pretty large (argonaut)23:57
llnzfor the biggest ship?23:57
* alanp thinks he may have made it TOO large23:57
llnzit's really a game balance issue,but at a guest, at least 1.5 times the next smallest23:58
llnzin absolute turns probably no more than 10-2023:58
llnzyou don't want too many23:59
* alanp used fibonacci sequence, argonaut=5523:59
alanpseems maybe excessive23:59

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