Thursday, 2009-04-16

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llnzhi all01:29
llnzhi Vadtec01:32
Vadtechow goes it llnz01:33
llnzgoing ok, you?01:33
Vadtecfirst little break ive had in a few days and im to tired to code on *anything*01:34
Vadteci cant wait for this research paper to be over01:34
Vadtecso that I can work on TP01:34
Vadteci hope that my not being around during this "break" doesnt affect my GSOC app, ill be annoyed at the school if it messes with me getting it01:35
Vadtecthey wanted me to work on an extra project on top of my class work and having a life as a single father on top of that, but they insisted I do it anyways01:36
Vadtecand now, i get the feeling, its not going to be used in their report to...whoever they were gonna show it to01:37
Vadtecoh well01:37
Vadtecas the world turns01:37
tansellVadtec, the competition to get into GSoC is very strong01:38
Vadtecoh i know01:39
tansellout of our 42 applications, only 7 will be accepted01:39
Vadtecill just wait the 4 remaining days before i decide to go off on my school or not, they need it anyways :P01:40
Vadtecregardless, i plan to help with tp just cause i wanna be able to play more than minisec and risk :P01:41
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jnengland77Night all02:06
llnzbbs, dinner02:08
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CIA-1llnz tpserver-cpp * r8b1567f9c3b1 /modules/games/rfts/ (rfts.cpp rftsturn.cpp):04:15
CIA-1Rfts now sets the turn name (visible in TP04).04:15
CIA-1There are three types of turn. "Movement" appears ever time, "Construction"04:15
CIA-1(of fleets) occurs in the first and second turns, and "Production" occurs in04:15
CIA-1the first. They are comma separated and the reverse order of above.04:15
CIA-1Closes issue 80.04:15
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* llnz wanders off07:36
llnzlater all07:36
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Vadtecgreetings all17:46
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Landonhey Vadtec17:49
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Vadtechow goes it Landon17:54
Landonmicrocontrollers lab :\17:56
Landonfun lab, but tedious18:00
Landonmaking a clock w/ keypad to enter the time18:00
Vadtecgo make me a microcontroler that can fly my old model rocket (4ft) to a height of 1800 ft and get it back down without wrecking it18:01
Landonthink you'd be better with a mechanical setup18:04
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Vadtecbut the current controler cant process the data fast enough18:07
Landonpop in a model with a higher clockspeed? :P18:08
Landonhow are you using it exactly? I'm curious18:08
Vadtectbh, that side of the engineering is a bit beyond me, but as i understand it18:08
Vadteci have 4 control surfaces18:09
Vadtecwith 8 sensor total18:09
Vadteca gyro in the nose18:09
Vadtecand a gyro right above the output nozzel18:09
Landonwow, complex18:09
LandonI was thinking estes stuff18:09
Landonthe 1800ft should have tipped me off though18:09
Vadtecthen there are 4 sensors at the top that measure air speed and air pressure etc to determine speed and height18:10
Vadtecthe other two sensors measure fuel pressure to regulate the fuel flow18:10
Vadtecthe problem it has is18:10
Vadtecit cant keep up with the fuel flow sensors for some reason18:11
Vadtecand when they shut off18:11
Vadtecthe controler thinks its still under power18:11
Vadtecso it delays deploying the chute18:11
Landonuntil it's ass backwards?18:11
Vadteclast time we sent it up (about 3 years ago)18:11
Vadtecit deployed when it was heading straight down18:11
Landonreminds me of some stories I heard18:11
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Vadtecthe force was so great on the frame it fractured the framing18:12
Landonabout some missile testing18:12
Landonthe mercury switch for the second stage was installed backwards18:12
Landonso the missile went up.... started falling down and then started the second stage18:13
* Landon wishes there was video18:13
llnzVadtec: the open source project Lunar Numbat is building rocket avionics currently18:13
Vadtecllnz: ive heard of it18:13
* llnz is involved with it18:13
Vadtecllnz: at this point, we gotta rebuild the rocket first, the number four main structural support frame has a 28 inch seam split in the tubing18:14
Vadtecit torqued on it pretty hard18:14
Vadtecit was falling at about 40 mph when the chute deployed18:15
Vadtecand when it did, it snapped the engine end back around like a rag doll18:15
Vadtecat least the silly thing didnt blow up18:15
Vadtecid really like to see them drop an ARM board into the thing and use USB to monitor everything rather than this weird ass 3 wire stuff we have been using in the past18:16
Vadtecor maybe a beagle board18:17
Vadteci dont even recall what microcontroler they have in it right now18:18
Vadtecbut its slow18:18
Vadtecand under powered18:18
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shenkimithro: what software runs the tpbot?23:44
llnzshenki: Supybot 0.83.1+darcs23:47
shenkillnz: thanks23:47
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llnzshenki: no prob23:53
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