Sunday, 2009-04-05

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mithrosup people01:34
mithroGreywhind: poke01:34
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llnzhi all01:52
llnzis everyone busy this weekend?01:53
jnengland77I am. Too much school work.01:54
jnengland77I did get a chance to play around one of the demo servers though.01:58
jnengland77I was having trouble connecting at first, but I figured it out.02:06
jnengland778 minutes seems like a long time. Especially when you first start the game.02:12
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llnzjnengland77: yes for a start is it too long, but it can quickly become too short02:22
llnzwe have turn timers that work better in that case02:23
llnzbut because of the way people play on the demo, its better to have a fixed time (10 minutes)02:23
tansell-laptopllnz, so I wanted to chat about turn timers02:24
llnztansell-laptop: sure02:24
llnzabout to go to dinner02:24
tansell-laptopllnz, we need a turn timer which is a "when all alive players have send EOT, we move forward"02:24
tansell-laptopbut has an "initial startup mode"02:24
tansell-laptopwhere it waits for X players to join before going02:25
tansell-laptopdo you understand what I'm trying to say very badly?02:25
llnzyes, it doesn't need to be a turn timer, just a way of setting it up02:25
tansell-laptopllnz, yes I guess so02:25
tansell-laptopactually the singleplayer could do the following02:25
tansell-laptopstart up the server, create all the accounts then start up the AI02:25
Greywhindtansell-laptop: hey, if you're still there - sorry I haven't been around, I had work for hours both yesterday and tonight02:47
Greywhindi need to sleep, but i'll hopefully have some time to work on stuff tomorrow02:48
mithroGreywhind: okay cool02:49
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Landonmithro: wouldn't happen to be a list of small tasks to fix up on the 3d client around, would there?02:58
Landonawfully few issues on the issue tracker :(02:58
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mithroLandon: sorry I can't think of anything more03:00
mithroLandon: but I'm sure if you play around in the client a little bit, you'll quickly find some more03:00
mithroLandon: if you could make the camera controls a bit more sane, that would be a great help :)03:03
Landonmore sane?03:03
mithroLandon: oh03:04
Landonseems pretty good to me, except maybe an option for inverse Y :P03:04
mithrohow about double clicking an object centers it03:04
* mithro doesn't have much luck scrolling with it03:04
mithrooh a "home" button making the camera look and zoom to the currently selected object03:06
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LandonI'll probably have a few fixes by the end of this weekend, especially after I figure out what it is about the interface that's bugging me03:10
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jnengland77night all.03:13
mithrocherez: ping?03:16
CIA-1mithro libtpproto2-py * r1c2516321942 /tp/netlib/ Make Structures work like properties.03:16
CIA-1mithro libtpproto2-py * r51e20738e953 /tp/netlib/ Start doing some testing of Structures.py03:16
CIA-1mithro libtpproto2-py * r4663d4878dd1 /tp/netlib/ Convert the protocol.xml into a dictionary using the Structures object.03:16
CIA-1mithro libtpproto2-py * rfe479cb82e09 /tp/netlib/structures/ (12 files in 2 dirs):03:16
CIA-1Splitting the file into a bunch of seperate stuff.03:16
CIA-1- I knew I had more tests then I could find in the public repository.03:16
mithrocherez: I new there was something missing03:16
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CIA-1mithro libtpproto-py-tp04 * raafce7adda3a /tp/netlib/ Import encodings.utf_8 as some systems don't auto-import.03:34
CIA-1mithro libtpproto-py-tp04 * r9209415a0167 /tp/netlib/objects/ Small fix for something that never occurs.03:34
CIA-1mithro libtpproto-py-tp04 * r140c7271c1be /tp/netlib/ Version bump.03:34
CIA-1mithro libtpproto-py-tp04 * r41593273547f /Makefile: Adding a Makefile for releasing.03:34
CIA-1mithro libtpproto-py-tp04 * r5691462e42d7 /Makefile: Create a bz2 instead of a gz.03:34
CIA-1mithro libtpproto-py-tp04 * rde2e109a28cb /tp/netlib/ Adding a file to help with the conversion to tp04.03:34
CIA-1mithro libtpproto-py-tp04 * r8553c3c45d46 / (4 files in 3 dirs):03:34
CIA-1Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh:// into tp0403:34
CIA-1mithro tpclient-pytext * ra45da0497620 /tpclient-pytext: Support TP04 a tiny bit better.03:39
CIA-1mithro tpclient-pytext * r22fd70e9d527 /tpclient-pytext: Support TP04 order insertion.03:39
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CIA-1mithro libtpproto2-py * r814aa67998d1 /tp/netlib/ Proposal for how the properties should work.04:04
CIA-1mithro web * r465f765c2d14 /downloads/downloads.xml:04:31
CIA-1Updates to the download.xml file.04:31
CIA-1- We really need a way for this to be automated.04:31
mithroepyon: in case you have not seen. you have comments05:02
shenkimithro: i responded to my comments05:04
shenkimithro: i think you put them there before i subscribed to updates, hence my not seeing them05:04
shenkithe "subscribe to updates" button is deceving; i saw it and thought "why would i want to subscribe to updates, i'm the only one who will be updating it"05:05
CIA-1llnz libtpproto-cpp * r6289ce7c34ea /tpproto/ (8 files): The last of the ObjectParameters documented.05:23
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cherezmithro: Pong?06:18
mithrocherez: turned out I had a bunch of stuff in a local repository that I had never pushed06:21
mithrocherez: check out libtpproto2-py now06:21
mithroa lot more tests and stuff06:21
cherezOh, wow.06:23
JLPgood morning everyone06:29
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llnzhi JLP07:04
CIA-1llnz libtpproto-cpp * r7f22626a7c1e /tpproto/ (11 files):07:04
CIA-1More Doxygen documentation. Most major things have up to date docs.07:04
CIA-1Only some cache signal typedefs and some of the Admin protocol classes07:04
CIA-1still need to be finished.07:04
mithrocherez: you check it out?07:13
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llnzezod: if you have some time, could you document the Admin protocol classes in libtpproto-cpp please?07:28
* llnz wanders off07:35
llnzlater all07:35
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Vadtecanyone know when llnz or mithro will be active next?12:32
JLPVadtec: they should be awake in about 4-6 hours12:37
Vadteci need to ask either one of them about the unit testing for libtpproto-cpp thats already in place12:40
Vadteci cant seem to get it to work, so im kinda stuck12:41
Vadtecwell, not get it to work12:41
Vadtecbut get it to compile12:41
Vadtecive looked at the make file and it looks normal12:41
Vadtecbut it doesnt build the test or run it12:42
Vadtecand im not sure what im missing that will turn it on12:42
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llnzmorning all16:16
JLPllnz: morning16:19
llnzhi JLP16:19
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nashwow... suddently quiet in here...20:28
* nash wonders if students realise commits == rating points ;-)20:34
llnzi've been making it easy too20:42
nashwhich reminds me... I have some galaxie stuff to push20:45
Landonnash: any commits or just substantial ones :p20:51
* Landon has been playing with purtying up the 3d client20:51
tansellLandon, they certainly count20:53
nashLandon: Any of course.  But the more substantial the more points.  And 'fix a typo' has a base value of -1 ;-)20:54
* Landon hides that patch behind his back20:54
tansellnash, well if fixing the typo solves a serious bug which has been undetected for 6 months and silently causing corruption of peoples files - thats a pretty good patch20:58
nashtansell: true... i was referring to the documentation fix 'teh' -> 'the'20:59
tansellI don't mind those patches myself - because I can't spell :) but they are +0.121:00
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nashAhh... nothing like make -j 8 to being your CPU to your knees ;-)21:05
tansellnash, I need to use a make -j 24 at work21:06
Vadtecllnz: you active?21:07
Vadtecneed to ask you something about the unit testing that currently part of the libtpproto-cpp code21:07
Vadtechow the heck do you get it to run?21:08
nashtansell: At that level just use -j which is infinite21:08
Vadtecive looked at the makefiles and they look sound, but it doesnt build nettest nor does make test work21:08
llnzVadtec: if you are running a local server, then "make check" should work21:08
Vadtecmake check21:08
llnzif you need to test against another host, there is an environmental variable to control that21:09
Vadtecnot make test21:09
nashtansell: problem is we have good makefiles... most of them parallelise nicely perfectly... which means 140 gccs in fp for instance... eek21:09
Vadtecllnz: right21:09
Vadtecim more interested in implementing some more unit testing21:09
Vadtecand i added my own stuff to the makefile21:09
Vadteci just couldnt get it to run21:09
Vadteci was working on testing the Buffer class but got stopped when I tried to run the test again21:10
tansellnash, yeah my builds a IO bound21:10
nashtansell: Ram here... can;'t cache enough ;-)21:11
* nash needs like 64Gb of RAM ;-)21:11
tansellnash, well I guess adding more RAM reduced your IO boundness21:29
nashtansell: My point was sarcastic... IO bound is most problems... C++ IO bound is twice as bad of course ;-)21:31
llnzbbs, meeting21:31
nashbbs, not a meeting, but close21:31
tansellsome of our python programs run and finish faster then the equivalent C++ compiles21:32
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* llnz is back21:57
Vadtecwb llnz21:57
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