Thursday, 2009-01-22

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CIA-18mavrinac gentoo-overlay * re82c4c303e0a / (12 files in 5 dirs):08:56
CIA-18Initial import of games-strategy/daneel-ai ebuild (with08:56
CIA-18mavrinac gentoo-overlay * r3db5b9f12464 /dev-games/libtpproto-cpp/ (ChangeLog Manifest libtpproto-cpp-0.1.1.ebuild): Version bump dev-games/libtpproto-cpp to
CIA-18mavrinac gentoo-overlay * rcfabe313853d / (8 files in 2 dirs):08:56
CIA-18Bump dev-games/libtpproto-cpp to 0.1.9 pre-release and change08:56
CIA-18games-server/tpadmin-cpp depends accordingly.08:56
CIA-18mavrinac web * r96795fd8ef54 /downloads/downloads.xml: Update libtpproto-cpp version for Gentoo in downloads.xml.08:58
CIA-18mavrinac web * r88292996d6f7 /downloads/ (daneel-ai/daneel-ai-0.0.1.tar.bz2 downloads.xml): Added daneel-ai-0.0.1 release tarball and updated downloads.xml.09:09
mithrohey ezod09:11
ezodso, i 'released' daneel-ai09:12
mithrojust saw09:12
mithroezod: did you figure out the windows binary bit?09:13
mithroit's pretty much "follow the example on the website"09:13
ezodmay need to do another one soon, as right now the actual daneel-ai script in the path is provided by the gentoo ebuild, wasn't sure how to handle that part yet09:13
ezodnot yet, i'll take a look tonight probably09:14
ezodwhen the GP is available ;)09:14
mithroezod: have you done cross compileing for windows before?09:14
mithroI'm seem to remeber you saying something about it09:14
ezodnot cross compiling per se09:15
ezodi've compiled binaries using mingw32 tools09:15 - fishbucket, minimine09:15
ezodand a some stuff for profs who didn't use unix09:16
mithroI'm sure this stuff compiles on a windows box with cygwin, but I'm trying to cross compile it from my linux box09:17
mithroand not having much luck09:17
ezodok, i can take a look at that too, on an actual windows box09:17
ezodinteresting situation with the new downloads page09:19
ezodllnz added libtpproto-cpp 0.1.909:19
ezodand left 0.1.109:19
ezodi didn't anticipate multiple versions for the same 'platform'09:20
ezodso... it doesn't work :(09:20
ezodbut i'll fix that too09:20
mithrothat is pretty normal09:21
ezodi should say, i anticipated it, i just forgot to do anything about it09:21
mithroI got patch way through implimenting the platform module to give better detection of linux09:21
mithrocould you send me a copy of your gentoo /etc/issue and /etc/lsb-release09:22
ezodi can do /etc/issue09:23
ezodbut there is no lsb-release in gentoo09:23
mithroand /etc/gentoo-release09:24
mithroif it exists09:24
ezodim on a tiny little net tablet atm, i can email them later on09:25
ezodbut i can paste here if you want them now09:25
mithroemail is good09:32
ezodsee ya09:34
* ezod detach terminal09:34
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CIA-18mithro web * re9a7228b6f5e /download.php: Add a redirect for a URL some pages incorrectly link too.19:45
CIA-18mithro web * r155d56f8b1a4 /404.php: Added a custom 404 error page.20:29
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llnzanyone here?21:32
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llnzsorry ezod (rwt breaking the downloads page)21:49
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