Monday, 2009-01-05

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tansell-laptopmorning people18:30
tansell-laptopllnz, poke18:30
tansell-laptopIwanowitch, poke18:30
tansell-laptopezod, poke18:30
llnzhi tansell-laptop18:30
tansell-laptophow are things?18:30
llnzok, back at work (as of yesterday)18:31
llnzback in the office today18:31
llnzand that also means back in Wellington18:31
llnzhave cut release of tpserver-cpp 0.6.018:32
llnzjust haven't uploaded it or the news18:32
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Iwanowitchtansell-laptop: ouch19:14
tansell-laptophey Iwanowitch19:14
tansell-laptopso you going to release your AI anytime soon?19:14
IwanowitchYeah, well, depends on the definition of soon...19:15
IwanowitchI'm with exams right now.19:15
tansell-laptopIwanowitch, okay19:29
tansell-laptopso when do they finish?19:30
Iwanowitchtansell-laptop: end of the month. Last one the 26th IIRC19:31
tansell-laptopand then you'll look at doing a release?19:31
IwanowitchYup, I will.19:31
IwanowitchI might be able to do something before that, but I'm a bit scared I'll get carried away and lose too much time.19:32
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* llnz wanders off22:29
llnzback later (maybe)22:29
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