Thursday, 2008-12-04

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JLPgood morning everyone03:08
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llnzlater all06:07
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donspauldinghi there, I'm trying to install TP's python-ogre package on ubuntu and the instructions tell me to " curl | sudo apt-key add - "12:46
donspauldinghowever, the key doesn't appear to exist at that location.  Has it moved recently?12:46
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ezodJLP: no compile error on tpserver-cpp for me13:55
ezodJLP: that's -9999 ebuild on amd6413:56
JLPezod: damn, looks like my computer is messed up then, i'll have to try on my other box13:56
JLPezod: looks like drscheme got renamed to plt-scheme14:06
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