Tuesday, 2008-11-25

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JLPgood morning everyone03:13
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llnzhi all15:52
JLPllnz: ahoy16:25
JLPlong time no see16:25
llnzhi JLP16:25
llnzi got married and went away on honeymoon16:26
JLPooo nice, congrats to you and your companion16:27
JLPllnz: does tpserver-cpp compile for you? i get some error with soem macro for module loading or something16:33
llnzi does16:33
llnzi have a meeting now, email me or pastebin16:33
JLPok will ctry to compile again and paste the exact error16:35
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JLPllnz: http://pastebin.ca/126699816:57
tpbTitle: general pastebin - tpserver-cpp - post number 1266998 (at pastebin.ca)16:57
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JLPgood night everyone18:40
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